The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 9: Desperate state!

Chapter 9: Desperate state!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

“Don’t tell me that guy is the damned Terminator?!” Cazider suddenly had a fearful thought. However he immediately shook his head in rejection. That was because the Terminator was a cold killing machine and had no capabilities of human feelings, why would he be affected when that woman’s head got blown apart?

Thinking up to here, a cunning smile appeared on Cazider’s face, tossing away his revolver, utilizing a standard tactics maneuver,he turned and leapt backwards for about 5-6 meters, disappearing into another corridor.

Left in his place was an already triggered grenade!

Sheyan’s pupils shrank. Previously he wasn’t afraid of Cazider’s assault because of effects of his innate ability “Endurance”. Cazider’s choice of weapon was only a common revolver, this wasn’t a military grade weapon and it was primarily designed to threaten not to kill. Also, Cazider’s ability to refract his shot would also slow down the flying projectile and weaken its damage potential.

However this did not mean that Sheyan could be carefree, the higher damage output from an opponent, the less his innate ability could protect him against. He was expecting a grenade’s explosion firepower to be much higher than a shotgun’s damage potential from near range. That is why, faced with this scenario, he did not dare to charge in recklessly, he could only retreat!

“BOOM” a deafening explosion ensued as thick smoke engulfed the area. The surface and surrounding area were blown into bits. Logically speaking, Sheyan should have immediately pursued Cazider. However, he waited for a full 5 minutes before rushing out, bringing along with him a blown out piece of wooden board, shielding his entire body.

As expected, 3 bullets accurately flew in, aiming for Sheyan’s eyes. Regrettably, they all landed on that thick piece of wood instead. Cazider panicked, turning around to escape into a nearby corridor. Without hesitation, Sheyan chased after him.

Looking at the decor of the corridor, this place is mostly probably a KTV (Karaoke) lounge sector. Of course, the Carousal nightclub organization wouldn’t be running an honest KTV business. This place was often used as a trading ground for illegal drug peddlers and buyers, and sometimes for wealthy customers to consume drugs. It was extremely profitable and brought them generous earnings.

The entire corridor was well decorated and unidirectional, approximately only 15 meters in length and had eight rooms along both sides of the corridor. Sheyan did not bother to be cautious as he begun searching each room. In such a small area, a person with long range combat abilities was at an extreme disadvantage. Being able to force him into this environment,Sheyan had already achieved dominance.

As Sheyan began searching the third room, upon pushing open the door he felt a huge wave of chill coming over his entire body. This was obviously his perceptive sensing in play, as he suddenly heard a “Pop” sound as something landed on the carpet behind the door.

If Sheyan was a combat specialist with immense fighting experience, then he would be able to react to what had just happened. It was obvious that Cazider had craftily constructed an explosive booby trap behind the door. However, it was at this crucial moment that the lack of experience caused Sheyan to not react and dodge in time.

“BOOM”. Sheyan was still holding onto the wooden board but felt an irresistible impact against him as he was blasted backwards. His calf felt a searing unbearable pain, it was obvious that the parts that the wooden board was unable to cover had sustained heavy damage.

At this moment, the last room of the corridor swung open, as Cazider dived out of the room tactically, his eyes emitted a chilling and murderous glare. Although he was only able to utilize one hand, his other hand aiming with his weapon was extremely stable and firm.

What was even scarier was the gun Cazider was holding on to, it was actually the matchless hi-power M500 pistol! As the explosion threw Sheyan off, he appeared at his most vulnerable state, giving off a poisonous snake like aura filled with killing intent!

As smoke engulfed the air, Sheyan’s vision was totally obstructed, however he felt a strange and immeasurably deadly pressure forcing in from his right eye, causing a choking sensation. At this moment he understood his perceptive sensing was in play, as if foreshadowing a dreadful attack from his right side. Immediately he pushed backwards with whatever strength he had left in his legs, simultaneously trying his best to use his right arm to cover his head!

“BOOM” The sound wasn’t very loud, however it was filled with an indescribable penetrative force, anyone that heard it would shudder in fear. In a flash, Sheyan felt his right arm go numb, followed by a ridiculously hard impact crashing against his forehead, his vision momentarily blackened as his body was thrown to the left from the impact.

“You have been hit on the head by a 0.50 magnum Hi-power calibre bullet! Total damage of (127 – 25 ) points received!”

“Your head sustained damage outstripping more than a ⅓ of your HP! You will experience a severe loss of bodily functions.”

“In the remaining 30 seconds, you will receive 45 points of damage due to excessive blood loss. This injury is not due to external factors, thus it is unaffected by your endurance ability.”

Although the attack power of the M500 was supposed to be 95 points, Cazider’s agility and passive ability must still be calculated, therefore amounting to a huge 127 points of damage. A gun’s threatening power was closely similar to a beer bottle smashing onto the head, that is why Sheyan protected his head from the impending attack!

The pain from the head was unbearable,it caused exceptional dizziness, loss of vision and slight buzzing in the ears. Sheyan heavily collapsed to the ground. Rolling back violently, Sheyan’s hand actually managed to knock open one of the nearby doors then he dived in for cover. Taking a few deep breaths, forcefully containing his disoriented state, he reached out to touch the top of his head as he breathed in a mouthful of cold air.

This gunshot with matchless ferocity had lodged onto Sheyan’s forehead, but because of a favourable angle it luckily was directed upwards upon impact. A huge chunk of meat had been torn from the top of his head, causing internal bleeding into the back of his brain! It even exposed a huge patch his white skull, as a distinct crack could be seen on it!

If not for his higher than average life points, coupled with his innate ability lowering the damage, this one shot would have cause extremely fatal damages to his head even if it did not blow his brains in half.

Thick fresh blood was spurting out, smearing all over Sheyan’s face giving an awfully miserable look. An acute pain surged within him, as blood dripped from his eyes, nose and ears. Shutting his eyes, panting heavily behind the wall he endured the seemingly unbearable pain and dragged the sofa within the room to act as cover.

In this manner, even if Cazider utilized his refraction ability, the threat would be considerably lowered. Even if it was the 0.50 Magnum’s hi-powered projectile, its damaging capabilities would greatly drop after passing through objects especially after passing through this thick sofa.

Both parties were caught in a deadlock, Sheyan did not dare to go out, while Cazider was afraid of going near the room – his broken nose and shoulder were still supplying immense pain throughout his body reminding him of close combat consequences. It was at this time, furious cursing could be heard from the outside, it should be the underground thugs coming to check on the ruckus. However, after a few short anti-climatic gunshots, the place remained deathly silent. Obviously Cazier had utilized another gun and indifferently added a few more people to his casualty list.

Grasping this golden opportunity, Sheyan started moving everything in the room – the television, cabinets etc around him, constructing a mini fort as if he was going to lock himself up forever. After a few minutes, a faint burning smell filled his nostrils, followed by crackling sounds, he unconsciously spoke out:

“A fire?”

At this moment a chilling evil tone called out:

“It’s not just a fire, it is intentionally created by me.”

The only one who could say this, was definitely the highly skilled gunman Cazider.

“You are now caught in my trap, there are only two choices, one is to be burned alive in the fire, the other is to come out obediently like a dog and get shot down by me. Which will you choose? This is the second basement floor, unless you are a rat, fleeing is impossible. Unless you are still waiting in vain for someone to save you.”

Faced with the enemy’s provocation, Sheyan remained silent leaving one the feeling of being as stubborn as a rock completely treating Cazider’s word like a fart. This corridor was decorated luxuriously, the materials used were highly flammable. Cazider only utilized a small spark to bring about a huge blaze, swallowing up the entire corridor, furiously licking up what was in its path.

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