The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 8: Refracted death

Chapter 8: Refracted death

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:Elkassar

Facing the sudden charge of the two hostiles, Cazider did not panic, in a moment he swung a kick at Mohawk’s lower abdomen, and Mohawk was thrown back a few steps bending over in exasperation. At the same time, Cazider swung the pistol on his right hand in a curved arc movement, firing off two gunshots.

The two man rushing in from the door were hit by the shot, collapsing as the shot landed on their heart!

The first time is luck,the second may be coincidence, but the third was certain!

What gun skills!

Cazider’s expression remained cold as if he had only stomped on two helpless ants. Footsteps could be heard from the outside, it was obviously more gangster reinforcements, however Cazider was unfazed. Reloading his revolver, he raised it up afterwards to take aim as the footsteps became louder and nearer.

What was strange is that he actually aimed at the wall without a target!

“Boom boom boom boom!”

Cazider remained cool as he consecutively fired off 4 gunshots, gun powder fumes filled the air. The four gun shots landed on the opposite wall forming a shallow concave depression, but yet from the outside cries and the sound of bodies could be heard thumping on the floor. The nearby Katrina was shocked into a daze, in front of her very eyes, this man was actually using angled shots as well as successfully slaughtering people behind concrete walls.

“Hmph.” An ugly smile formed on Cazider’s face as he turned to look at Katrina. Coldly he said: “I will give you 10 seconds, if I still do not receive the ammunition, I promise I will stain the wall behind you with your brain juice and blood!”

Katrina’s expression had turned green, she understood that if she handed over the ammunition, what awaited her was the unimaginable punishments from the organization. However the immediate threat was this Cazider who mercilessly gunned down 5 men. She was a broad-minded woman, very quickly she fetched out 40 8.38mm single softshell shotgun ammunition, and also 20 rounds of M500 Magnum Hi-power ammo.

After receiving the hi-power ammunition and weapons, Cazider was not in a rush to use them as his individual pistol was enough to deal with these thugs. Placing the weapons and ammunition into his bag, he prepared to walk out but suddenly remembered something.

That thing was money.

This was the 1984 AD, in the economically flourishing Los Angeles, Calfornia, cash was the primary payment method, credit cards were not in great use yet. Also, American underground societies were not so advanced that they utilized advance payment methods like credit cards or IT solutions. Therefore in Cazider’s heart, the Sheyan would dared to start such an intense bidding war with him definitely held onto large amounts of cash.

Nobody would despise having more money.

Cazider walked towards the ‘corpse’ of Sheyan, eyeing Sheyan’s bulging coat pocket, he walked quickly and fearlessly as he was extremely confident in his gun skills – Nobody could receive a gunshot to his heart and not die, not even if he was wearing a bulletproof vest.

Just when Cazider reached his hand into Sheyan’s coat, he witnessed an incoming first as it smash heavily onto his face!

This fist not only contained immense power, but caught him off guard. In this flustered moment, his only wish was to immediately distance himself! But how could Sheyan give him this opportunity, giving off beastly roar, coiling his sturdy arms around him, tightly binding Cazider up. Then he violently smashed his own head against Cazider’s nose bridge!

A person’s forehead was naturally one of the hardest parts of the human body, this coupled with Sheyan’s high strength of 12 points brought antagonizing pain to Cazider. Upon listening to his nose bridge piercing into his own facial bone, he gave out a miserable shierk. Loads of blood flowed out through his nostrils, in his vision was a fuzzy swollen pain. Sheyan was relentless, moving to the back of Cazider, pounding his head down repeatedly. Grabbing onto Cazider;s shoulder with his right hand, raising up a nearby stool with his left, he aimed towards the back of his opponent’s head.

If Sheyan could land this attack, the unfortunate Cazider would at least be, stunned or even faint, and there was a slight possibility of death. However it was at this moment, that Cazider frantically roared turning around hitting against Sheyan’ face, as a distinct snapping sound echoed in the room! With Sheyan’s tight and immovable grip onto this shoulder, by making such a sudden movement, his right shoulder dislocated!

Sheyan never expected Cazider’s sudden outburst, he himself had been stunned from the blow! Cazider used this opportunity to escape Sheyan’s control, as he jumped forward in midair, managing to spin his body around unsteadily as he aimed coldly and intensely with his revolver!

Sheyan’s agility wasn’t high, he was far from being able to successfully dodge a bullet. However this didn’t represent that he would just be a sitting duck. Sheyan had felt his adrenaline surging, giving him a strange piercing feeling when Cazider broke free from him. This was probably due to his high perceptive sensing, as he dived to the right without hesitation, using the helpless Katrina on his right as his human shield!

“Boom!” Katrina moaned, her expression was lifeless, and a bloodied small hole formed on her forehead, but at the back of the head was a gigantic black hole. Her blood and brain juice sprayed onto Sheyan’s entire body. That feeling of warmth cruelty was chilling to the bones, this sort of sick scene was something that Sheyan had not experienced before causing him to be slightly distracted. Seizing this opportunity, Cazider fled out through the door.

As Cazider dragged himself along the wall panting heavily, he could feel his pain reducing by at least 70 percent already. However his right shoulder and nose still experienced a throbbing pain causing his body to shiver in agony. A flustered feeling came across his body.

“That damned pest actually dared to sneakily take me down, I will kill him, I will kill him!”

Cazider gritted his teeth speaking to himself, using the time now to reload his revolver as the barrel still emitted smoke. It has already been two minutes, but that damned contestant had not shown any intention to chase up. Behind Cazider, along the corridor, 5 of the gangsters were lying motionlessly on the floor, dyeing the corridor red with their blood.

Suddenly the door swung open! A shadow charged out, but Cazider remained steady. As the the number 1 gunman in Afghan from the real world, he could obviously tell that was just a corpse that had been thrown out. Ever since entering the nightmare realm, he had the lvl 4 Basic Long Range Combat ability, and even had a frightening “Refraction shot (Passive)” innate ability. Therefore in this field of battle, Cazider had great confidence of achieving victory.

As the corpse was thrown to the ground, Sheyan charged out fiercely, barely covering his face with his right hand – Since his tactic was not effective, he could only charge.

Cazider coldly laughed, to his knowledge, Sheyan was just wearing a bulletproof vest. His forte was his lvl 4 long range combat ability, giving him a stability of over 90 percent when firing, as though he had unparalleled accuracy hitting wherever he aimed.

Gunshots exploded out, Cazider released 6 bullets in a moment, two shots landed on Sheyan’s leg joints, the other four shots left a trail of dust as it flew against the floor/wall, as it refracted from a weird angle viciously heading for Sheyan’s throat, crotch and both temples.

Within Cazider’s calculations, Sheyan did not dodge because he simply could not! “ Pu Pu Pu” these sounds brought unmatched comfort to Cazider’s ears, which was the sound of the bullet entering a human’s flesh.

“Pui! Killing him quickly with a gun is letting him off easily!” Cazider hatefully thought to himself. If this was the real world, the cruel Cazider would have slowly broken Sheyan’s bones one by one before leaving him in the desert to die. A healthy 100 plus kg person would groan for three days before finally dying in that sort of environment.

However Cazider’s eyeballs widened as if they were going to pop out, the person standing in front of him did not collapse like he was expecting him to. His speed did not lessen but instead increased, underneath his torn clothes one could clearly see: a few bloodied deformed bullets was forcefully pushed out from within the bulky muscles, finally dropping to the floor!

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