The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 10: Counterattack

Chapter 10: Counterattack

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

Time was running out, after just a few minutes, the entire corridor was burning up, producing thick greyish smog. Although the flames still had to cover a short distance before reaching Sheyan, the heat had already permeated through to the inside, enveloping the entire area.

At this moment, the seemingly powerless Sheyan who was leaning against the wall licked the corner of his mouth,where there was a big patch of purplish black blood. A fishy taste spread through the entire tongue.

That was the taste of blood!

His originally disorganized expression suddenly sharpened, and a slight smile escaped his lips. This sort of expression should not be appearing on a person that was at the brink of death. It was the gleeful expression of a hunter who had spent years of hunting his prey and had just caught it.

“Your gun skills are really precise.”

Sheyan suddenly raised his voice. Although his injuries weren’t light, his health regeneration was fairly high. After resting for a while he became energized, his words were extremely clear, he was speaking clearly and loudly amidst the crackling blaze.

“I already made a call at the start.”

Hearing it, Cazider furiously laughed, making a call in this Terminator world? Who can he call, is it a superhero in underpants fighting for justice? Furthermore this guy speaks without reasoning, maybe he already understands his fate and is now spouting rubbish? However he listened as Sheyan continued:

“Do you remember the first time you used a grenade to escape? My strength is 12 points, I could easily use a door to shield me exhausting only a few additional seconds. However i took an entire 5 minutes, that was when I made the call.”

The fire was spreading rapidly, and had already reached the room Sheyan was in, the choking smoke engulfed the area but the real danger were the flames. However at this moment Sheyan seemed very carefree, and even explained in details to the disbelieving Cazider about his own phonecall.

Cazider didn’t reply, sneering he felt that he had completely exposed Sheyan’s plan – that was to casually spout nonsense in order to distract him, and finally rush out to counterattack. Currently, the situation was dire, if Sheyan did not run out now he would be burned alive, rushing out still presented a thread of hope.

This cold blooded killer laughed gently, holding onto his M500 pistol he aimed at the entrance of the room now covered with thick smog. Beside him he also placed a fully loading shotgun. With Cazider’s out of this world gun skills, once Sheyan rushed out, what awaited him was a greeting of painful assault. Even if he managed to reach Cazider, there was still a shotgun which thrived in close range. Under this sort of dual pronged assault, even if Sheyan doesn’t perish he will become crippled!

Yet Sheyan had no intention of rushing out.

With a face full of blood he leaned against the wall, looking with a somewhat frivolous and mocking expression, he laughed as he spoke. The meaning of his words were akin to a fisherman when he is casting his net, at first glance it looked like a worn out tattered net but was actually a heavenly net.

“My call was made to the Los Angeles police department.”

Cazider was originally focusing completely on aiming at the entrance on guard against Sheyan escaping, but after hearing Los Angeles police department these words, he suddenly turned nervous even getting a strong wanting to urine sensation in his bladder!

“Boom!” At the same time the M500 in his hands suddenly misfired! This kind of basic mistake was only committed by new recruits, such was the impact of Sheyan’s words on Cazider!

‘Beforehand I witnessed a live broadcast on television, a supermarket robber contestant was overly arrogant and was finished off by the Delta anti-terror task force. Furthermore the broadcast did not mention the whereabouts of the stolen goods – Is it because they were worried the tv station would flaunt the total amount of stolen goods, why would Los Angeles station miss out on this point? Obviously they didn’t managed to find it! If they found the stolen loot, then the government would certainly broadcast the police’s success to appease their citizens.

“At that time i was deliberating, robbing the supermarket may not necessarily be just one guy. Going by logic, one person would be outrightly staging the robbery while another would support in the shadows. Haha, that unfortunate guy, although his speed was fast, his thinking was flawed, braving all the danger only to let his accomplice bag the entire loot by himself.”

Presently Sheyan’s body was still not within the fire, but although the flames were only 5-6 metres away, he seemed extremely calm and assured. As though he was under a small shade in the summer still away from the blaze, and even had an occasional cooling wind blowing in his direction. On the contrary, on the outside, Cazider was in a state of panic, sweat beads dripping from his forehead, gritting his teeth he was like an ant on top of a hotpot.

“When i just entered this world, I only had 10 dollars on hand. Thinking of a solution but using a slightly unethical method, I could only manage to earn a few thousand dollars. Yet you are able to produce tens of thousands just to fight over a gun! You take me for a fool and a pushover? If you are not a contestant, then i wouldn’t mind this sort of provocation which broke out into a robbery (Speaking about the initial bidding for the gun). But if you are a contestant, then the origin of your money is definitely not legit!”

“Of course, this doesn’t eliminate the possibility of you striking a lottery and winning a fortune, however why would that woman without hesitation call you a snitch? It was because she recognized the revolver in your hand to be that of the police! Haha, a contestant that brings around his cash as well as a police revolver – That is why i can confirm, you are that accomplice to the supermarket robbery! Initially I was hoping that you would not vie with me for that shotgun, but you actually dared to go against the rules and open fire! Then don’t blame me for being vicious!”

“Also, the reason you dared to lawlessly murder everyone, was because you determined that the underground society thugs would not call the police no matter how grave was the situation.” Sheyan looked at the nearby raging flames and the rolling grey fumes, he raised his voice in a crazy laughter:

“Yet you would never expect, I fulfilled my responsibility as a good citizen, reporting to the police that presently there was a vicious and merciless criminal possessing a police revolver and using it for murder and personal gains!”

After Sheyan spoke, he stood up, he unzipped his pants and peed onto the nearby window curtain. Afterward he then tore down the dam curtain, covering his nose with it, he immediately lowered his body and rushing out of the entrance and into the sea of fire!

To an ordinary person, this sea of flames would send one to heaven, but to a contestant like Sheyan, it was just superficial burns and injuries. “Peng!” Sheyan heavily banged open the flaming door, flames blazing everywhere, seizing the chance he rolled and took cover behind a nearby corner.

This action, was meant to extinguish the flames on his body, and also to try and dodge any incoming attacks. When Sheyan raised his head, he was a completely empty corridor and stairs, where the originally camping Cazider stood was an empty space.

“Trying to leave now is too late already.”

Sheyan’s face currently exhibited a scheming smile. If he wasn’t fully certain, how could he release the news of reporting to the police? Killing and impersonating the police is one of the most severe crimes, naturally it would be number one on the police’s priority list, once they had a lead they would immediately set off.

It was already nearing 20 minutes since he reported, there should already be a crowd of policeman cordoning off the entire place. Furthermore, when Sheyan reported to the police, he had also leaked information on Cazider’s appearance. Hence it was impossible for Cazider to escape from the police with such a strong lead.

Cazider was pressed into a dilemma, he did not have an innate ability like Sheyan’s “Endurance” to protect him from incoming attacks. If he were to get caught in a crossfire, he would definitely perish!

Therefore if he wanted to escape he had to massacre his way out. Initially he had already killed several policeman, if he were to continue his mindless slaughter, he would very possibly cross the boundary and trigger the worse outcome. That outcome was the Delta anti-terror task force, likewise he would be finished!

Presently, the sounds of gunfire filled the dense air, as Cazider had already started exchanging blows with the police. However the gunshots faded down as if both sides had reached a standstill. Sheyan was not in hurry to leave, but first examined the wounds on his body and let them recover a little before deciding.

After a series of examinations, Sheyan realized the astonishing speed of a contestant’s health regeneration. Although the wound atop his forehead looked awful, it had already stopped bleeding, leaving just a slight headache. This should be because his brain abnormalities had not completely recovered. The wounds sustained on his arms were not even painful or had any abnormal effects, the bleeding had completely stopped, much less to say of his other superficial wounds. Of course, if he had entered a state of near death through his injuries, his regenerative powers would greatly weaken.

Waiting for the appropriate timing, where the gunshots had ceased but it was still very disorderly outside. Sheyan decided not to wash off his bloodied face, as he clumsily ran out frantically shouting out: “Help!”.Only once he caught the attention of the policemen outside who were still in an alert position, raising their pistols, did he pretend to collapse. Gasping for air, he perfectly imitated a cowardly hostage stumbling out of the hostile zone.

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