The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 11: If you’re not dead, I won’t feel safe!

Chapter 11: If you’re not dead, I won’t feel safe!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

The police here were very vigilant, watching Sheyan struggling for help, they searched his body for any weapons before supporting him up. Sheyan was panting heavily, shivering as he shut his eyes tightly pretending to be terribly anxious about his surroundings. He realized the police mobilization far exceeded his expectations, not only were there numerous large and small police cars, in mid air were 3 police choppers shining their glaring spotlight down from the night sky.

Because there were huge amounts of casualties, the police set up a first aid district around two ambulances. The people sent there were mostly people who were trampled on amidst the chaos, they were shocked to a stupor, while only about one-third suffered from gunshot wounds.

Sheyan’s injuries appeared to be very serious, hence he was given priority treatment from the medics. From the start he had only been hostile toward people from the underground organizations, hence he wasn’t afraid of the police interrogating or searching up on him. At this moment, two heavily injured policemen were carried in, one had a gunshot to his chest, one had broken his left leg. These two Los angeles policemen did not look very good, in their pain they angrily cursed out “That damned bastard inside!”

One after the other, 7-8 other policemen in need of aid were sent here, all of them sustained non-fatal gunshot injuries and were unable to carry on their duties. Some had a stubborn character and complained and cursed repeatedly, while some remained pale and silent as though they were still fearful – these wounds were obviously inflicted by Cazider. Under his insane gun skills and viciousness, these policemen were scared stiff. They were hoping for the Delta anti-terror task force to arrive.

Sheyan looked up at the hovering helicopter and sneered. This Los Angeles police mobilization, adding onto the leaked information on his appearance, how would Cazider be able to escape this huge mass of police forces? However, very quickly, a policeman still bleeding from his arm having just been relieved from his burdensome duties, hatefully complained:

“Guys, that damned lunatic has finally been captured. That bastard actually lasted so long even taking 3 shots before fainting, who knows how much drugs he took!”

Sheyan’s pupils shrunk, Cazider’s surrender was outside of his expectations, however thinking deeper it made sense. To Cazider, this sort of situation where both fighting and not fighting would not make a difference, unable to escape, surrendering was his only way of surviving. However Sheyan knew, fainting from heavy injuries was a trick, once Cazider was transported to the hospital by the ambulance, how would the police mobilize another huge task force and even the three choppers to watch over him? Chances of escaping would be plentiful then.

If Cazider remained alive, Sheyan naturally would have an enemy as horrifying as a poisonous snake! Furthermore this brat used long range combat attacks, he had to live in constant fear daily of such a guy. Sheyan’s heart gradually felt a slight chill, as if an ice cube was lodged somewhere in his body. Therefore, Cazider must die! In a moment, Sheyan gazed at the faraway ambulance with a frozen murderous expression as though a flame was ascending.

After the place stabilized, the casualties would naturally be sent to the hospital for treatment. Sheyan’s body sustained gunshot wounds, following regulations, he had to be brought to the police station to record his statement. Only Sheyan was extremely crafty, his mind was clear but he pretended he was still in a semi-conscious nauseous state.To anyone questioning him, he would reply he had a splitting headache, his head injury looked very serious, so even with this behavior nobody suspected him. After reaching the hospital and letting the doctor examine him, they could only diagnose he suffered from severe cerebral concussion. Injecting him with a calming dosage and putting him on IV drip they allowed him to rest in a hospital room placed under further observation.

Following this large scale police mobilization, there were plenty of casualties, it was already late at night when they were sent to the hospital. Therefore the doctors on shift were extremely busy, working tirelessly until 2-3 am before stopping. Sheyan’s single room only had a lone policeman guarding it, he was also in charged of the entire stretch of corridor spanning 20 rooms. This policeman also participated in the night operation and was lucky not be injured, however he was extremely fatigued, dozing off dozens of time while sitting down. However, Cazider was enjoying a president suite room, his room had a layer of protection preventing him from leaving, and had 15 policemen guarding it. The external environment was extremely vigilant, and very strict.

However when the clock struck 4 am, Sheyan suddenly opened his eyes, removing his IV drip he tiptoed into the corridor. The on guard policeman was currently in quite a deep sleep, glancing to his left and right, reaching out his hand he grabbed the policeman’s neck dragging him into the nearby storeroom. At this moment, Sheyan received a notification from his nightmare imprint:

“You attacked a Los Angeles policeman, your crime index in this terminal world has increased by 10, your current crime index is 10.”

Sheyan slightly stumbled, however he did not dwell on it as he concentrated on dealing with this policeman. Under the pressure of his immense strength of twice an average person, that poor policeman struggled frantically as his face turned purple, not being able let out a sound. Until his eyeballs rolled back as if he was about to faint did Sheyan loosen his grip as he whispered in his ears:

“Mr Policeman, I have no ill intention towards the police force, however that damned lunatic above smeared our place with the blood and brains of my fellow comrades, I will not allow him to go to jail so easily! I want his F**king life! If you obediently corporate, i swear on my ancestor’s name that i will not harm any innocent person!”

Cazider and his comrade had killed at least 20 Los Angeles policemen. Some of the policemen had good friends who suffered heavy gun injuries. Hence, that unfortunate policeman naturally harbored a grudge against Cazider, after hearing Sheyan’s goal, his sunken face remained silent. His actions however became cooperative as he relaxed and took off his police uniform lying on a patient bed, willingly letting Sheyan knock him out cold.

At this moment Sheyan then inquired of his crime index again, however the nightmare imprint simply replied in a few words:

Every time you violate the law, your crime index will increase.

Crime index determines how the police treats you. Consequently, it increases your chance of encountering the police, being interrogated or searched by them.

Crime index will reduce over time, the higher the crime index, the slower it reduces.

Although the information wasn’t much, Sheyan had obtained several pointers and conclusion. For example a person with high crime index, that degree of assault from the police was be very high. Just like that dead contestant no. 844, his crime index must have been red hot in order to trigger the Delta anti-terror task force. Similarly, Cazider belonged to the same level of crime index, once the police received news they will immediately mobilize. Although Sheyan’s crime index had increased, however his crime index was still far from the level of being wanted.

After a deep sleep, Sheyan felt that his strength has recovered completely. Heading to the washroom to wash the blood stains off his face and body, he segun to survey the hospital. Preparing a few tactics, he lowered his police cap, and proceeded upwards.

The policemen that kept watch could naturally obtain primary news. Cazider’s accomplice had been gunned down already, furthermore he had no relation to any Los Angeles’ underground organizations, therefore the policemen were quite relaxed. They did not think anyone would try to rescue him from the outside.

The heavily injured Cazider was handcuffed to his bed, even in the ambulance he was under strict control, as such even in his bedroom he had two policemen carefully observing him. Once there were changes they would immediately report! Under normal circumstances, even if Cazider had wings he would be unable to fly. (Chinese idiom it just means he cannot escape)

4 am in the early morning, the surroundings silent and peaceful, one could even hear the sound of the clock ticking. Sheyan’s heart was slightly distracted, however he continued prancing forward with his footsteps synchronized to his breathing. Calming himself down, he walked towards the corridor that beheld Cazider’s room.

The corridor had 4 policemen, all of them dozing off as they leaned against their seats. A huge bearded policeman was snoring loudly. The air was chilly, as goosebumps had formed on their skin, beside them were empty coffee stained cups. Sheyan entered this world with much fear and trepidation, however after several battles, he realized he had become as calm and comfortable like a fish in the water. As such he remained steady using light footsteps as he slowly inched forward without anyone noticing him.

However, when he reached the entrance he heard chatter – obviously the policemen inside were wide awake – to the Cazider who possessed terrifying capabilities, the police did not dare to loosen their guard.

Sheyan then placed his hands on the door, lightly pushing it open. A piercing sterile odour surged into his nostrils, the room lights remained rather bright as two vigilant policemen came over. Holding onto their pistol holsters, they released their grip after seeing the police uniform Sheyan was wearing.

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