The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 82: A grenade triggering assault

Chapter 82: A grenade triggering assault

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:I and Elkassar

Those bodyguards that acted out heroically were extremely unqualified, because their main responsibility was the safety of their employer. They had to treat their employer’s safety as priority, and even use their bodies to shield them! Those hostiles opening fire to murder were the responsibility of the police, they may not act out against the employers. If a bodyguard tried to play hero by opening fire and thus implicated their employer to lose his life, then in the future they had to give up working in this circle.

Surveying the scenery, Sheyan couldn’t help but frown, just the thought of the accurate marksmanship of these elite guards, he had no confidence of rushing against them. He had to nullify his earlier plan to steal the alcohol, and find another method.

Instead, when Lee Sian Hai and his group of bodyguards stumbled into the corridor, an accident was born!

Because the corridor connected the auction hall to a room, and no matter how wide the room was, the door could only allow two to pass at one go. It was impossible for a third to squeeze through. If the guards wanted to go through the door, they had to place Lee Sian Hai in the middle, thus the defensive model was segregated into front and rear.

In a flash, half of the bodyguards that were circling the wealthy or influential figures suddenly

became turncoats! Viciously issuing a lethal blow to their supposed colleagues beside them! Those distracted bodyguards still had their attentions on the few assailants in the crowd, but abruptly became a casualty themselves.

Sheyan was not the least bit concerned about all this. On the surface he was curling up in a corner, but actually he was constantly observing the bag Lee Sian Hai was holding on to. His greatest fear was a stray bullet hitting that bag. Once the two jars were shattered, wouldn’t everything he had done so far be in vain?

The gunshots were getting louder by the moment, but most of the people firing were unlucky victims of the sneak attack. In such close proximity, obviously daggers were better than firearms. If not for the constant pressure, who would use a gun to fight against a dagger in close proximity? At this point, some influential figures had already turned into victims. Furthermore, Lee Sian Hai who had previously left the auction hall was forced back by a slur of gunshots. His body was drenched in his bodyguard’s blood and had a horrendous expression on his face. The bag he held onto knocked against the wall several times, causing great anxiety in Sheyan’s heart.

Noteworthily, the bodyguards Lee Sian Hai chose were of a different class. Within the encircling squadron around him, none of them were traitors, and mostly those assailants were from other wealthy figures. A few of his bodyguards were even blonde haired westerners, even in this sudden twist of events, they started to counterattack without batting an eyelid. Although the aggressors currently held the upperhand, the situation gradually sunk into a deadlock. This niche advantage of the nation, as long as they could resist for a few minutes, the government military would arrive and completely turn around the situation.

But at this very moment, a smoking object was suddenly flung into the corridor. Grunting as it rolled a few rounds on the floor.


The assailants actually brought grenades in!

“Boom boom boom boom” Within the massive explosion sounds, the stubbornly resisting guards was instantly defeated! Moreover, within the core group of guards around Lee Sian Hai, there were actually two traitors! Raising their guns preparing to aim at Lee Sian Hai’s forehead. A disaster was imminent. Sheyan couldn’t wait for that fella to be eliminated, in case his ‘Maotai 1950 pulp liquor’ would be in danger. Furthermore, he wouldn’t even need to put in any efforts or leave any marks.

But the wealthy Lee Sian Hai was not meant to die yet. As the traitorous guards were about to open fire, one of them unexpectedly took a stray bullet to his head as his brain innards burst forth. The other person’s master shoulder was accidentally bumped by someone beside him, as the bullets skirted past Lee Sian Hai’s head! In a blink, the two of them got shot and the guards surrounding Lee Sian Hai were reduced to six people.

Faced with dangers all around and weakened by heavy casualties, one had to admit that those guards were outstandingly skillful. After signalling some hand gestures, the bodyguards all had a common understanding. Seizing the opportunity when the assailants were reloading, 7-8 of them uniformly charged out and open fire, forming a suppressing net momentarily. Concurrently, the few surviving employers took this opportunity to flee. Lee Sian Hai was no exception as he bent himself and sprinted to the entrance with two trusted aides escorting him.

Right at this moment, another grenade and a volley of gunshots came from the nearby corridor! The trusted aides were extremely valiant as they blatantly used their bodies to shield the bullets, collapsing to the ground without a sound. That smoking grenade had already rolled towards the leg of that stupefied Lee Sian Hai!

If a grenade was about to explode the next second beneath your leg, what would you feel?

Riding on your adrenaline and instantly kicking it away, or swiftly diving away were all fantasies. To an average Joe that hadn’t gone through any special training, his only reaction was to stay rooted on the ground, as his mind went completely blank!

Therefore, in everyone’s eyes, Lee Sian Hai, this wealthy figure in Singapore was doomed to die.

Yet the mastermind behind this killing made a wrong call about something:

Obviously a volley of bullets was enough, why would they add on a grenade?

Nevermind just a grenade, why did this grenade had to be thrown near the bag that Lee Sian Hai was carrying?

Once the grenade exploded, the two jars that Sheyan travelled thousands of miles for would shatter along with his hopes!

Sheyan’s heart stirred, suddenly dashing forward and executing a sliding kick only seen in a soccer match. He very accurately sent the grenade flying, and this immense storage of power flashed in midair, and swiftly smashed through the opposite window finally exploding. The shrapnel dispersed all around, as the surrounding glass walls simultaneously shattered. Two floors beneath also produced urgent screams and sounds of fleeing.

Presently, Sheyan was unable to wield any equipments, and although his agility was merely 7 points, but from the start of this chaos he remained in a corner and did not suffer any attacks. Thus, the bonus 28% movement speed of the ‘endless vodka’ had not vanished. Calculating, it was roughly the movement speed of 9 points in agility. In addition to his bonus speed from ‘basic footwork lvl 4’, compounding the several factors, his movement speed naturally exceeded an average person by an entire level. Furthermore, he was constantly secretly observing the scene, reacting once he encountered a grave emergency. Thus what others saw as an imminent conclusion, Sheyan simply kicked away with one foot!

But with this one sliding kick, it instantly implicated Sheyan in the heart of the crisis!

Every assailant was concurrently observing the situation at this side. But Sheyan was extremely clear, if it was impossible to obtain this ‘Maotai 1950 pulp liquor’ with stealth, then he didn’t mind exploding onto the scene. With this one kick, his intention was to protect the two national treasure alcohol, he placed no significance on Lee Sian Hai’s life…..but who would believe this even if he said it? Anyway ruining their great plan, those ruthless assailants would never believe him. This was evident as they impatiently swung their guns towards him.

Since that was the case, and since he already created a conflict between them, then why not protect this guy’s life at the same time. Sheyan never forgot one thing, that was even if he managed to sample this “Maotai 1950 pulp liquor’, he would have only completely a sixth of the milestone: ‘Alcohol master’! The remaining 5 alcohol types, don’t even mention drinking, he had not even heard of them before. Then why not borrow external help? Since this Lee Sian Hai dared to spend millions of RMB on these two bottles of alcohol, then finding the other alcohol types wasn’t something difficult for him.

Since Sheyan already set his mind on this, naturally he would do his utmost. He dragged Lee Sian Hai, and crashed his shoulder into the nearby door frame. Sheyan exerted his full strength in this, furthermore the door of this auction had more decorations and security. After knocking into it, dust filled the air. The door was rammed open and landed on the floor.

Sheyan seized this opportunity, instantly picking up this door to use as a shield, charging straight into that corridor! That imposing manner was like a fierce tiger, incomparably vicious. The broken off door was broad, and the door frame conveniently left a trail of broken corridor lamps along the corridor. “Piank piank ping piank” the shattering sound was morbid!

Some assailants were also stationed in this corridor, but they could only witness a broad door charging towards them like the raging sea. They randomly released their bullets, who knew where those directionless bullets would land. Even if the bullets pierced through the door and landed on Sheyan, its power would have lessened greatly, and carried not much threat.

After charging forward for 7-8 metres, a group of assailants started to catch up to him from the back, and started opening fire. Even if Sheyan would not die from taking a few bullets, in order to save Lee Sian Hai, he had to handle it cautiously. His perceptive sensing towered over others, as the pursuing assailants charged forward, Sheyan immediately halted and swung around. The ‘door shield’ he was holding onto naturally covered the front of the panting Lee Sian Hai, as he kicked open a door on his right!

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