The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 83: Colliding straight on

Chapter 83: Colliding straight on

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Although the door was sturdy, how could it resist Sheyan’s full force kick? The hinges rattled and broke off as dust emerged and the door flew inwards. A distinct wrecked dent was seen in the middle of this sturdy door, as it crashed to the opposite wall before landing down. Sheyan swiftly slid in with Lee Sian Hai into the room, and then into an internal bedroom. Blazing strands of bullets arrived too late, and created several bullet holes onto the carpet and the wall.

As they entered the room, there wasn’t a balcony but only a huge bed and furnitures. Sheyan had also suffered a few light injuries, and lost close to 30 HP. But this didn’t faze him, he fished out that ‘endless vodka’, and gulped a mouthful of it. Satisfyingly exhaling, he replenished his wasted life points and simultaneously activated the title ‘Intoxicated man’. Thus his explosive hit rate also rose.

(TN: The explosive hit rate refers to critical hit rate in games)

Presently, Lee Sian Hai had discovered his current perilous situation, his expression was terrible. Sheyan humbly smiled at him and said:

“Mister Lee?”

Lee Sian Hai hadn’t lost his mind, although his heart was in despair, he managed to force out a smile.

At this point, the assailants had already reached the entrance. For fear of an ambush, they carefully entered. Sheyan borrowed this buffer time saying:

“You should be able to tell I have no ill intentions right? If not, without me acting out, you wouldn’t even be alive.”

“Thank you.” Although he was in despair, he still had the manners matching his elegant demeanor.

Sheyan was meticulously thinking, naturally he could tell what Sian Hai was thinking. Shrugging his shoulders he gently said: “I’m 22 to this year, do you think I look like someone looking to die?”

Lee Sian Hai was shocked, but suddenly a smoking object was tossed into the room – another grenade. Earlier on, the assailant had witnessed Sheyan kicking away the grenade, thus he purposefully held onto the grenade for 3 seconds before releasing it. His goal was for the grenade to explode immediately, thus everyone within the room will inevitably perish.

These assailant had no clue about Sheyan’s outstanding perceptive sensing. The grenade could likewise threaten his life, thus he already sensed it earlier on. Leaping out, he spiked it like a volleyball player and returned the grenade back to them.

As Sheyan descended from mid air, an explosion ensued from outside the room followed by shrieks and screams. Sheyan smiled at Lee Sian hai, exposing his white teeth and ordered:

“Stay here quietly.”

Unknowingly, faced with a situation of life and death, after seeing Sheyan’s smile his heart formed an unexplainable chill. Sheyan pounced with both legs, suddenly darting outwards. After going out, screams rang out in scattered successions, and died down after a short 10 seconds. Complementing that was the raging gunfire from faraway, creating a surreptitious silence.

Not long later, drenched in blood, Sheyan led a blonde western bodyguard in. This bodyguard had suffered heavy wounds on his left arm, carelessly ripping his clothes to use as bandage and wrapped it around it. Once he saw Lee Sian Hai, he cried out in surprise.

“Boss, you’re still alive!”

After seeing a familiar face, Lee Sian Hai’s initial trepidation relaxed and smiled.

“Well done, Dick. Where are the rest?”

Lee Sian Hai had a particular sophisticated presence, he had a calm demeanor and unordinary people would never earn his praise. Dick was delighted from this praise, and his expression sunk when he heard the last phrase.

“They are all dead, if not for…..”

He tilted his head to glance at Sheyan. Momentarily unsure on what to address, he thought he was a hidden trump card arranged by Lee Sian Hai, his final trump card! He respectfully exclaimed.

“This gentleman suddenly assisted us, if not it be hard for me to escape death.”

Sheyan smiled, tossing over two mineral water bottles.

“Currently those assailants went off to chase after two other groups. Mr Lee please rest and drink this, Dick wrap up your wounds. I’m afraid there will be another fierce battle later.”

Dick asked in surprise:

“Since the assailants have left this area, why not take the chance to escape?”

Sheyan sighed and replied:

“Those guy’s are assassins, they aren’t seeking wealth, their real aim is lives! From the scope of this operation, it is obviously a carefully planned out action!”

At this moment, there were several corpses sprawled across the floor. Dick flipped those bodies over and scanned them, at the same time checking for any first aid kits. But after consecutively examining them, he lifted up his head with a serious expression:

“Boss, these guys are all Malays from the military!”

“So that’s the case…..” Sheyan suddenly understood. Normally people claim that America’s racial conflicts were serious, but actually the racial conflict in Southeast Asia was similarly ridiculous. The anti-chinese resentment in Southeast Asia had never expired, it only segregated into small groups. The reason behind this was a complicated one, influencing this massive anti-chinese bloodshed was obviously the representatives of the 1998 Indonesian- Chinese indonesian riots. Apart from that, there was the Shah Alam conflict, the Black May and so on. Several other small scale events and unrest had also occurred.

Singapore’s current political situation was also in turmoil, therefore, this attack that seemed to be a robbery may in fact be a result of internal strife. The defeated party wanted to take revenge and arranged this massacre!

Sheyan suddenly asked:

“Then, looks like Mr Lee should be one of their primary targets?”

Dick nodded his head saying:

“The newly appointed prime minister, He Jiren, is my boss’s cousin. If something happened to boss without leaving any last words, then the family would be bound to break into factions. After Prime minister He loses his family’s economic support, then he would be unable to carry on his term in the office and step down.”

At this point, a sound came from the entrance and a Malaysian militant intruded in while searching the room. As he was about to raise his gun to fire, Sheyan took off as he slid in front of him instantly. This guy was a trained soldier, knowing that his enemy would reach out for his gun, he immediately drew out a military dagger, and thrusted forward ruthlessly.

Sheyan’s current agility wasn’t high, this sort of close combat was difficult to dodge. But his grappling skill had been trained to level 2, with a flick of his wrist he gripped onto the incoming military dagger. After this dagger pierced into his hand, it got stuck! This malay militant was startled, unexpectedly feeling a huge burst of energy coming from his right hand as the dagger got forced out from his hand. Sheyan simultaneously struck up with his knee, and pulled forward horizontally with his left hand still gripping onto the dagger. This malay militant was pulled forward from the impact, and a smooth wound appeared on his neck. Scarlet red blood gushed out and sprayed onto the wall!

At this point, another militant charged in, raising his gun and took aim!

Sheyan easily grabbed onto the gun barrel, causing that guy to tumble as random gunshots sprayed out without aim from the barrel. Holes formed everywhere, and particles scattered out into the sky. Sheyan pushed his assailant forward gently causing the guy to topple to the ground. He laid there rigidly, with only two unwilling round eyes. Dick charged forward to quickly examine, and turned his head information Lee Sian Hai with a deep voice:

“He got stabbed from the back directly into his heart, dying instantly.”

Lee Sian Hai composedly asked:

“What do you think of his talent?”

Dick leaked out a reverential expression in his eyes.

“Extremely valiant, in all my years of service, only the special Delta task force military instructor can be compared.”

Sheyan turned around, gesturing his hand to follow him. Although Dick had a broken arm, he could still exhibit his high military qualities. He swiftly gathered the firearm and ammunition from the dead bodies, and tossed a rifle to Sheyan. Instead, after receiving it Sheyan tossed it back, shocking Dick as he listened to Sheyan whispering back:

“I have no use for that, bring Mr Lee and follow me”

After speaking, he bent down and charged out. Looking at his movement direction, it was actually towards the auction hall that they just slaughtered their way out of! The puzzled Dick could only follow, but in that auction hall only a few gunmen remained. Looking at their greedy behaviour, they should be looting from the dead bodies. Sheyan immediately charged forward like a fanatical ox. Enemies who suffered his attack flew back 1-2 metres, landing onto the ground groaning. Even if there weren’t dead, they should be crippled.

Riding on the confusion within the hall, Dick operated his rifle single handedly, spraying out waves of bullets. Hurriedly eliminating or injuring many, it was really as easy as firing in a practice target range. Sheyan smashed open a set of doors and similarly used it as a shield again while advancing, he really had an air of invincibility. Yet he did not charge towards the elevator but instead headed straight for the fire exit staircase. Dick was just about to support Mr Lee down the staircase but was stopped by Sheyan’s hand. He calmly explained:

“We head upwards.”

Dick was shocked but Lee Sian Hai’s eyes leaked out an admiration, making the final decision saying:

“Yes, we head upwards!”

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