The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 81: Bullet and daggers as payment

Chapter 81: Bullets and daggers as payment

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In order for this auction to broaden its international influence, the items they were selling were all premium objects. Although the auction items were mostly items that were officially certified and had professor's signature, but the buyers were all wealthy aristocrats. Obviously they could not trust these 'certifications' and some of them invited the relevant experts to carefully examine and confirm the genuinity of these objects.

Sheyan had completely no interests in these objects, after appreciating the mystery of the nightmare realm, the present world's riches had completely lost its attractiveness. After waiting for a while, the item Sheyan was seeking finally emerged. "Maotai 1950 Pulp liquor', these few words rung in his ear, at that moment it was as touching as heavenly music. He also took note of the female in charge of this auction, she had a round buttocks and a flourishing chest.

This 'Maotai 1950 pulp liquor' had an extremely exquisite wrapping, but it was a jar made up of earthen pottery and wasn't pleasing to the eyes. But when it emerged it actually stirred up a fierce battle amongst giants. A few bid competitively against each other raising the value from a mere 2 million to over 10 million. A feeling of eagerness surged in Sheyan's heart, he wanted very much to charge up to snatch a mouthful. But currently, his innate ability 'endurance' was dormant, and he also could not carry out the equipments from the realm. If not he would actually have a great chance of succeeding. But for now, there was no need to take such a risk, after calculating it was best to stay low key for now.

Following the intense bidding, the two jars of alcohol soared to as high as 2.9 million Singaporean dollars, converting to over 14 million in RMB. After the jars were wrapped up nicely, it was instantly delivered into the buyer's hands. Sheyan already remembered this cash cow's name, 'Lee Sian Hai'.

That was a middle age man around his forties, he had thick black eyebrows extending to his temples. He had an uncommon aura, and although he had just spent a fortune that an average person would never touch in their entire life, he seemed completely calm and unperturbed. He casually placed the two bags beside his legs, as if these two were appetising desserts before a meal, and the following was the real feast. Beside him were several well dressed bodyguards that stood perfectly upright, they looked like the elite forces from the army.

Following that, besides secretly observing this Mr Lee Sian Hai, his mind was swirling with plans on how to snatch a mouthful and successfully escape. Time sped by swiftly, he suddenly heard the emcee spoke out:

"The next auction will be the last, a rare treasure, 'Qianlong Emperor's 'Jiu De bell imperial seal'."

(TN: Jiu De means 9 virtue)

Sheyan did not place any emphasis on the auction, yet after hearing this name he couldn't help but jolt up. Firstly, the nature of this object was an 'imperial seal', this meant that it was a royal heirloom. No matter what antique it was, after associating it with royalty, its value would soar to tenfolds. Furthermore, it was a widely prominent character in history, Emperor Qianlong! Jiu De these two characters weren't praising the monarch, but it was hinting at the background of this imperial seal. Because it was crafted with the highest quality 'Tiang Huang stone' which had characteristics of 'delicate, sturdy, warm, sleek, clean, tender, intimate, attractive, spiritual' these nine special characteristics. Thus it was hailed as a Jiu De stone. This precious object explained in simple terms was, the imperial seal that QianLong Emperor used was crafted with the highest quality 'Tian Huang stone'.

Gasps resounded amongst the audience, naturally these were all directed towards that item. The preciousness of this ruler's seal need no further explanation, it held special sentiments to the Singaporeans within the crowd. The current Southeast Asia was known as the south seas in the past, many residing nobles had migrated here previously from Fujian Guangdong. They all had native sentiments, their ancestral story passed down from generations to to generations, and a deep patriotism was buried within them.

In the eyes of the entire world, 'Tian Huang stone' was only produced in Fujian longevity hill, this was also sacred to them. Therefore, after obtaining it, it would be exceedingly great to have it as good fortune or even bless it to their house elders. It carried great fortune and they could use it to flaunt their wealth!

Following that, wealthy figures consecutively invited experts to examine the genuity of it. Based on the intoxicated expressions of these experts, Sheyan knew it wasn't counterfeit. That middle aged male, Lee Sian Hai, also sat up straight, wiping clean his golden spectacles in a cultured and refined manner, his gaze carried a tinge of thirst within. Obviously this thing was a necessary aspiration.

But at this moment, one of the examining 'expert' suddenly bend over, pulling out a bayonet from his trousers! This person's action was nimble and agile, one look suggested the countless trainings and life and death experiences he had. He swiftly stabbed the people surrounding him. The swiftness of his hands plus the ruthlessly sharp nature of that bayonet, it instantly left deep bloodied holes in the people he stabbed. They were confused as fresh blood gushed out.

This 'expert' with his lightning fast speed picked up the yellow royal small box, and without much effort he consecutively cut down 3 guards who rushed up with truncheons. He seemed to be about to escape into a corner. "Chi Chi Chi Chi", the sound of gunshots with silencers sounded, that expert hadn't even taken 2 more steps as his entire body had been transformed into a honeycomb, and slumped onto the ground. His streaming blood formed a pool of blood in a flash

On hindsight, those patrol guards within the hall were only 'decorations', the real protection was hidden in the shadows. They only revealed themselves in this emergency situation, one strike and retreated! Absolute silence. The rate at which they open fire and kept their firearms were incomparably swift, even their earlier murderous expression had faded to normal. Even a person sitting near them may not notice. Sheyans' five senses were far superior to an average person (Apart from spirit), therefore he distinctly identified the positions and appearance of those gunmen.The few gunmen were all different disguised, some were bidders, some media reporters, and there was even a janitor. If they didn't reveal themselves to kill, then it would hard to determine their true identity.

But at this moment, Sheyan's pupils contracted. Because of the killing, the entire hall was in an uproar, guards were trying their best to maintain order. Furthermore, 7-8 people had already seized the chaos to target the security gunmen who had revealed themselves. That image was like a shark that had caught a scent of blood and was currently charging towards its prey.

This process was extremely obvious, the initial display of robbing the jade ruler seal was just a facade, its goal was to draw out the hidden guards!!

At this moment, several assassins had already approached those gunmen, simultaneously pulling their daggers to land the fatal blow. Yet those gunmen put up a dying struggle, and couldn't help but open fire in retaliation. Momentarily, an intense battle broke out, the hall was turning more chaotic. Shouts and screams repeated constantly. Five visible groups were segregated, containing an important personnel wrapped within like a nucleus, their surrounding bodyguards had their hands in their suits, completely unflustered as they tightened their defence. One of them, Lee Sian Hai had many bodyguards, his defence was mightily outstanding.

"Then, if I was the mastermind behind this...." a notion flashed into Sheyan's brain like electricity. "Then the next step would be to clean up the remaining resistance left in this hall! All these wealthy individuals had elite bodyguards, they likewise had to be eliminated!"

Therefore, Sheyan immediately retreated several steps, standing against the corner as he covered his head with both hands like he was terrified. Yet his eyes remained tightly focused on the surrounding movements of Lee Sian Hai. To him, the more chaotic it was the better, his goal was merely the two bottles. Although the two bottles were exceptionally expensive, but treasures were plentiful in this auction. That 'Qianlong Jiu De imperial seal' had garnered the admiration of everyone, not to mention the painting from Milan before that. Those two bottles had long been forgotten in people's heart.

Although those hidden gunmen had exceptional skills, in the end they could not resist the sudden assault of their concealed enemies and very quickly succumbed to their blades. The bodyguards of the ministers remained unyielding and stationary, tightly bundling up their sole protection goal. They would definitely not be distracted, in this moment their professionalism was greatly displayed. They simply could not be compared to those greenhorn bodyguards.

Lee Sian Hai observed the chaotic disorder, he discovered that the 'Qianlong Jiu De imperial seal' that he greatly desired had vanished. Creasing his brows, he bent down and lifted the bags containing the 'Maotai 1950 pulp liquor' and spoke out in a low tone.

"Let's go."

This person had a lofty status, yet his movements seemed rather vigorous. With every step, the surrounding bodyguards similarly took one step. These guards had already formed a protective square around him, their movements were like a marching contingent during national day. They tightly locked their protection goal up, not leaking out a single gap. Lee Sian Hai took big steps to the nearby corridor, as his surrounding guards paced themselves unanimously and similarly headed to that direction.

Those hidden assassins did not stop them, but they similarly did not dare slacken. The numerous bodyguards within the hall were at least 30, they were extremely professional. Although none of them opened fire yet, but once anything captured their attention, or someone made an unusual move, they would immediately face the wrath of bullets and be reduced to a corpse!

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