The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 80: Illegal immigration

Chapter 80: Illegal immigration

Translated by Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Sheyan travelled to a small seaside town. Deep in the night, he located a hair salon with a neon pink lighting appearance and entered it. Straightforwardly asking the lady boss for two young ladies for a massage; up till now it was the normal process of exchanging money for sex. But following that, how the lady boss would access the business for illegal immigration was asking “Is two ladies enough?”

Normal brothel patrons would mostly say it’s enough, yet Sheyan replied no, he at least needed 8. Through the secret code between the two, the lady boss would then professionally call Sheyan to enter. Inside a small room, she would produce out a world map or a globe, and then bluntly ask where Sheyan wanted to go. He will then deposit a down payment, and pay the remaining when he got on the boat.

Presently, the illegal immigration business was extremely professional, it even segregated the different boats. Once cash was received, their service was not inferior in any aspect to normal cruises. Besides, the marine patrols would only tighten their checks during strict periods, and would remain ignorant on normal periods. Why would a cat show up without a rat? From Chaoshan to Singapore took an estimated 8 days and 8 nights. Sheyan kept a low profile and peacefully went aboard. Everyday he would remain in his cabin to train his body. He was extremely familiar with the customs and regulations on board, and did not expose any form of abnormality.

When he finally arrived, Sheyan managed to reap some rewards as his basic strength attribute had risen by 1 point to 11 points. After getting down from the smuggling ship, naturally people approached him for business. Sheyan came here often, he instantly went to find a hotel in Singapore’s Sembawang GRC (Group representation constituency) to stay. The chinese race monopolized 76% of the people here, although the national language was malay, but most people here understood chinese.

Singapore was also actively promoting their international fair, ‘Singapore Rare National Antiques Exhibition’. In a few days time they had arranged a China charity auction, Asia’s top 500 enterprise summit meeting, in a bid to restore their economy after the recent economic crisis that threatened them. Therefore, this was extremely important to the entire city. But Sheyan did not care, because Singapore’s model was a country that was also a city. Their total military might did not exceed 50,000 people…..this degree of armed forces dispersed throughout the city of more than 5 million, could be said to be a form of deterrence in this small country but to Sheyan he did not even put it in mind.

This international fair will officially commence the next day, without questioning, Sheyan had no ability to enter it straightforwardly from the start, because many VIPs would grace the occasion at the start. Singapore’s president and other nation representatives would participate, if he chose that time to act, then he would undoubtedly have to deal with the protective bodyguards of these high ranking officials. This was certainly not a smart thing to do.

Sheyan’s plan was simple, that was after the exhibition commenced, he would infiltrate on the second day into the China charity auction. He would observe which wealthy person bid for that bottle of alcohol, and wait for that spendthrift to leave. Only then he would camouflage himself and put into play a shocking but not dangerous nor cruel robbery (Because he only forcefully stole a drink), he would then immediately flee to safety.

This sole problem currently was: After Sheyan infiltrated the auction, he had to determine who was the buyer straightaway.

Because even using a toe to think, that Maotai pulp liquor would not be used as the climax of this auction, and that buyer may not wait for the auction to conclude before leaving. Hence, if Sheyan were to lie in ambush outside and not enter the auction ground, then he would identify the wrong target. Of course he could wait outside and watch the live broadcast, but this ‘broadcast’ would certainly be delayed by roughly 10 minutes, this was to avoid any incidents (For example, if anyone got agitated and started to hurl out profanities) with this buffer time. Sheyan could not confirm if the broadcast would utilize this strategy, thus he did not dare to take this risk.

Under normal situations, an auction would not just let anyone in, unless you pay a certain deposit to enter. Fortunately, in order to win the public favour this time, 50% of money earned from this auction will be donated to a charity organization, therefore this certainly had to be widely advertised to the fanfare. With this, there would be lots of reporters, and the best scenario was that every country’s mainstream media would pay a visit, first as a propaganda to raise their reputation and image, and secondly was to appeal to the wealthy people’s emotions during this auction. Thus, they would bid higher.

Sheyan naturally decided to camouflage as a reporter. As long as he randomly took care of a reporter, and snuck in then naturally then he would easily capture his first objective. Obviously China Central Television had dispatched many attractive reporters, and Sheyan did not dare to lay hands on them. Therefore after pondering for awhile, he decided to target the neighbouring Malaysia, and deal with a reporter from the Radio Television Malaysia.

Singapore’s relations with its neighbor Malaysia were extremely harmonious, and Radio Television in Malaysia had a position akin to Jiangsu Satellite TV in China. Furthermore, Malaysians and Chinese did not have much of a difference, as long as Sheyan made his skin darker, and chewed betel nut then naturally nobody could tell the difference. His goal was just to infiltrate, once people from Radio Television Malaysia discovered their colleague had not arrived and started to look for him, Sheyan would had already satisfied his desire.

Singapore was a strategic location in the Straits of Malaya, it was a strategic port that connected the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Previously, for every 10 times Sheyan voyaged out, he would pass through here 5 fives, although he couldn’t consider this as his territory, it was relatively familiar to him. However, illegal smuggling ships would carry smuggled goods, a bigger ship would naturally carry more than a small one. Previously, Sheyan in his later years as a seaman had earned his captain’s trust, and thus had been placed in charge of a smuggling ‘mission’ before. Naturally, those that dared to accept smuggled immigrants would definitely be linked with underground societal methods. Sheyan relied on his previously honed relationships, and after paying 5000 Singapore dollars (Roughly 25,000 RMB), he easily managed to purchase information on the movement of Radio Television Malaysia, their lodging location and other reports.

After paying the adequate small fees, Sheyan managed to rent a neighboring room beside the Radio Television Malaysia people. He spent a great deal of time carefully eavesdropping their conversations to search for any loopholes. However, this group of people laughed about, their speech was in the native language. Sheyan had slight knowledge of the Malaysian language, if they slowed down their speech he could at least link and differentiate the contents. However, these bunch seemed extremely excited, naturally their talking speed increased, and this was simply gibberish to Sheyan’s ears.

Even until the night before the charity auction, Sheyan was still unable to find even half a clue. But his resolution was completely firm, even if a mountain obstructed his path, he would also try to split the mountain in two. If it was just a rock, he would simply smashed it! Since these bunch of malaysians did not give him an opportunity, then he would construct an opportunity for himself! He carefully reflected, and went down to purchase a bottle of laxatives. After he identified a person from the Radio Television Malaysia that had roughly the same build, after the group had left for a midnight snack, he secretly snuck in and placed laxatives into that person’s cup.

This group mentioned going for night snack, but in reality, they went to a pub to play and returned drunk and tipsy. All of them were drunk, and when they sunk into their beds they were not willing to move anymore, until late into the night where they felt terribly thirsty. Therefore, don’t even mention laxatives, even if he peed into that guy’s cup, it would not even be the least bit suspicious.

Thus, on the next morning, this guy rose from bed with a pale and uncomfortable expression. It was even tough for him to straighten both legs, how was he going to go for an interview. The group looked at each other in dismay, and cursed his bad luck in their hearts. His colleagues could only prepare medicines for him and rushed off to the auction.

After this group stepped out, Sheyan stepped in. He did not waste time speaking, instantly grabbing a common knife and pressed it against this guy’s neck. He naturally became so afraid that he pissed his pants and pleaded for mercy. After Sheyan obtained what he wanted, and wore a wig and sunglasses he had prepared earlier on, he knocked that guy out cold. He then carried off the back up media equipments and ran out as fast as flying. He somewhat gave off the mannerism of a cameraman.

The following move was exceedingly simple, Sheyan hired a cab to the auction. He arrived at a skyscraper in Singapore that was over 35 floors high. Probably because this international fair had been ongoing for two days, the various police guards had gradually slackened and were laughing as they chatted. Even if a passerby wanted to infiltrate, it wouldn’t be that difficult. Sheyan hurriedly entered and flashed his reporter’s pass, he immediately went up to the seventeenth floor where the auction was held. After putting up an act in a corner, he started to observe the surrounding environment.

The auction quickly commenced, there wasn’t anything special but only the usual greeting catchphrases to stir up the crowd. The only attractions were the few beautiful celebrities that sat below, but they were tugged along with their old husbands. Looking at them, it was like beautiful flowers blooming beside a pile of cow dung.

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