The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 79: Endless spirited Vodka!

Chapter 79: Endless spirited Vodka!

Translated by Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Only after two entire days did Sheyan managed to drink Mother He’s Lotus root pork rib soup. Truthfully speaking, this He specialty soup was really a class on its own, if anyone tried to casually replicate it, they would definitely be exposed.

Actually before roasting the pork rib, she would first use table salt and some spices giving the pork rib a distinctive flavour before using it to boil her soup. After roasting, the flavour was naturally different compared to an ordinary lotus root pork rib soup. Sheyan gulped down a few mouthfuls before scooping a new bowl of it. He then soaked the ‘endless vodka’ cup into the piping hot soup. Strangely speaking, that golden wine cup originally had a dull appearance, but after immersing into that lotus root pork rib soup, a new color emerged gradually. Finally, the wine cup was shining brightly like a recently cleaned stainless steel. It dazzled in people’s eyes, and that lotus root pork rib soup also peculiarly evaporated and finally vanished. No idea what did Mother He and He Xiao Jun saw, but their tears started to flow down profusely.

Sheyan concurrently received a notification from the nightmare imprint.

“You completed the soul mission: Lotus root soup.”

“Your soul mission completion score: 85%.”

“He Weiguo’s soul expresses gratitude to you, leaving behind a portion of his strength. Soul equipment: Endless vodka is additionally enhanced. New name: Endless spirited vodka.”

“Endless spirited vodka”

“Equipment effects: Excite (Active): Activating it will raise your running/walking speed by (25% ->)28%. Excite state will end after receiving an attack. After Excite state expires, after 300 seconds you can once again activate Excite. Excite bonus can now stack with other movement bonuses.”

“Item category additional effects: After drinking a mouthful of Spirited vodka, you will regain (20->)25 HP instantly. HP regeneration will temporarily raise by 25%, lasts for 60 minutes.”

“Item category additional effects: Under non-combat state, at intervals of 15 minutes (Cut down from the original 24 hours), the vodka will automatically be fully refilled.”

“The rest has no changes.”

Observing the 85% score of this soul mission, Sheyan humbly nodded. This was something he had anticipated. Actually he had already guessed the method of obtaining 100% completion status of this soul mission, there was to treat the lupus on He Xiao Jun’s body. Naturally He Weiguo’s soul would be tremendously grateful. However, Sheyan had already researched on this lupus, it was a sickness that caused one’s immune system to be weakened. Western medical methods had no way of treating this disease, if he really wished to treat this in the present world, then he would have to try his luck with traditional chinese medicine, and the treatment duration would be hard to predict.

Of course, another swift treatment method was to request for aid from the nightmare realm. Earlier on, Sheyan had already estimated, this was probably linked to his achievement level. Maybe after his rank had rose to a certain standard could he purchase the necessary medicine. Sheyan previously witnessed Uncle Dasi’s handicapped hands, it was extremely heartbreaking, and he wished to further increase his achievement level and acquire medicine from the realm. Therefore, even if he had the capability to treat He Xiao Jun’s disease, he wouldn’t waste it on this.

After the ‘Endless vodka’ was unlocked, Sheyan then activated the speed bonus. His movement speed had a noticeable increase, it was like his every step was taking an automated escalator. He rapidly travelled far and the surrounding people were unable to notice it. Although this enhancement would disable after receiving an attack, it can be used again after merely 4 minutes, that was already relatively useful.

For the sake of this soul equipment, Sheyan stopped over at ChongQing city for nearly 4 days. Although the duration he had in the present world was counted as plentiful, he was currently racing against time and started on his next course of action. That was to begin working on the ‘advanced milestone: Alcohol master’.

According to Sheyan’s current status, it wasn’t realistic for him to be able to collect the few overseas alcohol that he had completely not heard of before. He only had a tiny hope of searching for clues regarding that China ‘Maotai 1950 pulp liquor’. This sort of previous alcohol deemed as a ‘National alcohol’ was extremely rare. If he attempted to search for it, then only two places in the entirety China held the highest chance. The first was Maotai town situated in Renhuai Country of the Guizhou province. The other place was….Beijing, Zhongnanhai!

After Sheyan inquired a list of information, he received two crucial message.

Year 1999, October. People’s Republic of China celebrated 50 year anniversary, the museum of chinese history kept a bottle of 1950 Chen Niang Maotai.

Year 2010, 19th June. Beijing Goethe company started an auction for its stored Maotai, holding a famous nation wide ‘China wine’ auction, a bottle of year 1959 wheel Maotai broke the records for highest Maotai price with its 1.03 million bid.

Naturally, after the first message became clear, the location, content and even the mission item that Sheyan was seeking for, fitted tightly together, and it was a clear fit! But what kind of place was the museum of chinese history! It was a significant building constructed to the east side of Tiananmen Gate (Entrance of imperial city in Beijing). Its interiors contained important artifacts that represented over 5000 years of chinese heritage. Randomly pointing at any would be a national treasure. No matter how powerful or valiant Sheyan was, it was impossible to challenge the might of a country! Such tremendous force and techonology simply left one in despair from even thinking of such a feat.

Therefore Sheyan bluntly purchased a ticket for Guizhou. It was nice that it wasn’t very far from ChongQing, and the flight ticket only cost 300 yuan. Sheyan purchased the latest flight. The service attendant very seriously examined his identification card. Yet Sheyan had specially visited a hairdresser beforehand, transforming himself to an appearance close to that in the identification card. Therefore, the service attendant was completely oblivious and clueless. After alighting at Guizhou, he stayed at the airport hotel. Early the next morning, he immediately hired a car to fetch him straight to Maotai Town. It roughly needed only about 4-5 hours.

This place was far and high up in the mountains. Sheyan also had no mood to scheme any plans. He randomly found a hotel and threw a hundred yuan on the counter. He claimed to be a human resource manager at a northern distillery, and was here to recruit a highly-experienced veteran in the field as a consultant. The counter guy was looking towards the news broadcast, but after hearing Sheyan he excitedly exclaimed that his old man was an overlord in alcohol, he was an unparalleled talent in the field of alcohol and was known as the Lu Bu* of alcohol. After hearing the meaning behind his words, if Sheyan did not invite his old man as a consultant, it would be akin to letting down his ancestors, his country and the society.

(TN: *Insanely strong character in Romance of the Three Kingdom)

Sheyan didn’t care to beat around the bush, he blatantly asked.

“Has your old man drank the pulp liquor of the 1950 Maotai?”

This counter attendant’s speech came to an abrupt end, after a while did he recover and asked:.

“What is the relation between hiring a consultant and that Maotai 1950 Pulp liquor?”

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders and replied:

“You don’t even know the relationship, why talk about doing consulting?”

The counter attendant could only roll his eyes at this statement and shut his mouth. In the following two days, Sheyan made use of the reason of ‘recruiting a consultant’ to conduct his investigations. Instead, it was an incomparable headache as the information he obtained regarding this Maotai 1950 Pulp liquor was in fact too excessive! Renhuai country was hailed as China’s liquor city, it had close to 300 branches of distilleries! Its sole production of Chinese spirits was 111 thousand tons! Its production of Maotai alcohol was 20.30 thousand tons!

Under such circumstances, the unfamiliar Sheyan initiated his investigations. It was unimaginable the mountains of information he gathered. Every kind of alcohol information drowned him completely. And solely on Maotai town, that ‘Maotai 1950 pulp liquor’ had turned into an essential treasure that every household cherished. Even a top grade expert from the country could not guarantee its authenticity from its exterior. Naturally a genuine product’s asking price was astronomical, it simply caused one’s jaw to drop.

If Sheyan wanted to purchase with money, it was inconceivable to acquire a real product without spending 2-3 hundred million yuan. If he dared to use violence, then the entire town would be informed that a robber had come specifically for the Maotai 1950 pulp liquor. This would alert the masses and he would never be able to obtain the real good. Furthermore from his initial behavior of discreetly probing information on that, he would certainly be held as a chief suspect if this broke out.

Trapped in a dilemma, Sheyan coincidentally came across a news broadcast at night:

“Congratulating Maotai country wine to be selected: Singapore rare national antiques exhibition, in order to support connections and develop bilateral relations, the Renhuai government has specially pledged to supply two precious bottles of the national treasure, ‘Maotai 1950 pulp liquor’ to participate in this international fair.”

Sheyan concentrated all his attention on this news. Naturally, in such an international fair, the government would never produce a counterfeit to make a fool of itself. This involved the reputation of a country. He simply log onto the internet and confirmed that this international fair would take place after 10 days. This gave Sheyan ample buffer time. Although currently Sheyan was unable to produce a passport to go overseas, but to him who travelled long periods on ships, finding a route to Singapore wasn’t something difficult. It was simply better than getting engulfed and bombarded by all this phony information.

Therefore, Sheyan immediately flew to Chaoshan district in Guangdong. Smuggling was thriving over here, incidentally carrying a few illegal immigrants was a common occurrence. Sheyan left to voyage when he was only 14, he was even personally involved in such things before, and could even close his eyes and recite all the different processes involved.

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