The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 78: Directly combating the root of the problem

Chapter 78: Directly combating the root of the problem

Translated by Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Sheyan frowned and replied:

“What cultivating?”

Just when the kebab seller wanted to speak, the brute who sold the ‘Sachima’ pastry suddenly shouted out:

“You dare to betray….”

After merely uttering 4 words, Sheyan lightning fast hands instantly grabbed his head and knocked him fiercely against the wall. He then wiped his hand against the wall in disgust and whispered.

“Severe cerebral concussion, spinal fluid leaking out of your nose, at least bedridden for half a year. Even if he recovered completely he would lose some memory, bowels incontinence and excessive loss of mental focus. These are the symptoms that the doctor would diagnose for him, who asked him to F**ing open his mouth. This is his repercussion.”

This action stupefied everyone on scene, only the kebab seller delightedly swept his surroundings and spoke:

“Cultivating is always handled by Boss Niu. The goal is to make these little kids look a lot more pitiful, boosting their ability in begging to attract people. Normally they would break their legs to make them lame so they cannot escape, and at the same time appeal to the passerby’s emotions. They would also cut off the kid’s tongue, thus they will be unable to speak and ask for help.

Sheyan coldly replied:

“That means, my friend’s son should be getting cultivated?”

The kebab seller nodded, his adam’s apple wriggled up and there.

“I can bring you there, but after that I will never be able to roam about in this city…..”

He lifted his eyes to look at Sheyan, his eyes flickering with greed. Sheyan’s face remained emotionless, he instantly flung out another 10,000 yuan out and indifferently replied:

“Bring me there, after we find the kid, I’ll add another 10,000. Honestly stay by my side, and I swear no one will be able to touch a hair on you.”

The kebab seller delightedly raised his brows, he nodded as he walked up. Sheyan paced several steps before abruptly turning back and looking at the remaining street merchant. He bluntly swung his leg out to kick him, adding onto the count of unconscious people. The kebab seller was astonished to see this, but Sheyan only gently issued:

“In this world there’s something called a phone. Since you are willing to betray your Boss Niu, then why wouldn’t there be others who would report this. I’m not afraid of your Boss Niu being prepared, I’m only scared that he flee beforehand!”

After an hour, Sheyan stood beside the kebab seller below a highrise building. This tall building was extremely imposing, it was at least 30 floors tall, its external glass wall looked extremely luxurious. Pasted on was an advertisement of Angelina Jolie smiling. Apart from high ranking business officers entering in and out, luxurious cars like Benz and Bentley followed suit. Yet Sheyan remained calm and composed, he couldn’t help but ask the kebab seller:

“You sure Boss Niu is here?”

The kebab seller secretly sneered, as he brought Sheyan in through a small back door. The security guards did not even bat a single eyelid at them. Behind the skyscraper, it did not look as bright and beat as from a distance. Because this was the back hall of the kitchen, a place where chicken were killed, vegetables washed and fishes dissected. It was relatively filthy. A service staff even spat into one of the dishes, probably because a customer had previously lectured and he wanted to take revenge.

The kebab seller tossed a few cigarettes over skillfully whenever he met others. Naturally nobody bothered them, after a few minutes he pulled Sheyan into a nearby alley. After walking a few steps, ahead of them following a rumbling sound as a cargo lift descended.

After entering the cargo lift, the kebab seller felt a little weak in his heart as the cigarette in his hand trembled with him, and he forgot to light it. Sheyan shut his eyes and leaned against the lift wall, he maintained a cold smile on his lips. After the lift reached the peak, it revealed bright windows and clean tables, carpet and wallpapers, an image a Top 100 corporation in the world would have. The kebab seller then directed to the right, and entered a side corridor. This corridor led to a semi-covered door, behind it was the stairs that led to the rooftop.

The kebab seller lowered his voice and whispered:

“He’s right on top, there are people watching the door. I will wait for you here.”

Sheyan stared at him intently, he strongly reached out his left hand and grasped onto his arm, and then continued ahead. This kebab seller felt like an iron hoop cuffed onto his arm, he could only stumble forward. After the two stepped up from the final flight of stairs, it led to an unexpectedly narrow space. A shabby assistant was obstructing the path, and a lock was set up on the entrance door. A drunk massive brute in a black elastic sleeveless garment rested his back against the wall. Beside him was a pile of chicken bones and 5-6 bottles of beer.

Once he saw Sheyan, he immediately jumped up and conveniently grabbed a bottle. Sheyan silently pressed forward, this brute then smashed a bottle onto Sheyan’s head! “Piank!” Glass fragments and beer dispersed about, but yet Sheyan remained unharmed. It was like that bottle shattered against a piece of granite. He then stretched his hand and grabbed onto that brute’s throat and raised him up against the wall. That brute struggled with his limbs but, it was to no avail, and finally fainted as his eyes turned white.

After locating the keys on this brute, Sheyan then easily unlocked the lock, opening the door and walked to the rooftop. Once he entered, no matter who it was except children he would equally lash out. His actions were swift and deadly, those who got struck landed on the ground and could not get back up anymore.

“Where are the kids?” Sheyan straightforwardly asked the kebab seller. He was not even willing to talk to the people within this pent house. The kebab seller gazed at the might of Sheyan that would kill one in every ten steps, whatever schemes he had in mind utterly vanished. Without speaking he immediately opened up two delicate asbestos glass roof tile. He then pulled out 3 construction boards, and the state inside was needless to say. However, the rotting odour of feces and urine was able to cause one to start trembling. Sheyan scanned the interior, he then walked to a person who was struck down previously, pulling up his hair he grimly asked.

“Where is He Xiao Jun?”

This person was struck by a rod onto the face, his face was covered in blood and tears. After whimpering for a long while, he finally understood. This He Xiao Jun had an extremely stubborn nature, after being captured he refused to enter. This helper’s goal was for money, not to take lives. Coincidentally, a batch was just about to graduate from Boss Niu’s ‘cultivation class’, thus he locked him inside a small shed. He wanted to wait for this busy period to end before slowly settling this kid. In the end, apart from being famished, naturally he was also beaten and severely insulted.

The illness on He Xiao Jun’s body also became more severe, patches of red rashes smeared across his face and body, it looked extremely horrifying. Only, this child’s eyes flickered with an unbending brilliance, just like a little wolf cub brimming with menace and killing intent.

Sheyan glanced at this child, it was like staring at He Weiguo’s earlier days. He sighed, after looking at the miserable state this kidnapped children were in, he turned to inquire of the kebab seller.

“Who is Boss Niu? You also don’t wish to leave behind a root right?”

The kebab seller shuddered in his heart, he immediately gritted his teeth and pointed to the the corner on the left.

“He is Boss Niu!”

Sheyan glanced over, that guy was curled up and shivering in the corner. He was dark and skinny, like a grape vine that was completely stripped of its grapes. His face wrinkles piled up from his previous hardships. He looked like an old farmer, how did he even have an appearance of the ringleader that would kidnap and harm little children? However after the kebab seller spoke up, suddenly, ruthlessness formed in that guy’s eyes. He roared up in a slur of dialect, and pulled out a dagger on his waist and charged forward.

Sheyan was completely oblivious to him, he glanced to He Xiao Jun. It was like a pair of eyes formed on his back as he easily swung a steel pipe to deflect the blade, and then smashed it against the guy’s nose. His third strike landed on his knee cap and the fourth on his elbow.

Those four strikes looked like he held back but it actuality it caused a deep whizzing sound in the air. Obviously, the residing strength wasn’t light, whenever it crashed onto Boss Niu’s body, it released a sound of clear and crisp bone cracking. Even the pipe became deformed. Boss Niu spun a few rounds after being struck, and finally unable to tolerate any longer he collapsed to the ground and gave off an agonizing shriek while rolling. His mucus mixed with blood drenched the ground and his face.

Sheyan stood in the middle of 7-8 thugs, he was like a reef standing unmoving within the sea.

He completely did not place those guys at heart. Those thugs looked at that slightly crooked bloodied steel pipe, but looked as if they had seen a ghost in broad daylight. Obviously intimidated by his might, they couldn’t help but retreat backwards. Sheyan then looked towards He Xiao Jun.

“I’ll bring you home, do you want to go?”

He Xiao Jun’s eyes displaced a suspicious color, but ultimately nodded his head, Sheyan led the way out, and after He Xiao Jun and the kebab seller walked out, he then dumped a bomb without even turning his head:

“I’ll report to the police after five minutes.”

This word, no doubt forced Boss Niu into a dead end, it was like when a tree topples the monkey scatters (Chinese idiom – people abandoning an unfavourable cause). Boss Niu’s limbs were already crippled, but yet his underlings decided to split the money and took off in this scenario. Obviously, this criminal syndicate was wrecked, and counted as Sheyan getting rid of a problem while he was helping He Xiao Jun.

When He Xiao Jun saw his own granny, he finally burst out crying like an ordinary little kid and leapt over. Sheyan remained silent by the side, he only quietly watched. The granny and her grandson hugged each other and cried for over 10 minutes, before Mother He finally noticed Sheyan’s existence. She was naturally overwhelming with gratitude. In the end she took out a huge sum of money worth 20,000, but Sheyan only waved his hand and kindly declined. He then gently smiled and suggested.

“If aunty really wishes to thank me, then allowing me to personally sample a bowl of her personally made lotus root pork rib soup is enough.”

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