The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 77: The most efficient tracking method

Chapter 77: The most efficient tracking method

Translated by Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Sheyan nodded his head, and immediately stood up and left. His composure unknowingly caused Mother He to be shocked as she urgently asked:

“Young brother, where are you going?”

Sheyan gently glanced back, his lips curled into a chilling sneer:

“Of course to get Xiao Jun back.”

Mother He was stunned, after Sheyan left, she bewilderedly exclaimed:

“This….he just left without even staying for a drink?”

After Sheyan listened to Mother He’s description, he instantly deduced that even if that street merchant who sold the pastry wasn’t an accomplice, there should still be a huge relationship with those kidnappers. Xiao Jun was already a 8.5 years old kid, this boy being abducted without a single sound nor news was certainly not something that was done alone, there was at least a group! The usage of drugs in such a vicious attempt was also commonly known.

Even the police would be helpless when encountering such a thing, because their job was to always go in accordance with the law. They needed evidence, and this even had to implicate a few other civilians thus, it left their limbs binded. Yet Sheyan had no fear, ever since he became a contestant, the regulations and laws of the present world could no longer bind him.

The accident happened not far from here, roughly at third street. As Sheyan walked, he continued searching around for that street merchant with the push cart. This kind of person was fairly common in Chongqing city, and had distinctive characteristics. After Sheyan completed checking six streets, he discovered a street merchant fervently selling ‘Sachima’ beside a public bus-stop.

This street merchant was wearing a skullcap, he had a sly look and looked 40 years old. He was currently using a slur of clumsy words to attract people to purchase his products. Sadly, nobody near him wanted to and even avoided him. Sheyan stood beside observing, after waiting for the bus-stop to clear up after several buses left, he then approached and used a He Nan accent.

“Is this pastry delicious? Can I try it?”

That street merchant immediately raised his chest towards the sky and vouched before giving Sheyan one piece, Sheyan then started chewing and asked.

“How much for 500g?”

That street merchant raised his brows in delight and exclaimed.

“Forty, forty!”

Sheyan immediately held tightly onto his pouch, heart achingly replying.

“Too expensive, too expensive.”

He waved his hands and left. This street merchant had not made a single transaction the whole afternoon, he hurriedly obstructed Sheyan saying:


The shocked Sheyan replied:

“What money?”

This street merchant then confidently replied.

“Didn’t you just eat my pastry? This pastry is an entire piece, I cut it up to let you sample so others will not be able to buy it already. You have to buy the entire pastry!”

Sheyan shook his head like a rattle-drum, turning to leave. But this street merchant was well prepared, he fished out a whistle from his clothes and blew it hard. Suddenly a few accomplices appeared from the sides, they were all wearing filthy aprons and similarly came from other push carts. They started to shove and cursed at Sheyan, and gradually shoved him into a peaceful and remote corner.

This street merchant stood in front of Seyan, his hand holding onto the knife he used to cut the ‘Sachima’. Using a clumsy but fierce tone to coerce:

“Pastry, 400 Rmb, 4 kg! Hurry up!”

This was this person’s shrewd nature. This ‘Sachima’ pastry was originally 5 RMB for 500g, but

it suddenly increased tenfolds after he forced Sheyan to this state. Even if this scene was witnessed by the police, it would be counted as forced selling. But how was this different from robbing?

Sheyan glanced around to make sure there were no passerby, he then raised his head frowning with his brows. Exposing his white teeth as he smiled saying:

“Okay, I’ll buy.”

At the same time as his words, his right fist ferociously smashed into that street merchant’s shoulder like a hammer. A clear and crisp cracking sound of the shoulder blade could be heard! Before he even had a chance to scream, Sheyan already conveniently grabbed onto his neck and raised him up. Casually using him as a weapon and threw him at his two accomplices. At this moment, a kebab seller oust forward, he looked ruthless as he thrusted forward with his kebab knife! Sheyan had no time to evade, and a miserable flesh wound formed on his back!

However, only the wielder knew, he felt like he was poking at an extremely thick tyre. It was incomparably difficult to understand, after piercing into the flesh, only after exerting his entire effort could he move the knife. After Sheyan felt a slight pain at this back, he immediately shot out his hands to grab it. His five fingers were like iron hooks, empty handedly snatching that knife.

At this moment, these thugs understood they encountered a steel board. That kebab seller wanted to run but Sheyan rushed forward and simply kicked him as he crashed into the opposing wall. Sheyan’s one kick caused this kebab seller to smashed into the wall and form a ‘Y’ shape on the wall, and he finally crashed to the floor after a few seconds.

At this point, the strength faded in the remaining street merchants. They glanced at each other and reckoned Sheyan was an undercover cop. Suddenly they got worked up and started shouting in some weird street language. Although Sheyan could not understand their words, but he reckoned these people were trying to turn this internal contradiction into a conflict of ethnicity, the police bullying the minority. Normally, the police also had great headaches as they had no ideas on dealing with this group, but this group of people’s sole misjudgement was…. Sheyan was not even police. Therefore, nothing could restrain him, don’t even mention racial dilemma, any other social conflicts would not cause him to bat a single eyelid.

Sheyan used only one move to silence the entire crowd. He swung a slap towards that brat wearing the skullcap who was screaming the loudest. That slap seemed held back, but the force was enough to cause that brat to spin 240 degrees round. A few bloodied teeth could be seen sweeping through the air, and landed onto the dusty ground. That guy stood rooted with a blank expression, blood was streaking out of his right ear like a snake and then gently dripped onto the ground.

“I’m not a magistrate.” Sheyan hung down his eyelids and indifferently said. “So don’t use such tricks on me. I’m here to find someone, after finding him I will leave.”

None of the 4 street merchants were left standing. They raised their heads and gazed at Sheyan with a frightened expression.

“Ten days ago, who was the one who sold Sachima over here?” Sheyan coldly proclaimed. Simultaneously, he was holding onto a stack of red notes. “Who can tell me first, this 10,000 yuan will belong to you.”

These few street merchants glanced at each other, but none of them spoke up. Sheyan sighed and said:

“Very well.”

Those words were still echoing through the air, as Sheyan had already firmly clutched onto the hair closest to him. He then forcefully swung it against the closest wall! This knock was extremely deadly, the sound it created caused a person’s goose bumps to rise out. Without question, this unlucky brat instantly sunk to unconsciousness. Sheyan gradually loosen his hand, letting the blood drip trickle down slowly from his fingers. His eyes communicated a blood-thirsty and brutal nature.

“Very well, I hope you guys will carry on being stubborn. Even if the four of you don’t speak up, don’t you think I will catch others to interrogate?”

Sheyan slowly squatted down , he walked towards the kebab seller who was currently clutching onto his stomach. He gently said.

“10 days ago, that street merchant who was selling Sachima. Where is he?”

The kebab seller’s pupils dilated, he nervously rubbed his hands against his filthy apron:

“That is Xire Ah Hong, he has gone to take over another territory.”

Sheyan immediately tossed that stack of notes in front of his face, the red notes floated scattering about. He then grimly replied:

“Tell me everything you known, whoever dares to betray you over here, I will be responsible for his corpse.”

The kebab seller swallowed his saliva, and greedily snatched the scattered notes:

“What do you want to know?”

Sheyan lightly replied.

“Xire Ah Hong and the rest, did they kidnap a small boy? My friend’s kid was taken by them. I want to find that kid.”

The kebab seller was shocked:

“Kidnapping? Nonono, We don’t do such business, I heard that is the profession of the He Nan gang.

He immediately saw Sheyan’s face turning gloomy and hurriedly corrected:

“But that group with Xire Ah Hong is certainly has business of abusing small kids. Is your friend’s son crippled? Or looked miserably pitiful?”

This kebab seller seemed like an old veteran. His appearance looked to be a street merchant, but he was overflowing with the fluent Beijing dialect. He had such eloquence that he could even be an official news broadcaster. Sheyan got slightly distracted:

“That kid has a severe skin disease, his friends call him rotten skinned dog. He does look very pitiful.”

“Then that’s settled!” The kebab seller slapped his thigh, extremely absorbed into his character but unintentionally aggravated his pain. He immediately gritted his teeth saying, “Xire Ah Hong and that ground particular targets those little kids, they will cultivate this sort of crippled/ handicapped nature, and bring them to another city to engage in begging!”

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