The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 76: A real man has emotions

Chapter 76:A real man has emotions

Translated by Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

While the two men failed to react as they were distracted by Sheyan’s words, he already shot out with both hands and grabbed onto their hair. Then, he heavily smashed their heads against each other! Sheyan held back his strength as did not want to take their lives, but the two hooligans could not even match up to Huashan Fei’s underlings. Their eyes rolled up as they convulsed and slumped to the ground. It seemed like that they wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon.

The one responsible for guiding Sheyan in, had both his eyes popped out, he had never expected this ‘rich spoilt brat’ would actually retaliate in a flash! Bro Jiu and Bro Dalei normally were local thugs that would often brandish their kitchen knives and could cause a mindless slaughter against many, they could punch like Zhao Zilong*, and their kicks were like Chu Bawang*. But now, they actually just collapsed in one move!

(TN: *famous chinese martial art characters)

At this moment, Sheyan’s vision turned towards him. This greasy male was scared stiff, he immediately raised his hands and retreated backwards:

“Kind comrade…… government comrade! Spare me!”

Sheyan casually shrugged his shoulders:

“Hand over the money bag.”

This greasy male was appalled and his expression turned dull, he finally realized this was like black eating black(bad people taking advantage of bad people)! As he witnessed Sheyan raising up his fist, he immediately quick-wittedly fished out his money pouch and offered it up with both hands. Sheyan pointed towards the fainted duo.

“Plus theirs.”

This brat was extremely obediently, he instantly swept his two brothers clean and similarly offered up what he acquired. However, the trio who devised this trap, their body was a pile of poverty as their scraps of notes could only amount to 30 RMB. But, Sheyan originally wasn’t here for the money, after leaving the entrance he immediately searched the two pouches for his currently most essential item, which was the identity card! After a legit identification card issued by the government, Sheyan could jump as high as the birds, and dive as deep as the fishes! Regarding the identification card photo, it would normally wear off after extended periods of time, thus nobody would even bother to care about such a pain in the ass issue.

After walking out of the courtyard, Sheyan’s thoughts rippled, he was already gripping onto that metallic alcohol cup. Roughly because he was back in the present world, this metallic cup seemed to feel much warmer, it felt like body temperature. Apart from that, it was vibrating slightly by itself, like it had its own heartbeat. Simultaneously, Sheyan had already received a list of relevant information.

“You have carried the soul equipment ‘Endless Vodka’ to the present world.”

“You have fulfilled the relevant criteria.”

“Soul mission: lotus root soup activated.”

“The final wish of the trapped contestant’s soul sealed within the ‘Endless Vodka’ is to taste the ‘lotus root, pork ribs soup’ that his mother makes.

“Pointer: after accepting this mission, you will then acquire the fragmented memories of the contestant.”

Sheyan chose to accept this mission. Suddenly a ‘weng’ sound buzzed in his mind, and many images started to surface in front of his eyes……

His name was He Weiguo*, this was a unique name that distinctly belonged to an era. At that time, a huge retaliation war broke out, a few ordinary folk were unable to participate and felt rather downcast. Thus, they devised a method to display their support for their country. Naturally, their kid’s name ended up as one of the resulting effects.

(TN:* To defend my country)

He Weiguo’s hometown was on the Loess Plateau of Northern China, the soil there was barren and unfavourable. When he was 20, he found a local lady and married her. But his wife died 2 years later while giving birth, and only left him to fend alone with their son. When his son was eight, he unfortunately got infected with a severe lupus erythematosus, and was bullied by his peers, calling him a rotten skinned dog. He could only cry in silence as He Weiguo was working abroad and was unable to look after him.

Until one day, He Weiguo finally heard of his son’s sufferings. He fumed with rage and immediately set off to find the household of the kid who bullied his son. However, that kid’s family belong to a line of wealthy and influential workers, they merely called a few people in and terribly beat up He Weiguo and his son. His vicious nature was drawn out, as he plucked out a butcher knife he carried personally and charged forward. He killed everyone in succession and even murdered the little bully.

After this massacre, He Weiguo fled with his son. When he was finally pushed to a dead end, he managed to enter the nightmare realm. After acquiring strength inside the realm, he used a few unorthodox methods to make a turnaround economically. During this duration, he did numerous evil deeds and committed many crimes. His only motive for working hard inside the nightmare realm was to cure his son of his disease, and stop people from calling him a ‘rotten skinned dog!

However, He Weiguo’s life journey came to an abrupt end in the Caribbean sea world. He was determined by the policymaker in his party to be a scapegoat. Against a torrent of pirates, He Weiguo was stabbed excessively but before he died, his heart carried no hatred. That was because he had already left a fortune back for his family in the present world.

The only thing he couldn’t forget before he died, was the warmth of his mother whenever he returned home. His mother would fold up her pants and waddle inside the frosty old pond to pull out a few lotus roots, afterward she would proceed to the opposite butcher uncle to exchange 5kg worth of maize for 0.5kg of pork rib. She would then boil it in her casserole pot for 3 hours to create her pork rib soup. Within this ordinary soup, contained a mother’s great love. Thus it caused this vicious man to never forget such warmth and tenderness of his mother.

Sheyan stood upright for a long time at his present spot, a complicated feeling couldn’t help but form within his heart. Was He Weiguo a good person? Undoubtedly he wasn’t, his hands were stained with more than a dozen lives, a young 11 year old boy to a 70 year old aged man. He was prone to anger and aggressively violent, often gambled and visited prostitutes, his crimes were uncountable. But on the other side, he strived tremendously for his son, and was unaffected when facing death ultimately yearning for his mother in the end. This contradicting and complicated life swirled within Sheyan’s heart for a while and slowly dissipated.

2 days later, Sheyan arrived at Chongqing city.

This was He Weiguo’s temporary residence after he left his hometown. In this ‘three loop’ road, he kept a low-profile and rented two worn and tattered house. He lived with his mother and son, nobody could have imagined that their family was worth over a million. Sheyan drew near the house quietly, a crying sound floated out from within. His heart couldn’t help but be appalled. If He Weiguo’s mother unfortunately passed away, then how was he suppose to complete the mission? He saw a aunty pushing the door out, and hurriedly enquired.

The auny only sighed and replied:

“This family really committed great sins. First, the man of the family slipped and fell to his steps from the upper floor, just a few days back, the little kid was kidnapped by a child trafficker. The old granny cries everyday inside the house, who knows when she will breathe her last because of her sorrow.”

Sheyan knew beforehand, anyone that died in the nightmare realm, would have his death arranged reasonably in the present world. Thus, He Weiguo’s death took him by no surprise. But no matter what he did previously, he carried it with him to the grave! His child was innocent, why should he suffer such a tragic fate? Roughly because if a rabbit dies, the fox grieves (Chinese idiom – to have sympathy with a like minded person in distress), Sheyan’s rage burst forth and his face turned ashen. Deeply inhaling he immediately raised his hand and knocked on the He family’s door.

Sheyan waited for roughly 5-6 minutes before someone opened the door. That was He Weiguo’s mother. Currently, she was only 50 plus of age, but her hair had turned totally white. Both Her eyes puffy and red, her expression was dejected and defeated. She used a despairing tone to speak.

“Who are you looking for?”

Sheyan deeply sighed.

“Aunty please sit, I am Weiguo’s good friend of many years. Recently I heard of his misfortune, therefore, I specially rushed back from abroad.”

When He Weiguo’s mother heard her son’s name, her tears flowed down uncontrollably. She cried out and stammered:

“I knew my Weiguo would cause trouble, how could money be so easily earned? Our family’s disposition is naturally poor, if not, it wouldn’t force him to a dead end. I’m old and useless, I can’t even look over Weiguo’s sole descendant! He was just kidnapped like that!”

Sheyan shut his eyes, and coldly replied:

“When i arrived I already heard of this. Aunty, tell me everything you know, and I will definitely find justice for your family!”

He Weiguo’s mother sobbed and sniffled as she explained what happened entirely . It was fairly simple, five days ago she brought her grandson to the streets to buy groceries. After going past the wet market, she was blocked by a street merchant who sold sachima (A type of sweet pastry) with his push cart. This man really wanted her to sample his own new product. The elderly’s attitude were normally cheapskate, after hearing that it was free she ate it. After eating, she was actually forced to buy, but obviously she refused to be taken advantage of and the two started bickering. After the old woman remembered her playful grandson, it was already 20 minutes later!

Following that was naturally panic searching, crying and finally despair. After reporting, the police’s attitude remained apathetic. Many other murder cases have not even been solved, what more was this small kidnapping case. Furthermore, the law states that a disappearance of a person was not a criminal case, unless one could show concrete evidence of the kidnapping, if not, the case would never pass!

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