The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 75: Qing Hua University graduation certificate

Chapter 75: Qing Hua University graduation certificate

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and ELkassar

Similarly, ‘Captain Jack’ of the pirates of the caribbean is not without enemies. But even if he died, there would probably be another “Tom, Dick or Harry” captain to take over his role. Thus, under normal circumstances, contestants would mutually communicate their adventures and experiences and not resort to buying…..

After settling all the miscellaneous things, the short time deadline of 30 hours was pretty much about to expire. Sheyan then followed his previous experience, scaling the lift and returned to the present world. After 5 minutes, he then by passed a wall in the realm, and returned into the third floor of the supermarket in that ordinary town.

Even though it wasn’t his first time, Sheyan still felt as if it were a long time ago, he stood still and dazed out in nostalgia. However, his daydream was abruptly broken by a shattering sound!

“What the hell are you doing here!”

Sheyan quickly glanced back, he saw a ‘skinny like a broom’ madam looking towards him overbearingly. Her waist was covered by a ‘Haoji Chicken Essence’ white apron, placing her left hand on her hips, her right hand was holding onto a stainless steel ladle that contained soy sauce. She interrogated Sheyan with a tumultuous vigor just like a submachine gun.

“I….I’m looking for the toilet.”

“Latrine’s on the second floor! This place is restricted!”

Sheyan could only flee in panic, even from a distance he could feel the woman’s fiery glare on his back….he bitterly laughed as he shook his head walking empty handed out from the supermarket. After leaving the cold shelter, the scorching heat rays from the sun caused him to break out perspiration. It was currently noon, Sheyan couldn’t tolerate any longer and entered into a open-air restaurant. He ordered fried noodles and picked up two smoking bottles of ‘Pearl River’ beer from the fridge. Popping open the cap with his teeth, he started to gulp down the ice cold beer.

Borrowing that tipsy drunk feeling, Sheyan started to tap lightly on the table but his mind was already casted towards planning his next route of actions. Previously, he loitered around in the present world for 2 weeks before receiving the notification from the nightmare realm. Based on his previous information, there were even contestants who had an entire interval of 2 months before receiving the invitation of the realm. Such long periods of time if one did not use it to his advantage, then it would’ve have been an utter waste.

Sheyan contentedly exhaled, using a chopstick dipped in his beer he started to list out his thoughts onto the table:

1: To find out Uncle Dasi and Sanzi’s whereabouts, and reunite with them.

2: Accomplishing that soul equipment ‘Endless Vodka’ mission, removing its sealed status.

3: Collecting the alcohol listed in the title: Alcohol master.

4: Eliminating Huashan Fei, getting rid of his personal misfortunes.

Within these issues, based on Sheyan’s personal emotions he would definitely choose to perform the first task. His close relatives were destitute and homeless, without even a single message, his heart would definitely be unbearably anxious. But right now, there was a chance that Sheyan could be implicated and become wanted by the entire country. Secondly, the places that Uncle Dasi could have gone to were countless. Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand etc these were all possible places, and he only decided after FuYuan set sailed. Even though Uncle Dasi was honest and considerate, he had already witnessed much evil in others and would naturally understand Huashan Fei’s sphere of influence. Thus…. Sheyan could only suppress his heart’s great desire.

Then undoubtedly, that soul equipment ‘endless vodka’ would definitely be the next in line. This equipment can greatly enhance Sheyan’s powers, and could even complement his title, ‘Intoxicated man’. It could even alleviate Sheyan’s current flaw which was his speed! Furthermore, while unsealing the ‘endless vodka’, Sheyan could at the same time collect the different alcohol types he needed.

Regarding Huashan Fei, his roots are all in FangCheng, once he left, then he would no longer have any foundations elsewhere. Thus, Sheyan wasn’t afraid of him fleeing, if he wanted to find him he would be able to do so anytime. But before that he would have to deal with the Vietnam gunmen bodyguards that protected him. To Sheyan now, he wasn’t confident of being able to swiftly deal with Huashan Fei’s underlings in the present world, thus it was better to postpone the matter now.

Therefore, Sheyan started to draft out a plan for the next few weeks. But before that, in order to make sure Uncle Dasi and the rest had not fallen into Huashan Fei’s hands, Sheyan did something else. After wolfing down his fried noodles, he then went to the nearby convenience store to purchase their cheapest handphone. Using a random SIM card, he then pressed in Huashan Fei’s house number that he remembered in his heart. After 10 seconds, Huashan Fei’s chilling voice resounded in Sheyan’s ear. “Who are you?”

Sheyan gently replied.

“Huashan Fei, don’t you want to get back your goods?”

In this instance, Huashan Fei’s pupils dilated. These few days he had been hard pressed because of those millions worth of goods. He practically lost a fortune, and he still had to endure the mourning ‘Black Devil’ spying over him, he was simply trapped in a predicament! After hearing Sheyan’s words, he immediately flared out.

“Sheyan you scumbag! What do you want?”

Sheyan’s lips curled into a smile, shrugging his shoulders he answered casually.

“Let’s talk next time.”

He then hung up, breaking the phone and tossing it into a nearby rubbish bin.

“ Uncle Dasi and the rest should still be fine.” The relieved Sheyan made such a conclusion.

Because, if Huashan Fei had managed to recapture them, his reply would be, “F**king hell, if you still wish for your brother and uncle to be alive, then return my goods.” And even from this, Sheyan would be able to confirm. Even if Huashan Fei had recaptured them, they would only suffer superficial wounds and not fatal ones. Because Huashan Fei was a gambler, if he had a glimmer of hope of reversing his current predicament, he would never give up!

Back at Fanchan island, Sheyan started to pack up. He left a marking on a visible location that wrote, “I am well.” If Uncle Dasi and the rest arrived they would definitely notice it, while passerbys would not place great significance on it. He then disguised himself simply, hiring a three wheel automobile to fetch himself into the country town. Without worries, Sheyan easily found a ‘fake certificate, seal stamp’ advert on the wall of the telephone post, he then called the number.

During the phonecall, Sheyan stated that he wanted to buy a Qing Hua University graduation certificate. The voice straightforwardly quoted back over the line, “Normal 800, exquisite 1200, perfect 1600.” Sheyan didn’t bother negotiating, he instantly ordered a perfect piece. This fake certificate manufacturer then lazily announced an address and asked him to fetch it! Although the magistrate was relatively lenient on such things, this brat making the false certificates should probably have an able backing.

The address was rather remote, after asking a few people on the way, Sheyan managed to navigate into a small alley that looked shabby and ruined. The houses along the alley all had acutely inclined roofs, and both roadsides were covered with drainage covers. The murky dark waters within it gave off a pungent odour. The roads were a wreck, as a simple light step would cause loud cracking sounds to from, and muddy water to ooze out causing one’s trousers to turn damp. Even if it was dry, it would equally give off a piercing odour.

At the entrance of the alley, Sheyan looked around and finally found the house number nailed above at the right door, as he pinched his nose and knocked on it. After a brief moment, a response came from inside. A male with his shirt tucked into his pants appeared, he didn’t look sloppy but had quite a pointy chin. He had a slacken expression, and his face seemed oily. Once he saw Sheyan, he released a wide smile and said.

“Buddy, you’re here for the graduation cert right, come come come.”

He then pulled Sheyan in with one hand, and closed the door behind with another. Sheyan purposely adopted a cowering appearance and said.

“Is my certificate done?”

“It’s done, it’s done!”

“What I want is a perfect one.”

“Confirm perfect, I promise you it looks more genuine than a real one!”

The two continued some mindless chatter, and walked into the courtyard. Suddenly two hooligans appeared beside them, they had an indistinct tattoo on their arms, as they blocked Sheyan’s retreating path. Sheyan blurted out fearfully in shock.

“What do you guys want! Where’s my cert?”

One of the male snorted and gave out a cold smile, he then wrinkled and crumpled the document over! Raising his voice hatefully.

“A perfect Qing Hua University graduation cert, hand over the cash!”

Sheyan observed it with astonishment, five crooked words were written blatantly on that white piece of paper:

“Qing Hua University graduation cert…..”

After the words ‘Qing Hua’, it seemed like the ballpoint pen ran out of ink, and the other 3 words seemed to be written with a pencil. Sheyan was speechless for the waste paper, as he replied in shock.

“This is your so called ‘Qing Hua University graduation cert?’

“That’s right! Big uncle put in a lot of effort to complete this.” The two of them seemed to be well versed with this sort of situation, they were adept at this and even folded their sleeves and forced themselves into Sheyan’s face. Obviously there were going to use force if they couldn’t get their money. “Cash, or don’t blame me for using my fist!”

Suddenly, the frightened and shaking Sheyan suddenly raised his head, exposing his teeth as he smiled sinisterly and reply.

“Sorry, I think you just stole my line.”

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