The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 74: The secret of lvl 4!

Chapter 74:The secret of lvl 4!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

After his transaction with Hegel, his utility points on hand surged to 8800 points, and 9 potential points. It was already counted as his best record thus far. Sheyan had wasted 5 hours on negotiations in the marketplace, his remaining time left in the realm wasn’t much. He hurriedly made another loop round the market place and was prepared to rush off to strengthen his basic skills. Who knew that when he arrived at a new stall, his attention was immediately attracted by an object.

Butchering Bone Hatchet

Origin: Arizona general branch blacksmith store

Equipment rarity: Light blue

Attack damage 3-16

Material: life variant

Weight: 11.2 Kg

Long-lasting attack speed: Slow

Equipment usage requirement: Strength 9 points, physique 6 points

Equipment position: Single hand – left/right hand

Weapon special: ‘Resistance’ ;You can use this weapon to block against a close range attack and activate ‘Resistance’. If resistance succeed, then it will lower the taken damage by 10-50%.

Once the combined attribute of strength + physique exceeds your aggressor, the chance of absorbing damage is 30-50%.

If the combined attribute of strength + physique is lower than your aggressor, the chance of absorbing damage is 10-15%. Apart from this, there are several elements influencing ‘Resistance’.

Description: Every resistance will lower the durability of the weapon by 5-10 points. Once the durability reaches 0, then the weapon will be broken, and unable to be repaired. You can obtain repairing capabilities from special storyline characters in several nightmare worlds.

Hatchet weapon classification additional effects: Accuracy -1, explosive hit rate +2

Equipment battle score: 9

Evaluation: This broad hatchet can easily resist an opponent’s attack.

Speaking truthfully, this weapon will be of little interest to many others. The main reason was its slow attack speed, and unattractive combat ability effect. Of course, the increase of 2 points in explosive hit rate was enticing, or else he would similarly ignore it.

The reason why it attracted his interest was the passive nature of being able to resist an opponent’s attack. Although its special nature had a price of potentially wrecking the weapon, to the Sheyan who had lost his cobalt steel exoskeleton armour, this weapon with defensive capability extremely suited his requirements. With the addition of his high strength, even though the offensive capabilities of this weapon is low, he could still deal substantial damage to most enemies. His left hand holding the hatchet, his right gripping onto the threatening flintlock musket ‘ambition’. When the time comes, he had the confidence of dealing with most situations.

There were benefits and disadvantages in all things. This light blue weapon had naturally received much popularity. When Sheyan chanced upon it, that contestant’s stall was already surrounded by a crowd. It looked like some contestant hurriedly left, and there was an auction going on in the stall, straightforwardly selling to the highest bidder. Sheyan looked at this unfolding event,he could only grit his teeth and participate. In the end, that contestant seemed to be vastly interested in the light blue medical kit he just acquired. After a series of relentless negotiations, Sheyan finally traded his medical kit along with 1000 utility points and acquire that single-hand hatchet.

Following that, Sheyan naturally wanted to strengthen his current basic skills. His present basic skills are as follows.

Basic close combat lvl 1

Basic footwork lvl 2

Basic endurance lvl 1

Advanced ability: Expert grappling lvl 1

Advanced ability: Expert grappling requires 3 other basic ability to reach lvl 2, before being able to advance to lvl 2.

Sheyan inquired his nightmare imprint, and headed towards the north of the nightmare space. Upon arriving, a flow shot forth from the nightmare imprint on his chest to the layer of wall in the realm, he then paid 200 utility points. A sudden door split opened, and Sheyan entered into an illuminated, cushioned secret room. Several 3D characters floated in front of him. Sheyan reached out his hand, and obtained the relevant service support.

Obviously, Sheyan’s greatest shortcoming in battle now was his speed. Even though his basic footwork had already reached lvl 2, he still chose to upgrade this attribute that was linked to speed. The notification he received was a fee of 1000 utility points, + 1 potential point. After selecting ‘confirm’, Sheyan then received his attribute upgrade.

Sheyan quickly discovered, in order to upgrade basic footwork from lvl 3 to 4, it required a comparatively large increment. It actually needed 2000 utility points, +2 potential points. The price actually doubled! After pondering, he chose to continue upgrading his basic footwork. Suddenly, he uncovered that after attaining lvl 4 for his basic footwork, he received an additional notification.

Basic footwork lvl4: Increasing user’s evasion by 3, increasing user’s basic speed by 8.

Pointer: Once basic footwork reaches lvl 4, relevant conditions triggered. Please draw from the additional special effects from attaining basic footwork lvl 4.

Pointer: You can randomly draw out one from the following special effects, and use it as your additional special effect of attaining basic footwork lvl 4. Duration of 10 seconds, if nothing is chosen, the realm will automatically allocate one at random.

A: Reducing damage of 33% from falling off great heights.

B: Increase user’s evasion by 2.

C: Increasing user’s base speed by 2.

D: In poor terrain like the desert, swamps…… user’s inflicted terrain reduction effect reduced by 33%.

E: Increase accuracy by 2 for close range attacks, evasion of long range attack (Includes magic and far range weapons) increased by 4.

F: Increasing accuracy by 2 for far range attacks, evasion of close range attack increased by 4.

“There’s actually an additional special effect that allows me a selection of choices?” Sheyan felt rather amazed. He instantly thought of something, perhaps the other abilities from upgrading lvl 3 to lvl 4 would likewise provide this additional special bonus! Due to the 10 seconds limitation, Sheyan immediately started the randomization, drawing out E: ‘Increasing accuracy by 2 for close range attacks, evasion of long range attacks increases by 4’.

Finally, Sheyan’s basic footwork lvl 4 attribute was ultimately:

Basic footwork lvl 4: Increase user’s evasion by 5, increasing user’s speed by 8.

Additional special effect: Increase accuracy by 2 for close range attacks, evasion of long range attacks (Includes magic and far range weapons) increased by 4.

After engaging the randomized drawing, Sheyan then received a nightmare imprint notification. That was, if the contestant was dissatisfied, he can use 1000 utility points, +1 potential points to drop his basic footwork back to lvl 3. This will erase his special effects, and when the contestant once again attains lvl 4, then he can automatically acquire a new chance!!!

Obviously, if a contestant had ample resources and wanted to pursue a certain attribute effect, he can use this method to erase his training, and ultimately obtain a favorable attribute. Furthermore to Sheyan, this random ending was one that he delighted in, even if he wasn’t satisfied, he wouldn’t dare washing away his efforts just for another random try. Currently he had 4600 utility points left on hand, and 6 potential points. After deliberating, Sheyan utilized 1000 utility points and 2 potential points to raise his basic close combat and basic endurance to lvl 2. Thus then fulfilled the criteria of upgrading the advance ability ‘expert grappling’.

However, the advanced ability ‘expert grappling lvl 1’ required too much to raise it to lvl 2 , it actually asked for 3000 utility points and 3 potential points! Sheyan gritted his teeth, and forced himself to learn it. On the contrary, after upgrading his ‘expert grappling’ it actually provided outstanding improvements. Sheyan’s close combat attack damage/evasion/block/resistance increased to 10 from an original 7. It was counted as pretty impressive and worth it.

After a series of crazed spending, Sheyan once again stepped into poverty. His utility points had sadly returned to 600 points, and was left with 1 potential point. Presently, he patronized a bar in the realm, with the intention of selling relevant report experiences. But after interacting with several other contestants, he understood that besides exposing his personal strength, this action provided no other good benefits. Because a world that a person experiences is based on the his development, most of the time the reports are personal. Therefore, there is an immense chance that the reports would be of zero help.

Citing an example phrase: In the terminator world, Sarah Connor still exists. The difficulty of killing her was enormous, but there was still a possibility of not needing to eliminate her! From his previous chats with other contestants, he realized that others had even eliminated her. Therefore after slaying her, the general of the people’s army, John Connor, would not have been borned. The storyline would have been wrecked, then wouldn’t have Skynet conquered the entire world? Of course not, the nightmare realm will automatically investigate, and the people’s General will be replaced by another. His roles would mirror John Connor, but his personality and character would differs greatly. If you paid a huge price for acquiring relevant information to reveal a hidden side mission relating to John Connor……. But yet the terminator world you experience doesn’t have such a person or mission character, then everything would have been wasted and you’ll be reduced to tears.

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