The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 73: Deal

Chapter 73:Deal

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Once Sheyan prepared and projected out the 3D holograms of his merchandise, he then left his own stall to patrol around in the marketplace. His first goal was to collect a huge amount of information in order to grasp the valuation rate. Secondly, he would be able to gather a load of information from other sellers. Sheyan had zero worries that his absence would drain away customers, because the items he was selling were mostly strong and relevant items. For example the highly valued dark blue class ability scroll: voodoo cult basic witchcraft lvl3. That learning requirement itself already suggested a fairly high learning threshold.

Therefore, the people who frequent his stall could be separated into two categories. One was extremely interested, while the other was the least bit interested. Those that didn’t want to purchase wouldn’t even bat an eye and leave, while those that were interested normally wouldn’t mind waiting for a few minutes.

After strolling for one round, Sheyan could not find any relevant reports in the marketplace. He only looked at several equipment/ability scrolls that had sky-high prices, and based on his measly utility points, he would could never afford it. Furthermore to Sheyan now, what he lacked wasn’t equipment or skills but instead to increase the levels of his currently learned skills. Never forget, the danger he faced wasn’t merely in the nightmare real, danger lurks everywhere even in the present world! Moreover, in the present he would lose many privileges such as his equipments.

After finishing an entire run, to his expectations, his stall was indeed surrounded by a crowd. Once they saw the merchant returning, they immediately inquired on the price of that dark blue scroll. Sheyan folded his hands on his chest and laughed, the price he offered almost made their eyes roll backwards. His valuation was actually 15,000 utility points, 15 potential points! After hearing this value, it immediately scared away half the crowd. This half belonged to those that wanted to ‘try their luck’, once they discovered this wasn’t an option, they instantly left. The ones that left all really wanted this item and decided to try bargaining.

“Hey, friend. I’m not being ignorant of this scroll’s value, but your asking price is really too great.”

A hippie attired male shrug his shoulders as he stood in front of Sheyan. He was probably chewing on a chewing gum, and he shook his right leg repeatedly, giving off a feeling of nervousness.

The guy’s speech unquestionably voiced out everyone’s opinion. The surrounding crowd all raised their voice in agreement.

Sheyan swept the crowd with his eyes, he realized there were still 7 people. But these 7 were probably segregated into 3 smaller groups. Undoubtedly, those that wanted this scroll were people with heavy emphasis on spirit and intelligence. Thus they could utilize it to the fullest potential.

From that perspective, contestants who wanted to learn this ability were mostly weak in physique. Considering the nightmare realm ideologies, they were probably part of a certain party. 15,000 utility points, 15 potential points probably was overwhelmingly excessive to an ordinary contestant, but to a party, this may not necessarily be a high price.

Take the current situation of the nightmare realm, most contestants would view an equipment/scroll that could instantly be translated into increased battle strength very highly. They would not spend much on items without long lasting effects. Thus it can be determined, those few guys that wanted to procure this scroll should probably be proficient in basic skills. They should already have ‘Basic prayer lvl4 & basic meditation lvl4, 25 points in intelligence’, these 3 criteria!

Thus, contestants who fulfilled these requirements would not have a low position within their party. They would at least be a crucial source of firepower, and should probably have comrades who would support them in purchasing this scroll.

This was why Sheyan dared to cite this outrageously high price! More importantly, the welcoming reception towards this scroll already exposed its status as a best seller. This allowed Sheyan to adopt a delaying confidence to these buyers. Thus, when faced with this thick-skinned gentleman, Sheyan’s reply was simple and that was to shake his head.

A gentle but firm shake.

Against this stubborn brat, the nearby contestants glanced at each other. Obviously, they had encountered the hardest kind of seller, these sort of people seemed to understand the economic situation well, and had an accurate assessment on the valuation of his products. Apart from that, they had a paranoid personality! Thus they had no choice but to put in their last ditch effort, offering out their personal valuation and wish it would be able to move this brat. Instead, they ultimately left in silence.

Once the last contestant left, Sheyan’s stall was now completely devoid of existence. But Sheyan wasn’t dejected, he was already mentally prepared to use his remaining short time left on selling off this dark blue scroll. When those people left, the highest valuation was merely 5000 utility points in addition to 3 potential points. This obviously did not satisfy Sheyan’s craving.

People came and went. Buyers obtained price information when frequenting Sheyan’s stall, but eventually shook their heads in disappointment and left. Sheyan’s scroll was like a magnet that was attracting huge amounts of people, but repelled away by the ruthlessness of the insane pricing. Time sped by just like that, the surrounding stalls even swapped over several owners but yet Sheyan stayed on. With a humble smile, he politely receive every customer, and had no trace of impatience in his voice. But he was like an iron rod, nothing could move him.

This deadlock was finally broken by the return of that hippie.

Upon returning, he brought two people with him. One of the contestant was holding onto an object with a lingering black glow on it. The other contestant stood behind him, as though he loved following other people’s shadow. Even in the safe environment of the nightmare realm did this hippie contestant pull off such a reaction. Undoubtedly, the darkness concealed within this contestant’s heart was a problem, it had become something habitual just like breathing or drinking!

The contestant with the authority observed the scroll, he slightly nodded and lifted his chin towards that hippie. It was as though he wasn’t willing to speak a word to others.

That hippie walked in front of Sheyan, he extended his arms and said.

“I reckon today is your lucky day, Hegel had shown great interest in your scroll. How about this, we sincerely want to purchase it, how about telling us your heart’s valuation.”

Sheyan simply replied.

“My asking price is my heart’s valuation.”

Hippie helplessly shrugged his shoulders, and turned his head towards that person named Hegel. Hegel remained silent, he only stared firmly at Sheyan. Suddenly, a feeling of being exposed surfaced in Sheyan, it was like being naked in the streets and hiding nothing at all! His heart surged with surprise, and suddenly Hegel snorted and retreated a few steps as though he had chanced upon fortune. This mysterious submersion persisted for a while.

“Your highest attribute is physique, lowest is spirit. No doubt the path you chose is close combat?”

Sheyan was amazed. This person called Hegel could actually determine his highest and lowest attribute, and this was within the peaceful environment of the nightmare realm. It meant that he had already grasped an ‘insight’ type ability. He didn’t refute but quietly nodded. Hegel coughed twice and continued.

“Your asking price is too high, no one would fork out such a huge amount of utility points. How about I exchange a ring for your scroll?”

Prior to this, others had already tried trading an item but was instead rejected by Sheyan. Because he desperately lacked potential and utility points. Hegel seemed extremely sincere in taking out this ring, it was also a dark blue class ring. Apart from +3 to strength, it even possessed an additional +1 explosive hit rate substantial attribute. If he were to sell it, it would also be a relatively sought after merchandise. Instead, Sheyan shook his head, stressing on his need of utility and potential points.

Even if that was so, Hegel looked upon this ‘voodoo cult basic witchcraft lvl3’ scroll with an aspiration of necessity. Persevering on and after communicating with Sheyan, he finally used 7000 utility points and 9 potential points to trade. To Sheyan, even though the selling price did not hit his heart’s estimation, but that whole 9 potential points was something to rejoice over. Based on his current trend, Sheyan would have to experience 5-6 worlds before achieving 9 points.

Apart from that, Hegel exhibited great interest in that ‘Black Pin’. Because with it was a 50% chance of black magic succeeding. If it really appeared, then it would definitely complement his ‘voodoo cult basic witchcraft’ skill and add to his strength. Sheyan exchanged this pin for a light blue object, ‘Medical Kit’. It was considered a favorable ending.

Medical Kit attributes:

Medical Kit

Origin: Kolo Linsei Seventh hospital

Equipment rarity: Light blue

Internal items: Bandage x1, anesthetic x1, poison antidote x1, adrenaline x1

Bandage: After wrapping an injury, it can counterattack an accumulated 50-100 points of blood loss damage

Anesthetic: Using it can reduce pain by 20-50%, but lowers spirit by 2-6 points, duration of 10 minutes.

Poison antidote: Using it can reduce the duration of negative body effects by 10-20%

Adrenaline: Using it will increase movement/attack speed by 10-20%

Description: After placing a medicine in the medical kit for 12 hours, its quality will increase, and release its utmost potential upon usage. (Refers to the best result of a random probability, for example the bandage would counteract 100 points of damage)

Description: The capacity of the medical kit is 4. Unable to squeeze in more than 4 medicines. The quality of the medicines should be lesser than the class of the medical kit. (Which means the medical kit can only contain white class quality medicine)

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