The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 72: Allocating

Chapter 72: Allocating

Translated by: Chua

Edited by I and Elkassar

The boundless starry universe gradually blurred out, once again plunging into darkness. After Sheyan recovered his vision, he was once again back in his personal room. The first thing he did was to inspect his attributes.

Contestant no.1018

Achievement points: 8 points

Status: Recruit

Strength 12 points (10+1+1)

Agility 10 points (7+1+2)

Physique 17 points (14+1+1+1)

Perceptive sensing 14 points (12+2)

Charm 5 points (6+1-2)

Spirit 4 points (4+0)

Intelligence 5 points (5+0)

Left hand: Musket ‘Ambition’ (19), perceptive sensing +2, agility +2

Body: FBI special windbreaker (6) charm +1

Left Hand: Rotten bone ring (7) Strength +1, Physique +1

Accessory (left): Obsidian fossil anchor (20) Strength/agility/physique +1, charm – 2, attack +10

Accessory (Right): Gold shell pocket watch (4) Physique +1

Equipment overall score: 56

Sheyan pondered on his remaining 3 free attribute points. He originally felt that he was lacking in fighting capabilities, and his agility wasn’t satisfying in combat. Furthermore, his 4 points in spirit couldn’t even match up to an average person. Thus, he decided to share it between his strength, agility and spirit. But before he was about to allocate, Sheyan suddenly recalled something! That was the absurd 50 points limit in charm when he activated ‘insight’ on Jack Sparrow!

“50 points limit attribute, what does that represent? What then does it mean to a contestant?”

Sheyan deeply inhaled, putting aside allocating for now. In actual fact, he was always a decisive person, in addition to his inhumane perceptive sensing, it always gave him the impression of making swift and decisive decisions. However, to make a choice now, its consequences would go a long long way to his individual development. It could even be a life and death matter, thus he didn’t dare to be reckless.

Distributing according to need? Or specialize in a certain attribute? Undoubtedly, increasing base of his personal weakness would halve the danger in the future. But in this manner, reaching the extreme limit of 50 points would take forever to achieve. However, if adopting the swiftest path to uncover the mysteries behind the extreme limit of 50 points, the danger in the future will definitely increase.

Besides, Sheyan’s highest basic attribute is physique! This was an extremely unique and crucial attribute. Besides, this attribute determines the most critical aspect, that was the life points of the contestant! To every contestant out there, this was a very very important attribute. Because once this attribute drops to zero, that would mean losing everything.

Some people say, the best defence is offence. This statement isn’t wrong, but still it is based on the fact that the power disparity between the opponent and oneself isn’t very great. Once a sheep attempts to attack a wolf, that would be purely foolish and suicidal. More importantly, the nightmare realm is full of opportunities and crisis, nobody can predict any unforeseen outcome in the next second. It was like Chris’s party who was flourishing with over 20 contestants, they were excelling with attacking potential, but their health was just like any other. Once they encountered a strong curse (the message in the bottle), they equally submitted to fate! Physique brought along vast advantages, it allowed one to be ‘careless’ but their chances of survival would still be there!

More crucially, Sheyan was equally in a difficult predicament in the present world. In the present world, he wasn’t allowed to equip any supporting item, and even his innate ability ‘endurance’ could not be activated. If his physique was high, it would no doubt aid with his survival.

Live, then everything else is possible!

Away from that, Sheyan glanced at the weapon he acquired, ‘Ambition’! This black class weapon had high explosive strength and attack damage, it was already evident during the previous battle. Therefore, this would temporarily make up for his deficiency in attack. Furthermore, regarding movement speed, he would be able to enhance it using equipments that Sheyan had obtained. The ‘Endless Vodka’ was one of the item that enhanced capabilities, if he successfully activated it then it would definitely be of some help. Regarding spirit, in this aspect, Sheyan decided to search for some equipments or elixirs to make up for it.

After deciding, Sheyan boldly used the remaining 3 free attribute points on his physique. In this case, even without his title, his physique would still reach 20 points (Including equipment). During a battle, once the ‘obsidian fossil anchor’ was in effect his physique would easily reach 30 points. Such an outstandingly high attribute would instill security in his heart.

After his increments confirmed, Sheyan also comprehended something huge. He looked at his ‘Recruit’ status, and decided to to search for any special purchasing privileges. After scrolling through the purchasing menu (nightmare realm), he was slightly amazed. Because on the ‘Honorary merchandise column’ of the menu, only two items were available.

“Honorary potassium selenoprotein injection dosage: Usable in any state, restore 100% of your maximum HP. Purchasing requirements: 3 achievement points, 3000 utility points.”

“Honorary ferrosilicon aquatic grass liquid extract: Usable in any state, restore 100% of your MP. Purchasing requirements: 3 achievement points, 3000 utility points.”

Undoubtedly, these two objects are used in extreme cases, its value was hard to assess. If used appropriately, it could instantly change the course of a battle. But Sheyan noticed, purchasing this item did not merely require utility points, but even had a price of the difficult to obtain achievement points. More importantly, to Sheyan, if he really paid up 3 achievement points for this sort of elixirs, then his status of being a ‘recruit’ would decline. At that time, he would lose the 10% upgrade of his personal interspatial space.

Upon reaching the ‘recruit’ status, Sheyan could exchange achievement points with others. But there would be great repercussions if he did so, thus he did not have plans to do that at the moment, and did not bother much about it.

Sheyan sighed and closed the purchasing menu, the taste of not being able to afford anything was bitter. But even though his time in the Caribbean sea world was filled with danger and risky encounters, he had gained quite a bit. The items he could afford to trade/sell to others were as follows:

Black pin (Grey): This key like object, after utilizing would display the loots of various witchcraft/magic. Using it had a 50% chance of appearing a lowest grade witchcraft/magic scroll, and 50% chance of obtaining other items.

Deep blue ability scroll: Voodoo cult basic witchcraft lvl 3.

Ancient gold pound: Precious object

That I-shape metal dissolution liquid mixture was bound to Sheyan’s soul, and this extremely strong item could be used on a silver storyline class weapon/equipment. Sheyan’s strongest weapon on hand was only a black class equipment, thus he could only hide it within his storage.

Presently, Sheyan was extremely exhausted, after returning from a nightmare world with ‘danger lurking everywhere’, his tensed mentality could finally relax, this was a normal reaction. He originally wanted to resist his fatigue and go for walk around the marketplace, however, he could no longer withstand and immediately collapsed into deep sleep. An exhausted person would instantly fall asleep once their head sinks into their pillow, but Sheyan fell asleep even before his head touched his pillow.

This sleep was so deep that there wasn’t even a single dream. Sheyan’s brain was like a computer that was left on for extended periods and was about to crash, when he had a chance to rest he immediately switched off. Sheyan woke up twice, one was to heat up water and the other time to drink the water. After an entire 24 hours he finally woke up. In the Caribbean sea world, Sheyan had to consistently scheme. Constantly planning ahead of Ammand, Chris, Scarface Harry etc, he certainly used a huge deal of effort. Under such rejuvenating sleep, he could finally gradually restore a large amount of his concentration.

After waking up, Sheyan felt rather vexed. Besides, this 20 hours of sleep could be used for extra training in the realm, and may even increase his basic abilities. But regretting at this point of time was useless, Sheyan hurriedly purchased food to fill his stomach and rushed into the marketplace of the nightmare realm.

The realm was encompassed by a mysterious faint reddish glow, and dispersed slightly fresh air. There was a multitude of people in the marketplace, some stalls were empty but had items/equipments floating with their valuations indicated above. That should be a consignment sale strategy. After raising his status, Sheyan could not engage in inspection of such tactics, finding out that this consignment sales was indeed convenient. But when establishing it, he had to pay up a lot of utility points and after any transaction there would be an individual tax of 20%. Unless it was necessary, very few people utilized this tactic of engaging in sales.

Strolling on the marketplace road, Sheyan already had certain clarity on what he wanted to trade, that was for utility points and potential points. No doubt, if he continued in his hermit behavior tactic, it would not be possible to find any suitable comrades in a short time and even face the risks without a party. Therefore after wrapping up a hurdle, it would be a mainstream phenomenon that the mission content exploration rate would be low. This meant that….. Regarding relevant rewards of potential and utility points for the mission content exploration rate, it would definitely be a persisting and worrying matter for Sheyan!

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