The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 71: Return

Chapter 71: Return

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Sheyan’s current situation wasn’t very encouraging, he not only met such a strong and meticulous opponent in ‘Zi’, but behind her was the powerful backing of a huge party! And he had even sparked a deep hatred because he foiled their plans. If it was any other contestant, then their hearts would certainly be filled with fear/regret/anxiety etc. Instead, Sheyan merely shrugged his shoulders, he was always a person who never shied from challenges and difficulties; so what if his enemy was overwhelming? This would only serve to fuel his fighting spirit!

Before he entered the realm, Sheyan was only an average male. He even had to run from the likes of a cruel underground society head, Huashan Fei! Sheyan’s power disparity between this mysterious group wouldn’t be as huge as the one with Huashan Fei previously! Even in that difficult situation, Sheyan didn’t have any trace of dread, why would he then cower when the timber had been turned into a boat (Chinese idiom – what’s done is done).

After waiting a few seconds, Sheyan carefully surveyed his surroundings; especially the pirates who were transforming because of the curse. The more he looked the more fearful he felt. Under the daylight, these pirates were like zombies, dragging their legs lifelessly wherever they went. Davy Jones silently sat on a chair, as though he had solidified into a stone, completely obviously to his surroundings. Of course, if the curse had thoroughly took effect in his body, then he would have completely lost his sovereign dignity and became an everlasting pirate on this ship.

A greedy idea suddenly formed in Sheyan’s head. “Isn’t it a fantastic opportunity to go for a fishing trip in the captain’s room now?” However this notion was immediately strangled aside by his intellect, how would such an obvious loophole be left for him? Ultimately even if he manages to loot it, those equipments would mostly be soul binded equipment. Or even worse those equipments may even have an additional tag of not being able to be brought out of this world.

The short 70 seconds sped by, because of the corroding effects of the curse, his innate ability ‘endurance’ was already barely visible. Just as Sheyan had decided to return to the nightmare realm, he suddenly noticed a rather old-fashioned diary nearby. His heart stirred as he immediately retrieved it. This old diary had been soaked by blood and brain matter, from its position, one could infer that it had dropped out from Morgan Fokke, a fourth generation youth of the Fokke family.

Stopping till here, Sheyan finally cleaned up all kinds of tangled and complicated thoughts related to these pirates. However, the state of the Fokke family, another critical influence and the owner of Tortuga castle, remained a mystery. Of course a majority of Sheyan’s brain energy had already been used up on scheming to deal with Ammand. Therefore, this diary should be enough to unlock most riddles in his heart.

Sheyan hurriedly wiped clean this diary, he then issued an order to the nightmare imprint.

“Return to the nightmare realm.”

“You still have remaining time left in this world, do you wish to return to the nightmare realm? Yes/ No?”

“You have completed the main mission: Gain prominence. Your current reputation amongst the pirates is: Respected (3113/6000)

“Your achievement value: +2”

“Sheyan did not dare to delay any longer, who knew what would happened once his innate ability ‘Endurance’ vanished. He instantly selected ‘yes’, his body started to fade as he prepared to return to the nightmare realm.

“Goodbye, Caribbean Sea world.” Sheyan sighed, he felt an indescribable exhaustion overwhelming him. That was the state of his mind after suddenly relaxing from a long period of mental tension. He squinted his eyes to sweep his environment, murmuring to himself.

“Look forward to it….. Next time, when I return.”

Black clouds floated across the sky, obstructing the scorching sun of the Caribbean sea. When the sun rays once again penetrated through the hole of the deck, the third officer of the Flying Dutchman had already dissipated into the thin air.

Having his previous experience of returning beforehand, Sheyan immediately shut his eyes. Awaiting for the extremely peculiar weightlessness to disappear before opening his eyes.

Presently, he had once again returned to the cosmos space environment. The background was pure darkness, the only source of light was the twinkling stars from a distance. Every time he saw this scenery, a revered sensation will emerge in his heart. Once his surroundings became thoroughly clear, the distant twinkling stars suddenly clashed together, forming into a gentle light beam, casting onto Sheyan’s body.

Instantly, Sheyan felt an unbearable pain over his entire body as though his flesh was being forcefully torn apart! The pain left as quickly as it came, and vanished after persisting for 5-6 seconds. Even if that was so, Sheyan had broken out in cold sweat, and was heavily panting.

His body was enshrouded inside the gentle light beam. The starlight seemed to transform into a layer of wall, its exterior carried an unexplainable black energy hovering about, and suddenly distorted into a human face! Naturally the curse inflicted from Davy Jones was being forced out by the realm.

That black air rapidly changed, and finally became nothingness. Finally the starlight gradually dispersed, and a 3D projection appeared in front of Sheyan. This first broadcast was the entire sequence of his activities during the Paragon fleet battle, following that was the scene of him killing Little Lord Fokke’s wife, Sally. Then the explosion of the Bell and Mug, and finally the rampant and untamed Blackbeard wildly laughing as he raised his mythical sword.

The realm subsequently displayed out the following report:

“Setting: Pirates of the Caribbean world”

“Difficulty: easy (D class)”

“Pain limitations: 50”

“Additional enhancement to individual capabilities: 0”

“Current setting exploration rate:15.33%”

“Acquired new titles: Intoxicated man, Pirate ringleader”

“Mission content exploration rate: 32%”

“Completed mission score: B, (Note: Lowest: E, highest perfect score: SSS)

“Mission completion score reward: Free attribute points: 3 points (According to 20% of the weightage of selected world)

“Mission content exploration rate/mission completion score reward: Utility points: 700 points (According to 20% of the weightage of selected world), unable to reach the threshold of receiving potential points.

“Character current remaining free attribute points: 3 points.”

“You can anytime allocate the free attribute points to increase your basic attributes (Strength/agility etc), use it to strengthen your capabilities.”

“Pointer: You survived from inheriting the ancient curse in the Caribbean world. Thus you receive an additional +1 effect for your explosive strength rate/evasion/accuracy.”

“Eh?” Sheyan looked at this line of report and suddenly felt somewhat unexpected. Renouncing the style of fighting with a party, he never expected himself to earn such generous rewards after overcoming this hurdle. In actual fact, the measly 32% of his mission content exploration rate, the reward of 700 utility points obviously indicated the dissatisfaction of the realm.

Based on Sheyan, relying on the clues and opportunities obtained in the world, if he could really have cooperated with Chris’s party;after engaging in personal interactions with the main lead, Jack Sparrow, he would have penetrated deeper into the storyline, and even uncovered and obtained numerous side missions, and accomplished them with the party’s strength. Regrettably, he placed his personal exploring focus on the Bell and Mug. To Sheyan, this was already his limits. But to a party, they would be unconfined and even could perform much better. Therefore the score of 32% mission content exploration rate, was certainly not injustice.

Following that if he had cooperated with ‘Zi’s party, then undoubtedly, her party’s mission would be able to be perfectly completed! It could even branch out more missions. The realm did not care about the difficulty of Sheyan joining forces with other contestant, it’s default judgement target was for all the contestants to unite together, and use their teamwork to achieve the maximum limit of their exploration rate.

Something noteworthy was that the nightmare realm actually gave Sheyan a mission completion score of B! Besides, it even rewarded him with a generous 3 points of free attribute points! Citing a simple example, it was like a student completing only one-third of the assignment for his teacher, but the quality of that one-third actually pleased the teacher exceedingly.

Sheyan immediately located the critical factor in his mind. That was undoubtedly that he personally influenced and changed the sequence of the main storyline in this world.

Killing of Sally, this storyline character which instigated the pirates of the Caribbean to revolt against Tortuga port.

Wrecking the Bell and Mug and changing Ammand’s destiny of originally being one of the seven pirate lords. Ammand could still become a pirate lord, but his success would have been delayed several years.

The storyline mission of the curse of Davy Jones was something Sheyan had been passively dragged into, but Sheyan had also influenced his destiny even by a minute extent. At least Davy Jones did not personally murder a blood kin of the Fokke family, thus he preserved half of his body.

Blackbeard had always been diligently searching for that mythical half of the sword. But Sheyan’s interference had at least reduced 10 years of searching!

Sheyan deeply inhaled, his eyes displaying a joyous look as he humbly nodded his head. If that was the case, then the emphasis should be placed in this when entering the next world. Undoubtedly, complying with the movie storyline to engage in battle would result in a lower difficulty. However, this would not add up to the requirements of the realm, and with this, the mission completion score would be inversely proportional to that. Since he was able to make an established aspect, then he had a direction to direct his efforts to in the future.

Concurrently, the nightmare imprint continued transmitting notifications.

“Calculating ‘insight’ ability usage…. You activated a total of 14 times of the ‘insight’ ability in this world! You incurred a debt of 1400 utility points.”

“Your current utility points is 3200 points, after deductions, your remaining utility points is 1800 points.”

“You acquired important mission object ‘Morgan Jones diary’ is unable to be brought out of this world. The next time you enter, it will automatically return to your imprint deposit (Interspatial space of the imprint).”

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