The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 70: Curse

Chapter 70: Curse

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Hearing the words of this female named Zi, that contestant became utterly flustered .

“F**k! This kid really pulled one on us, our original estimation of at least 70 completion rate plunged to only 51! We paid quite a huge price to hypnotize that stupid Morgan Fokke from the Fokke family, but in the end he only became resolute after seeing the Fokke family treasure chest on this ship. Furthermore, because of this mission we needed to remain in this ‘i’ difficulty stop after that naval battle concluded, we lost so many, and paid a really big price? If he has the balls, he better not land into my hands. This Davy Jones is extremely ruthless, that curse was already inevitable, yet he suddenly could land himself into his crew!”

Zi gently replied:

“The curse happening is originally a storyline in the movie, and not the reason for our decline in completion rate. After suffering from this curse, even though Davy Jones exerted great strength to suppress his impending death, but his entire ship and even the pirates got caught up in related curse of Davy Jones, and thus all turned into ghost existences. Besides the Flying Dutchman had even corroded into a ghost ship of the sea. They can cross between the living world and the nether world, and were responsible for receiving drowned souls into the nether world. Later on Davy Jones and the sea goddess Calypso fell in love, and after the two fell out, Davy Jones was cursed and utterly lost his human appearance. That is the sequel storyline. The reason our completion rate declined was probably because Morgan Fokke wasn’t killed personally by Davy Jones, but died at the hands of the octopus.”

Another contestant who seemed to have high prestige stood out saying:

“Whatever it is, we got what we wanted, our basic objective is met. I’m willing to use 30% of my dividends to compensate everyone in the party. Regarding the leader of our ‘i’ level difficulty mission, Bowen, he left a vacant spot after dying. We will appoint a new party leader based on our contribution degree. Hurry up and return now, once this pirates adapt into their new conditions, then it would be too late to leave!”

Apart from Zi, three other contestants also stood out to voice their opinions, and ultimately managed to calm the lower class contestant down. Once the internal strifes concluded, they became unanimous again and cast their gaze towards Sheyan. Currently their combat state had already finished, they each took turns to curse at Sheyan and vanished into thin air.

Sheyan stood inside the ship’s hold silently with a slight smile, he completely did not place much emphasis on their empty threats. He roughy already understood that he had personally provoked a strong power faction. That Bowen that he had finished off should have been the party leader of their ‘i’ difficulty mission. The remaining elite members probably participated in the ‘destruction of Paragon fleet’ history storyline to come aboard. They probably used some sort of mysterious tool, and thus was able to continue staying even after the history storyline completed. Therefore, they were able to accomplish the storyline mission of completing the curse of Davy Jones.

Before the lady ‘Zi’ left, she suddenly turned to Sheyan and gently spoke.

“You are quite a meticulous person, and your strength is not bad either. I sent 3 guys to kill you, but you managed to escape and even take one of them down! But don’t be too conceited, under this difficulty my abilities were suppressed. If not that force wall would have been enough to finish you. How about working for me? Of course…..if you can return from this place first.”

After speaking, she used a finger to cut down forming a line of faint glow. That line swiftly expanded into a glowing door, after Zi took a step in, the door lost its brilliance and did not leave any marks behind. But right before she left, she spun her head round and made one last eye contact with Sheyan.

This lady ‘Zi’ has eyes as deep as the ocean, it brimmed with charm strength, enchanting the hearts of people. But in that moment, her stare abruptly transformed into two incomparably sharp needles and pierced towards Sheyan’s eyes!

Such a sudden event, Sheyan had not time to react. He instantly heard a buzzing sound as he blacked out. He did not know how long he passed out, but he suddenly discovered that he already slumped to the ground. After he regained comprehension, he immediately felt an intense pain torturing his mind, but it gradually became better. Suddenly, he felt that his face was a little moist, using his fingers to feel he discovered below his eyes, nostrils and ear were overflowing with blood!

Sheyan panted for a while, before checking with his battle log. He then realized he had been attacked by a skill called ‘Force needle explosion’, not only did it cause immense damage, it resulted in an 8 second long dizziness effect. But this ability should not have been easily activated, if not this ‘Zi’ would have assurance in her battle capabilities before and he would have long ago tasted this ability instead of receiving it just before she left.

Suddenly, Sheyan thought of words Zi had left him with, his heart immediately shivered. This woman was intelligent and she had incredible powers, she was definitely the strongest out of all the contestants he had met. Her last words definitely held some meaning. But! His current position was still on the Flying Dutchman, and he was even the third officer. Although these pirates could not interact with sunlight, their powers were enhanced. Furthermore he had just helped Davy Jones, why would he be in grave danger?

“Wait, Wait!” Sheyan’s forehead suddenly broke out in cold sweat. “Third Officer, I am the third officer of the Flying Dutchman!!! Strictly speaking, this meant that I am similarly a crew member of the Flying Dutchman……similarly I would suffer the curse of Davy Jones! This curse was extremely potent, it doesn’t look fatal but was fiercely evil in its other effects. Even Davy Jones was unable to be exempted from this terrible fate!”

At this moment, Sheyan’s breathing grew deeper! He currently did not feel any abnormalities, but his heart could not contain an intense shadow welling up. He charged straight into a nearby cabin, and hurriedly pulled down a hanging mirror, as he looked at himself, a chill burst forth in his heart. He could see his own hair starting to form that ghostly ethereal effect, and it was slowly spreading downwards. Sheyan immediately communicated with the nightmare imprint to check on this personal condition, but he realized all his attributes remained the same. The only abnormality happened was on his innate ability: Endurance.

This ability gave off a feeling of great strength, looking at it gave one a feeling that their life force was surging up, but in reality was clearly weakened. It was as though something was corroding and weakening it, which was still in effect. If it persisted, the worst was that his innate ability would completely disappear! Seeing this scene unfolding, Sheyan had no time to think, his anxiety surged as he immediately requested the nightmare imprint to return to the nightmare realm. But he was notified that his combat mode had been induced due to the terrifying ‘Force explosion’, he still had an entire 70 seconds before combat state expires.

Under such circumstances, Sheyan deeply took in a few breaths and composed himself. Following that rate of decline, it was absolutely sufficient for his innate ability ‘Endurance’ to utterly vanish in that 70 seconds. His mind rapidly filtered several images, finally stopping at the scene of the semi ghostly pirates trying to charge out but instead their body starting smoking up under the sunlight. Sheyan’s heart stirred, he immediately drew out ‘Ambition’. The crow black gun barrel sprayed out a red-hot blaze in a flash, aiming towards the deck he released the trigger!

“Boom!” Wooden splinters burst out, as a hole emerged on the deck above. The glaring sunlight penetrated in, shining onto Sheyan’s body. Concurrently, Sheyan felt a searing pain over his entire body, he gritted his teeth and tolerated for 10 seconds and finally felt a comfortably warm sensation. It was like standing under a warm shower, his head faintly released green smoke, but no longer felt any form of pain anymore.

Sheyan once again inspected his status attributes, he then realized the rate of decline for innate ability ‘Endurance’ had decreased, there was no more worries lasting beyond 70 seconds. Looks like sunlight was indeed detrimental to the curse. Apart from that, it looks like this innate ability ‘Endurance’ wasn’t so simple! Even Davy Jones couldn’t resist this horrifying curse but he could straightforwardly withstand it.

“Hu…..” Sheyan stood underneath the sunlight and exhaled a long breath, he then started to reflect on the powerful party he just encountered. Undoubtedly, that mysterious lady ‘Zi’ was nucleus of the party. Based on her individual display of abilities, that ‘colliding force wall’ could be said as a combination of attack and defence, while the ‘explosive force needle’ was a incomparably strong controlling ability. Since that’s the case, if it was said that her richly penetrating mysterious eye powers didn’t have any hypnotizing ability, Sheyan would never believe it.

Davy Jones had already proclaimed himself as a formidable force in the seas, his infamous name could even cause little kids to weep. No matter how valiant or impulsive that unlucky child Morgan Fokke was, he would have understood the power gap between him and the frightening Davy Jones. Under such circumstances, he actually dared to conceal himself and boldly take a shot at Davy Jones’s back! If someone wasn’t controlling things from behind the scenes, then that would surely be strange!

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