The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 69: Tie

Chapter 69:Tie

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:I and Elkassar

In this chaotic moment, Octopus Paul’s tentacles replicated the fingers of a small child, carelessly and even slightly negligent, but a child only handled glass marbles.

Yet this chief octopus is faced with….. A lead bullet travelling at 543 metres/second!

Octopus guarded its owner!

It suddenly struck out horizontally.

“Pa!” Sheyan couldn’t even see it clearly, he only witnessed the Fokke family youth flying up, a great force impacted against his head pushing it backwards. After cushioning the incoming lead bullet with its tentacles, it returned in with ten times the speed. It struck against his nose bridge, and penetrated into his skull with great kinetic force, leaving a blooming black hole behind it. When the bullet pierced into his brain, it ravaged the innards completely and without stopping forced its way out from the back of his head, causing a bowl sized black hole at the back. Blood and brain substance burst out, emitting a terrible odour in its wake!

In that instance, even Davy Jones’s face leaked out an indescribable horror. Normally, his appearance would be usually filled with wild laughter and insanity, it was hard to even associate fear with his face. As Sheyan gasped for air, he noticed a line of notifications.

“Based on your perceptive sensing, you have acquired the following battle report.”

“Warning: Your perceptive sensing is suppressed by contestant no. 4421, a huge amount of your battle report has also been obtained by him!”

“Contestant no.4421 activated ability: Colliding force wall.”

“You have been struck directly by the colliding force wall, receiving 110 force damage. After deducting physique defence total damage sustained: 93 points.

“Colliding force wall supplementary effects judgement…..your spirit is 4 points, exemption of judgement failed.”

“You have been blown 7 metres away, if you suffer any collision in midair, you will receive a second time of additional damage.”

“You suffered from collision, receiving 60 points of physical damage. After deducting physique defence, damage is 49 points. Innate ability ‘Endurance’ activated, you total damage received is 25 points.”

“Force……damage?” Thousands of thoughts swirled in Sheyan’s mind. He immediately connected this ability origin should be undoubtedly ‘the force’ which was the core concept of the ‘Star Wars’ series, it was also hailed as a spirit energy. The force is formless, natural and contained mysterious strength, it was an energy innate in all life forms! If one were to carefully segregate, force could be split into 4 classes: Light side, dark side, unifying force and living force.

Obviously, this contestant no.4421 has already grasped this spirit energy, but it should be a basic type and wasn’t of an expert class. Although that was so, the terrifying energy already heavily inflicted harm onto Sheyan! If this contestant was alone, Sheyan may still attempt to challenge her. Unfortunately she was part of a party, and this person was probably a core member…..

Currently, Sheyan noticed the group of contestants. Some of them were looking at the miserable corpse, and some towards the faraway Davy Jones. Some of them were raging, but most of them had a blank and confused look! Under this freezing atmosphere, a large mechanical robotic sound boomed.

“Storyline main mission: The curse of Davy Jones, completed.”

“Fokke family fourth generation descendant ‘Morgan Fokke’ has been killed by Davy Jones’s pet sea monster.”

“Storyline main mission completion rate: 51.”

Following this booming voice, the entire Flying Dutchman shook, as though it was in a raging hurricane. Every pirate started to grab their heads and screamed, only Davy Jones lifelessly stood still. That magical pocket-sized fishbowl suddenly shattered, its glass and water drenched his body. Octopus Paul fell out and starting inflating at an astounding speed. Its eight tentacles spasmed and continually grew, and then it climbed up of the hold and jumped onto the deck, finally leaping into the ocean. It then transformed into an enormous ash-grey monster, its 40 over inch long tentacles defied the heavens as it jerked while pointing to the sky, its bowl sized suckings squirmed incessantly and it finally submerged into the sea!

Witnessing this scene, Sheyan finally understood the entire sequel of the Davy Jones who was acclaimed as a demonic sea creature.

Suddenly, Davy Jones similar clutched his head and let out an agonizing shriek! His shriek resonated out loudly, harming everyone in a 1 kilometre radius. Around the place was a huge mess as though a 12 grade hurricane had struck that area. Clearly seen, his head had started to turn irregular, a faint light blue transparent feeling enveloped it, starting from his head and swiftly spreaded out! Finally Davy Jones’s appearance looked extremely evil, his left side of his body remained human, but his right side was covered by a light blue transformation!

If one could see the right side of Davy Jones, they would describe him with one word.


An eerie sensation filled the entire Flying Dutchman, as though plunging the temperature by ten degrees! Following that, all the pirates started roaring fanatically, their bodies also emitted out that ghastly abnormality. Those contestant had already congregated, and sprinting with their full might towards the deck. These metamorphosing pirates obviously wouldn’t give up, and pursued them to the deck. Presently the sun was scorching, and when the pirates entered into the sunlight, the half of their body transforming suddenly emitted green smoke, causing them to release an agonizing scream as they retreated back into the ship’s hold.

Looking at this scene, a phrase suddenly formed in Sheyan’s mind.

“I swear on my soul and blood, collaborating together from tomorrow, even our offsprings will live in peace for many generations. Anyone violating this would have their blood vessels boil, breathing ceased, their flesh will decay under the scorching sun, and the breath of the earth will shackle their footsteps.”

He sighed deeply, originally thinking that he could prevent this thing from happening, but ultimately letting that bunch succeed. Sheyan previously obtained a floating ‘message in a bottle’ from a side mission, the bottle contained a heavily smudged parchment. The contents indicated a sincere oath and a sinister curse, finally it was signed by Bernard Fokke and Cooper Jones.

Bernard Fokke was obviously the founder of Tortuga castle, but Sheyan had not been able to find any clues tracing back to Cooper Jones. Sheyan roughly guessed that it could be related to Davy Jones, since Cooper Jones and Davy Jones shared the same surname. But if he naively linked this two people together based on that, that would be the same as thinking that Li Ka-Shing (Hong Kong businessmen) and Li Jia Xin (Hong Kong actress) had blood relations. He initially planned to slowly substantiate his suspicions in this world, which was one of the reason that he gifted the entire treasures of Tortuga castle over to Davy Jones. He never expected this party of contestant would be a step ahead, and quickly exploited this suspicions, reaping the biggest profits.

Both sides sunk into a deadlock situation. But Sheyan knew, these contestants had been pulled into combat mode due to Davy Jones’s earlier antagonizing shriek. They currently had to wait out their combat mode, and hurriedly return to the nightmare realm. When the contestants were basking in the scorching sunlight, they discovered that these pirates were afraid of charging up. The heaved a sigh of relief, and some even started arguing. The arguments gradually escalated, as though there was a internal distribution conflict.

At this time, a contestant roughly pushed aside his fellow comrade, standing out and pointed towards the ship hold as he furiously yelled.

“Contestant no.1018, your skull will surely be added to the top of my blacklist!

His yell carried a intimidating dizziness. Even though they were far apart, Sheyan felt his heart boil but he only laughed out.

“Hearing that, I am honored and am greatly gratified.”

That contestant’s expression was marvelous, he completely did not expect such an answer. He could only furiously scold out a few profanities.

“Do you not understand why he replied in that manner?”

This contestant’s voice was calm, it actually belonged to a woman! However, her prestige was extremely elevated in the party. The other contestant’s actions seemed extremely crude, but in her face he did not dare to be arrogant. Constraining himself he fumingly bellowed.

“Zi….. I absolutely must kill him?

Zi glanced at the ship’s hold, her eyes contained a piercing and threatening charm.

“That contestant no.1018 obviously wanted to prevent Davy Jones from walking into our trap, but he ultimately failed. Therefore his heart would obviously be dejected. But you suddenly yelled out wanting to kill him, this undoubtedly exposed that his actions had cost us greatly….. Therefore, he would naturally feel gratified!”

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