The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 63: Octopus Paul, roulette gambling

Chapter 63: Octopus Paul, roulette gambling

Translated by : Chua

Edited by:I and Elkassar

After the magical sword consumed enough rays, Blackbeard stood up and headed out. Because Davy Jones had not permitted him, the five vicious, chilling elite pirates by the side immediately stepped forward. With an ugly look, they obstructed Blackbeard. Who knew Blackbeard actually clutched onto that sword at that moment.

That was the silver sword that had finally found its scabbard after decades!!

The sword was unsheathed! “Shing!”, it was pulled out halfway, the bright edge of the sword illuminated out strongly, a scorching blaze brilliantly dazzled into the crowd’s pupils! When everyone regained their sight, all they could see was a thick rope used to tie the sails, surging towards them like a coiling serpent. It then binded over the the five elite pirates with unimaginable speed, coiling around their bodies for a few rounds and then tightened! It swiftly tangled up these fiendish pirates together!

Following that, Blackbeard’s hoarse laughter bellowed in from outside. That laughter sounded like a kitchen knife scraping against a pot, it was extremely unbearable. He then marched away with gigantic steps, and after 5-6 steps he disappeared. Davy Jones sat down on the stool emotionlessly and pondered. After a few minutes, that hawser loosened by itself, as it plop to the ground beside those elite pirates. They had a hard to believe look on their faces, and when they saw that Davy Jones took no notice of them, they retreated out of the room.

Davy Jones sweeped across the few items on the tables with his eyes, he then exclaimed in satisfaction along with his roaring laughter.

“Blackbeard this fool! Invincible in close combat? Yes, looks like that magical sword is really able to control the ropes on the ship, but so what? With these things, I can install 20 more cannons on my old mate (Referring to the Flying Dutchman), his lousy ship might as well feed the sharks from 10 miles away!”

Sheyan solemnly remained silent, because now wasn’t a suitable time to speak. Davy Jones tapped his bent fingers against the table, he then muttered out:

“Today your contribution isn’t small, I have always been impartial and rewarding. Generous Jones is not a nickname I was randomly given.”

Saying, Davy Jones once again tapped against the table. The wall behind him suddenly toppled down, revealing a display amidst the penetrating sun rays. Although Sheyan was already mentally prepared, but his rejoicing heart still thumped intensely!

What emerged was all of Davy Jones’s precious collections!

Although Sheyan was completely unable to verify their attributes, a layer of fuzzy haze covered over these collectables. He could only see the rough shapes, however, from the glow of those objects, every one of its kind was not an average trash. There should be at least quite a number of silver class equipments! Even the remainder items had deep black rays coiling around it. At the deepest corner, a few objects even flickered with glamourous bits of gold!

Sheyan took in a deep breath, he then heard Davy Jones proudly proclaiming:

“Welcome to the generous, Paul’s spinning roulette!”

Consecutively, Davy Jones propped up his pocket-size fish bowl, the octopus inside looked extremely excited, its hands wildly waving about obviously communicating to its owner’s intention. Davy Jones placed the fish bowl down, pointing towards his treasure-trove with full interest.

“The game’s regulations are simple, Paul will retrieve your deserving reward out. Before that, you have 3 minutes to influence its mood, but you cannot cause any form of harm to it. And I will obviously not use any methods to hint at what it should or should not take.”

Such a renowned character like Davy Jones would certainly live up to its promise, therefore, Sheyan could eliminate the concerns of external influences. This was what he was awarded, with was hinged upon Davy Jones’s pet octopus, Paul! His mind flashed with ideas on how to curry the favour of this octopus…… if he didn’t remember wrongly, before Davy Jones incurred the curse and turned into a sea monster, this octopus called Paul could metamorphosed into a gigantic sea beast. It would sweep everything in its path, there were absolutely no ships that could defend against it.

Sheyan suddenly recalled something, looks like this Paul’s spinning roulette was a particular addiction of Davy Jones, he regularly rewarded his subordinates with this. Regarding Davy Jones’s personality and character, he naturally would not lie and cheat. Furthermore, the pirates on the ship completely understood Paul’s preferences!

This he could conclude: If making this octopus delighted they could reap great rewards, Davy Jone’s treasure-trove should have long been emptied. Also, there were still people who were able to think reversely and conclude: Since happiness is not an option, they would certainly try to enrage this poor Paul. Looking at the abundant nature of this treasure-trove, inevitably this path would also go nowhere.

A person’s five senses are classified into ‘joy, rage, worry, curiosity, fear.’ To this octopus, joy should most likely be food, rage should be when it interacted with a same species of when it is attacked. Regarding worry, there are few who would have been able to instigate that. Fear would require the usage of force or threat which underneath Davy Jones’s watchful eyes, was an impossibility.

Therefore, Sheyan wanted to try the only other uncommon approach: That was to trigger octopus Paul’s ‘curiosity’ or ‘pondering’ emotion! There was no need to doubt if Paul was able to replicate such an emotion, even an ordinary octopus has an extremely high intellect. It is said that it was the level of a 5-6 year old kid. They could even pull open the cork of a bottle to eat the little fishes inside, and could accurately forecast the results of the World Cup. What more that this was Davy Jones’s beloved pet Paul? Its thought process should not differ greatly compared to humans.

However, this creature had already followed Davy Jones for a long time, it could be said to be vastly experienced, It would certainly not take notice of any ordinary objects. Furthermore, an octopus would not be curious of every other thing, just like how an average person would take no interest towards an object that had an awful stench.

If that was the case, an object appeared in Sheyan’s mind! If it was that thing, he had great confidence in inciting the curious nature of the octopus Paul. However, if there was a mistake in his speculation, then the resulting consequences would be immense. At his time, it looked like the 3 minutes timeframe was about to expire, and the octopus Paul had started to lazily try to climb out of the fish bowl. Sheyan gritted his teeth, he then took off his equipped weapon ‘cobalt steel exoskeleton armour’ down, and held it tightly in his hand. This was a manufactured weapon that only existed in the machinery civilization a millennium later. No matter how broad Davy Jones’s experience was, it was completely impossible to let Paul witness this before!

This equipment originally had a camouflaging ability, after Sheyan cancelled it, its metallic brilliance dazzled brightly underneath the sun rays! Its strange appearance of copying the human skeleton structure had also gathered the attention of Davy Jones. The octopus Paul upon viewing it started to hoist its arms and climbed out. Astonishingly, it transformed into a huge monster, it had the dimension of the table and its tentacles were as thick as the bowl diameter!

Paul used his tentacle to roll around the object, it looked extreme curious, incessantly thinking of snatching away this object in Sheyan’s hand. Sheyan grinned as he firmly held on, he pointed at Davy Jones’s treasure-trove.


Paul tugged a few more times, after that he really understood Sheyan’s words and swiftly climbed into Davy Jones’s treasure trove. The moment it entered, Sheyan carefully noticed that a light blue layer glowed against its body when it passed, it was like it bypassed a wall. Obviously this treasure trove was suddenly not without harmful fortification. After Paul climbed in, it started toying about with its tentacles, searching endlessly. Presently, not only Sheyan was anxiously perspiring, even Davy Jones had a certain unconcealed nervousness in his expression. Obviously, the situation had developed beyond this astute person’s control!

Looking at octopus Paul wriggling about in the treasure trove, it actually coiled its tentacles around an object that was glittering gold. Sheyan felt like his heart was raised to his throat! He already made a decision, anyway he wasn’t in a combat state, once brother Paul exchanged that object with him, he would immediately return to the nightmare realm! Regrettably, Paul put down that object, finally sweeping with its tentacle, it coiled around another strip shape glowing black object and started to crawl out. He was crawling with great resolution, it probably wouldn’t change its mind.

Observing octopus Paul crawling out to him with that strip shape object, Sheyan felt a sense of unwillingness in his heart. Actually, exchanging his own blue class object for another black equipment, he should already be contented and it was less likely to offend Davy Jones. Thus he sighed in his heart and loosen his grip, allowing octopus Paul to snatch away this cobalt steel exoskeleton armour. This octopus was trustworthy, it also loosen the grip of its tentacle on that black figure. Thriving with excitement, it started to toy around with the glimmering cobalt steel exoskeleton armour.

After Sheyan’s fingers came in touch with that strip like black equipment, its enshrouding glow faded away. Emerging in Sheyan’s eyes, stunningly this weapon was exceedingly familiar!

A personally owned equipment of the 16th century, a single round musket!

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