The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 62: Enormous danger

Chapter 62:Enormous danger

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Voodoo cult originated within the interior of a religion, it generally possessed an intention to worship its origins. They view the woman’s lower part as the gateway of humanity (In actual fact, it is), therefore, they created this female reproductive organ kind of artifact. This object within the voodoo cult had a reputation akin to the ‘Jin Gu Bang (Golden cudgel wielded by Sun Wu Kong in Journey to the west). Its status was unimaginable. Rumour has it that after constructing a voodoo doll and placing this voodoo doll into that object for a period of time, after retrieving it, the success rate of that voodoo doll will climb to 100%. Further explaining, if one didn’t use this object, even a superior voodoo sorcerer’s crafted voodoo doll had only a 40% chance of success.

Blackbeard’s second item was a mini pottery-like bottle. Inside contained the most important raw material needed to create an undying or decaying undead, it was called Sanji Dada, which was unusually processed into powder with blowfish venom and toad poison. To fill up this mini bottle, Blackbeard had to collect for 10 years. It was extremely precious.

Evaluating these two items, Davy Jones looked rather pleased. Following that, someone brought news of an additional 10 brand new cannons along with 5 full chests of gold coins. It was unclear what methods Blackbeard used to communicate with his underlings. Finally Davy Jones, with a trickle of unwillingness, glanced again at this worned out scabbard, he then laughed and tossed it over.

Blackbeard caught it with one hand! An excitement inevitably covered his face, because when the sword and the scabbard approached each other, the two objects would glow brightly. This sort of brightness gave one the feeling that the two belonged together, it mixed like a river and the sea, and even gave off a moisten sensation! Until now, even a fool would be able to link the deep connection between the two objects. Even the cold and sinister looking Blackbeard, such a cunning and astute person, could not control himself from leaking out a repulsive grin.

Blackbeard stood firmly as he raised the silver sword and the black scabbard that he paid a high price for. He then suddenly thrusted the sword into the scabbard! Suddenly! !….

(ED: “He thrusted the sword in the scabbard”. Sorry couldn’t help it)

Nothing happened.

Blackbeard’s twin eyes swelled up like a toad! This sort of expression forming on this vicious and sinister legendary captain, could only be described as comical. What was strange is that when he loosen his grip, his own silver sword was actually catapulted out of the scabbard! It landed on the floor with a clank.

The nearby Davy Jones burst out in wild unrestrained laughter, he laughed so hard till he clutched his stomach and his tears started flowing. Following the roaring laughter, the door was kicked open and five pirates rushed in with the wind! These 5 pirates were all cripples, some had a iron hook at where their right hand was supposed to be while others had a false leg on their left. But Sheyan could feel a fiendish aura blowing in like a hurricane, it was as though it filled up the entire captain’s room!

Obviously Davy Jones had understood this scenario, he was afraid Blackbeard would start a rampage due to his furious humiliation. Hence he immediately, called several ‘Golden warriors’ and ‘flowered truncheons’ to suppress the situation. Sheyan witnessed their frightening strength, he had a scary feeling that one could even rival Scarface Harry!

Sheyan secretly gasped in his heart. The three legendary ships were indeed deserving of their reputation. Personally, with his combat capabilities he could be the crew head on the Bell and Mug. But once he joined this legendary pirate crew, his individual skills could perhaps not even match up with a lowly crew member. If not because he garnered a certain reputation for his navigational techniques as well as managerial skills, then he would really not be able to achieve his status and position now.

Blackbeard started trembling from head to toe. This was not merely because his decade long hope was dashed, but also because he wasted blood and effort. What angered him further was that he was presently on another person’s territory, he had been exploited fully by Davy Jones, he could not even vent out! Blackbeard’s venomous glare ultimately rested on Sheyan, Sheyan’s chest suddenly tightened. Davy Jones wasn’t afraid of Blackbeard, but this didn’t mean that he himself would not be afraid! Blackbead was always a proficient black magician in the Caribbean sea, his entire crew was even driven by undeads. Faced with such a dead glare by that old fox, Sheyan felt a strong pessimism for his future.

Apart from this, Sheyan originally wanted to bring out another critical but relevant matter to exchange for a good price, but he could not care much now. What if Blackbead suddenly revolted and placed a dead voodoo curse on him, wouldn’t that be disastrous? At the juncture of this hostility, Sheyan inhaled deeply and stood in front of Blackbeard. He sincerely pleaded.

“I know the root of this problem.”

In view of Sheyan’s former outstanding performance, it was much easier for him to speak up now. Blackbeard’s dark expression became lighter, he even felt a little joyous in his heart. It was like a drowning person managing to grab onto a grass, but he persisted with an icy-cold expression.


Sheyan inhaled and continued.

“Previously I faintly overheard Ammand raising a point about his sword that it was passed down from his ancestors. Looking at it now, the actual power of Ammand’s sword is actually not very strong, it only relied on sucking it a little spirit energy from the scabbard to reach its potential. Ammand probably used this pretext to cover the mythical nature of the scabbard. Under normal circumstances, who would know that this brilliant resplendent sword is actually an empty shell. Its real strength resides in this tattered and worn out scabbard!”

Blackbeard’s eyes flickered, as though he had caught onto something. Sheyan continued speaking.

“However, if with this layer of concealment, Ammand seemed to remain paranoid. Therefore, I could feel that Ammand had established a strange relationship with this weapon! This relationship…. I am unable to understand. Based on how the east would say, a person’s soul is split into 7 parts. Highly likely, Ammand or even his ancestor may have a part of his soul sealed up within this weapon. Therefore, apart from him, nobody else can activate the weapon. What I am saying, your greatness are you able to accept? Perhaps this is the real reason why the sword and the scabbard are unable to reunite.”

Blackbeard nodded his head, his eyes suddenly emitted a relaxed glow.

“I understand.”

Sheyan suddenly formed malicious intent in his heart, he spoke with an emotionless look.

“Actually to eliminate the special soul binding effect on this weapon is fairly simple, you only need to slay the owner of this soul imprint.”

Between the lines, he was actually pointing towards Ammand. This was actually called using words like daggers to commit murder! And wasn’t corrupted with a single drop of blood. A treacherous look formed in Blackbeard’s eyes, his lips curled into a fake smile.

“There is no need for such troubles.”

He reached out his hand for the sabre hilt at his waist, without making any further moves, his whole body started vibrating. That vibration was relatively peculiar, it was like he was having cold tremors from head to toe. On the contrary, Davy Jones’s expression turned heavy. Not long later a pirate came in with a report, saying that the opposite ship sent over a man, and he wanted to come in here.

Blackbeard glanced at Davy Jones, he then waved his hand to gesture him in. The pirate that walked in was half naked, his eyes blank and his expression dull. Only when he saw Blackbeard did he regained some vitality. Blackbeard allowed this pirate to walk to him, he then thrusted his hand in! Piercing deep into his chest.

Only at this moment did life come back to this pirate, not agony but gratitude. Blackbeard did not even cast one look at him, he twisted his hands and horrifyingly dug out the heart of that pirate, and it was still dripping with blood. A thick and strong blood stench filled the air. Blackbeard held the heart within his hands, he then wiped this disgusting mutilated mess against that scabbard like it was a piece of cloth!

The scabbard shone with a faint blood red glow, and the dripping fresh blood of the heart was mixed with a faint greyish colour. Concurrently, a barely audible mournful and desperate shriek could be heard in the atmosphere. Blackbeard’s lips curled into a cold smile, his actions were merciless. Once he wiped the scabbard completely with the heart, it had already turned grey and wrinkled, just like a real torn rag.

Blackbeard flicked his hand and flung away the heart. He then once again tried to thrust the sword into the scabbard!

This time, he succeeded!

At that instance where he thrusted the silver sword into the scabbard, every single ray of light within the room felt like it sank in! Swallowed thoroughly by that sword. It was like they had been separated for a long time, and because of this sudden chance encounter it created a greedy and thirsty black hole, diligently and not slacking as it sucked in everything.

Fortunately, this scenario did not persist for long. Because with one wave from the sunken faced Davy Jones, the cabin wall facing the sun suddenly automatically opened up. Underneath the scattering dust, the scorching heat rays of the Caribbean sea penetrated in, coincidentally shining onto that sword. It seemed like there was a compatible property inside the sun rays as in a flash, it refracted and warped itself, rapidly congregating into the middle of the sword. In a few seconds, the concentration of rays finally saturated and once again resumed its original state.

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