The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 64: Black Ambition!

Chapter 64: Black Ambition!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:I and Elkassar

In the current era this sort of musket weapon was extremely primitive, after discharging a round, the reloading process was an excruciating long and inefficient one.

More crucially, this model of musket, was actually rather similar to that lethal weapon used by Little Lord Fokke when killing! It had a crow black gun barrel, and excessively unique design. Momentarily, Sheyan even suspected that this musket was stolen from the hands of Little Lord Fokke.

Sheyan exerted great force in gripping the handle, it was made with pine wood. Its pine resin combined with human sweat produced a glossy starch which allowed a comfortable but firm grip. The attributes of this weapon one by one surfaced from the nightmare imprint.

Ambition (Trigger style flintlock gun)

(TN: Flintlock guns are old fashioned guns that trigger from the spark of a flint)

Origin: Navarre

Equipment rarity: Black

Damage power 50 – 140

Material: Pine wood, iron

Additional equipment installations: Wooden butt(of the gun), strap

Optimal range (Able to display its maximum damage of 140): 10 metres.

Effective range (Able to deal some damage to enemies): 30 metres.

Weight: 4.2 kg

Gun length: 350 millimetres

Magazine capacity (1 round)

Reloading interval (1 minute)

Equipment requirements: Strength 10 points, physique 15 points

Unlimited ammunition

Perceptive sensing + 2

Agility + 2

Active ability: Rum and songs. Once the bullet encounters rum….. The curtains will unfold an enemy’s tragedy.

After activating the ability, the next attack from this weapon is an inevitable hit and will cause dizziness to the enemy, duration last for 3 seconds. If the enemy’s life points fall below 30%, then it will cause 200% (twofolds) explosive damage. Activating rum and songs consumes nothing, it’s cool down time is 600 seconds. Rum and Songs resulting dizziness takes precedence, furthermore, the dizziness duration is unable to be broken within 2 seconds.

Musket category passive effect: Ready. During non-combat state, explosive damage rate will increase overtime for the next attack of the musket. Every minute raises 1% of explosive rate, maximum is 50%. An explosive damage with the influence of ‘Ready’, would cause the 200% (Twofold) bonus to raise to 250%.

Pointer: After firing, the additional explosive rate disappears, the counter will reset to zero.

Pointer: After activating ‘Rum and Songs’, an attack would not trigger ‘Ready’ effects.

Handgun category additional effects: Fire precision + 10%, shooting distance + 10%

Equipment battle score: 19

Mini engravings on the gun: This gun has always thirsted for its brother.

Sheyan scrutinized this weapon, his breathing heavy, previously at the market he had already read a few reports. Regarding high class firearms type weapons, unlimited ammunition was a relatively rare characteristic, furthermore doesn’t this weapon also possesses an incomparably strong active ability? Although he had given up his demonic boxing glove from the Terminator world, he gained an incredible weapon with tremendous explosive powers. He was already lacking in creation of explosive strength, thus this weapon came at a great time!

Davy Jones was filled was amazement and a little heartache when he saw Sheyan winning that weapon, he probably lost his mood for chatting and gestured Sheyan to leave the room. Sheyan already benefitted greatly and had no intentions to continue staying here, he darted out of the room like an arrow. When he composed himself and carefully evaluated, he realized something. This black weapon ‘Ambition’ in fact really had the same design as the one Little Lord Fokke was using, was this a coincidence, or…. A fact?

Personally spectating the two immense heads, Blackbeard and Davy Jones clashing with each other, Sheyan’s emotions were turbulent. Furthermore, he just obtained a deadly lethal black type weapon, thus his emotions relaxed a little. Needless to say, Sheyan was also a young man, it was only that his thoughts were darker and he could keep himself more composed than others, but that didn’t mean he was free from mistakes forever.

For example, Sheyan committed a grave mistake right at this moment.

When he walked out of the captain’s room, he failed to notice most of the pirates had congregated at the side of the ship. This side was the one facing the other legendary pirate ship ‘Queen Anne’s Revenge’. In his mind, he was still reflecting on the ins and outs of his new weapon, and scheming on future arrangements, hence he was oblivious to the series of events. He panted heavily as he strolled down the stairs to and walked towards the second floor pathway.

Suddenly, Sheyan felt a chill in his heart! Although he was missing the all around attribute addition of 1 from the cobalt steel exoskeleton, his agility and perceptive sensing had been risen to 10 points and 14 points respectively, this was relatively valiant. Sheyan instantly turned around and to his surprise, he saw a person dressed as a pirate, and in his hands was a weapon not of this era!

An ‘UZI’ Submachine gun!

When this type of weapon appeared in the Terminator world, it sacrificed precision in exchange for rapid firing rate. But the gap between that pirate and Sheyan was only 6-7 metres, its precision was definitely out of the question! Undoubtedly, similar to Sheyan he was a contestant!

Firing tongues lashed out from the Uzi submachine gun, averaging 1500 rounds/minute as the bullets sprayed out like a torrential storm! This was a long and narrow pathway, at the moment when the gun directed towards him, Sheyan’s best option was to bang into the cabin door on his right. In this way, he not only could take cover from a huge portion of incoming bullets, he could also evade any follow up attacks from the enemy. Just when Sheyan was preparing to crash to the right using evading techniques that he learnt, he suddenly thought of something…..

That was, “what if I was the one arranging this assault, what would I do?”

If that’s the case, Sheyan gave up on his notion to take cover, utilizing his hands to cover his face, he straightforwardly planked forward like an ordinary wooden stake. Dozens of glowing bullets streaked past his body. A few caused his body to bloom blood flowers, and in a flash it drenched his clothes in blood. Right at that instance, Sheyan suddenly stretched out his arms and pressed onto the floor ahead, simultaneously bending his right leg, he exerted strength! Sprinting forward like a short distance athlete!

Sheyan’s current agility had already reached 10 points, even though it may not be very fast, it was enough to grant him the advantage in ability. The distance between his aggressor wasn’t far, a 6-7 metre gap was translated to 1-2 seconds. More importantly, the uzi submachine gun’s rate of fire could reach 1500 rounds/minute, but that was merely theory! This figure’s greatest limitation was from its loading capacity. In actual fact, even a modified uzi submachine gun would have a maximum capacity of 50 rounds, any more would sacrifice its other respective functions.

No doubt this contestant that assaulted Sheyan wasn’t any weakling, but he didn’t expect Sheyan to face his bullets head on and instead counterattacked! He hesitated a little, and immediately leapt backwards! At the same time raising up the uzi submachine gun in his right hand, one could clearly see the magazine of the gun automatically sliding out, and his left hand was already holding onto another fully loaded magazine. He simply pressed it in! The entire process did not even take 1 second. The contestant’s explosive strength was great, his backwards leap covered a big distance. Thus, even with Sheyan charging forward, he was unable to seize the small window where he needed to reload!

That contestant glanced towards the frantically charging Sheyan, his expression displayed a ridicule look. He held tightly onto the uzi submachine gun as it glowed with a light yellowish layer, obviously activated some kind of ability! Afterward, this firearm’s bullets sprayed out in frenzied torrents. “Chi chi chi chi” Most of it headed directly for Sheyan’s body!

Amidst the splashing blood, Sheyan did not respond in a way that the contestant expected him to from his attack. He remained like an injured wild beast as it rushed forward, silently and heavily knocking against his abdomen! The contestant’s face turned green, as he clutched his stomach and bent his waist, vomiting out from his mouth. Sheyan raised both his hands arms high and smashed down with his elbows, heavily pounding down on the back of his head.

This attack was incredibly savage, the contestant’s eyes turned blank and he weakly collapsed. Regarding this sort of firearms type contestant, their agility and perceptive sensing are high, but their physique and strength pales in comparison. Right now, Sheyan’s strength had already reach a high of 14 points, even though he had lost the threat of the cobalt steel exoskeleton, his raw power was adequate! Those few ferocious strikes weren’t enough to take this life, but was essential in causing him to temporarily lose his battle capabilities.

The nightmare imprint then transmitted a notification of a list of battle log.

“Based on your perceptive sensing, you have received the following battle report.”

“You have been hit by the enemy’s 9mm parabellum pistol bullet, resulting in 32 points of damage. Subtracting your base defence from your physique, total damage reduced to 24 points. Activating Innate ability: Endurance, attack failed! Resultant total damage is 1 point! Your accessory, Obsidian fossil anchor’s passive ability: ‘Bravery in oppression’ activated, your physique temporarily increases by 2 points, duration of 300 seconds, effect can be stacked up to five times.”

“You have been hit by the enemy’s 9mm parabellum pistol bullet, resulting in 31 points of damage. Minusing your base defence from your physique, total damage reduced to 24 points. Activating Innate ability: Endurance, attack failed! Resultant total damage is 1 point! Your accessory, Obsidian fossil anchor’s passive ability: ‘Bravery in oppression’ activated, your physique temporarily increases by 2 points, duration of 300 seconds, effect can be stacked up to five times.”

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