The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 59: Establishing oneself

Chapter 59: Establishing oneself

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

After Sheyan confirmed his thought process, another conclusion instantly formed in his mind. That was between Davy Jones and the Fokke family, there was probably some sort of complicated relationship! The truth that Fokke family being strong in appearance but weak in reality was a matter of life and death for the family heritage. This sort of secret, unless it was between a father and son like relationship, it would never have been leaked out easily. And this could also explain the behavior of the Flying Dutchman choosing to take a neutral stance! It was highly likely that Davy Jones and the Fokke family had some sort of friendship and agreement. Also, because he knew the profits within the castle were not much, hence, he was unwilling to trample into this muddied waters!

Furthermore, the other legendary pirate ship captain, Blackbeard, was a cruel and suspicious person. He probably misunderstood Davy Jones’s dilemma, and seeing that the Flying Dutchman was biding its time, he naturally did not dare to move. Because pirates were unlike regular military, once they joined in the ranks of plundering it was hard to get the pirates to return. When the time comes if a someone suddenly launch a surprise attack, then they most certainly will suffer a defeat!

These thoughts seem to sound very long, but they flashed past Sheyan’s mind in an instant. Currently, it was the wrong time to be astonished. When Sheyan felt that Davy Jones was already exhibiting an impatient look, he immediately fished out Ammand’s silver sword, raising his both hands to offer it and respectfully announced.

“Apart from that, I’m offering to you the sword of the Son of the Black Sea, Ammand, as a proof of my allegiance.”

Following Sheyan’s inference, not only does Ammand’s silver sword contain formidable powers, it can even control ships. It was at least a silver class storyline weapon! Its high value was already hard to measure from a normal perspective, different equipment class would garner different valuations. Going from that point of view, within equal class equipments, a weapon would definitely be worth more….. This logic can be seen clearly from just the quantity of weapons and other equipments out there.

If not for this weapon having a criteria of needing to eliminate Ammand, Sheyan would have never offered this to Davy Jones. His charm wasn’t high, even if he used this method of direct gifting, the result would still be unclear. However, this weapon that was bound to another soul is already considered piece of scrap iron. Furthermore, Ammand’s whereabouts were currently unknown, the difficulty of dealing with him has multiplied by twofolds, and he even possessed a bone-deep hatred towards Sheyan now!

Hence, to Sheyan, firstly, he had zero confidence of being able to slay him in a short time frame, and secondly, he wasn’t clear when he would re-enter this world after leaving. That is why he took out this silver storyline weapon that he couldn’t use, and exchanged it for something else that was beneficial to him.

Once this silver sword flashed out, Davy Jones was finally moved. He tossed the glass fishbowl into the hands of a nearby pirate and swiftly approached forward. He then grabbed onto the hilt of Ammand’s silver sword. In his hands, this soul binding weapon reacted in an instance, radiating out a blinding silver glow. Davy Jones could not respond to the sudden agitation as the weapon became unsteady in his hands. He stumbled a few steps back, as the sword clattered to the floor.

His surrounding loyal pirates were instantly shocked, they anxiously drew out their blades and loudly snarled at Sheyan. It was obvious they thought Sheyan had pulled an underhand trick to harm their boss. Only Davy Jones had a pleasant look on his face, he laughed out loudly as he gestured his hands to half his underlings. Looking at Sheyan with satisfaction, he nodded his head.

“Brat, well done. From now on, you are part of the Flying Dutchman. Heard you are quite a capable one, and are even knowledgeable about navigation. Just nice Corlisus had been heavily wounded by the spanish pigs, I reckon he can no longer be a pirate. You can be the temporary third officer on this ship then, but remember if you show the tiniest bit of incompetency, I will personally kick you overboard.”

To these pirates, betrayal and massacres were commonly seen, therefore, they held no objections when Davy Jones acknowledged this traitorous Sheyan. The third officer is a position that assists the chief officer in all sorts of management, his remaining time was also required of to assist the navigator. This was already a walk in the park for Sheyan.

Once he witnessed Davy Jones reaction, he heaved a sigh of relief. This was obviously a gamble. Ammand’s invaluably precious silver storyline weapon was just a piece of scrap metal to Sheyan, but more important was that if Davy Jones had the same conclusion! If so then it wasn’t hard to guess what this explosive temperament pirate head would do. Furthermore, there was still the vice officer Old Bill that was extremely displeased with Sheyan.

But now, Sheyan could put down his burdens. Since Davy Jones was extremely satisfied with Sheyan’s welcoming gift, concurrently, he also received notifications from the nightmare imprint.

Side mission: Get close to a legend (Complete)

Mission summary: Ascend to any of the Black Pearl / Flying Dutchman / Queen Anne’s Revenge / HMS Victory, and become their crew member.

Mission evaluation: You have obtained the permission of the Flying Dutchman’s captain, Davy Jones and successfully became the legendary Flying Dutchman’s third officer. Do you wish to receive the relevant mission reward? Yes / No

Sheyan selected “Yes”.

You have received 1000 utility points.

Your reputation amongst the pirates has been raised by 3000 points (Indirectly causing the destruction of the Bell and Mug – 500 points, directly involved in the death of Scarface harry – 500 points, acquiring Tortuga castle treasures – 500 points, becoming the temporary third officer of the Flying Dutchman – 1500 points)

Your current reputation: Respected (1113 / 6000)

(TN: He probably broke through the first level of amicable reputation)

You have received 2 achievement points.

Your current achievement value is 6 points.

(TN: Includes all his previous achievement + meritorious points)

Pointer: Your deadline to leaving this world is in 21 hours, 14 minutes and 40 seconds. You can choose to stay in this world to continue looking for clues, or you can stop your actions and return to the nightmare realm. Important pointer: You cannot return to the nightmare realm during combat state.

Pointer: Your achievement value has exceeded 5 points, your status has been raised. You are now a recruit”

“Your nightmare imprint has received the following promotions”

“You can procure your respective army rank items at anytime in the nightmare realm.”

“Your personal interspatial space has increased by 10%.”

Warning: Once your achievement value drops below 5 points, your formerly achieved benefits will vanish, and your status promotion will be revoked.

After Sheyan read through the notifications, it was obvious that this side missions was not of an easy difficulty but it rewarded a mere 1000 utility points. Therefore, it rewarded external rewards, for example the 2 points in achievement. Regarding this thing called achievements, Sheyan still had not fully understood it. Looking at it, it probably have some sort of establishment with military rank, it was like a status symbol. But so far, Sheyan only received two achievement points after completing this mission, it seems like something precious and rare.

After Davy Jones obtained Ammand’s sword, his mood became extremely good. He really did not take any notice towards those few treasure chests, bluntly allowing his men to distribute. That was when Sheyan understood, actually these filled to the brim treasure chest he robbed from the Fokke residence, on hindsight it looked like it contained many layers of treasures, but was actually filled with piastre(a kind of french coin, that relatively low value due to its mixture of lead) at the bottom. Adding it together was roughly only a few thousand pounds. To ordinary pirates this was a huge pile of money, but to the legendary pirate Davy Jones, this was nothing deserving of his attention.

Once Sheyan’s reputation had been raised to respected status, it was very obvious that he could sense a huge transformation in the attitudes of these pirates. For example certain fierce and sinister looking brutes would immediately avoid him when they saw him. Even though the vice officer Old Bill did not take a liking to him, he could only arrange a pretty pleasant single inhabitant cabin for him.

He even had two pirates who were nicknamed Crow and Sata who were pretty compatible with him. Therefore, even though Sheyan’s charm wasn’t high, they took the initiative and had the courage to curry his favour. The entire pirate ship had at least a few hundred pirates, but Sheyan’s coercing third officer authority was only able to entice two men. From this it could be seen that compatibility was really a thing of minute possibility.

This sort of great news that delivered itself, why would Sheyan miss it? Although, this pirate ship was currently functioning normally, Sheyan knew that in the future, its captain Davy Jones would mutate into a sea devil. Even this ship would possess its own personality and life. It would be renowned in the caribbean sea world as the most demonic, and strongest battleship, where no one was above it! Therefore, the strength of its crew members would not be weak at all. At the Bell and Mug, he was able to learn two basic levels of ability from Blind Matt. Currently, he only had a short period of day left in this world, if an opportunity coincides, attempting to raise his basic ability again would not be impossible.

Being able to establish oneself as a member of this legendary pirate ship, one must have adequate strength. Although Crow and Sata were ordinary crew members on this ship, once Sheyan activated his ‘insight’ ability, he realized that Crow’s basic prayer had reached even lvl 4, his other specific effects were ‘?’. His Special ability: Once you communicate with Crow, you can order Crow to operate. He is exceptionally suitable as a scout, and can even carry out long range disturbance. The only thing he could see from Sata was ‘advanced ability: Rushing thrust’. This ability had a description, it could concentrate the entire body’s energy into the sharp end of his weapon, its damage and penetrating abilities were devastating.

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