The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 58: Offering

Chapter 58: Offering

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Firstly, Sheyan called them in, bluntly kicking open one of the treasure chests, he pointed at the chest saying:

“It’s all yours, take until you cannot hold anymore.”

The 4 pirates obviously pounced forward in ecstasy following that order, fully filling up their pockets with great effort. Looking at their heavy sinking pockets, they had a blissful but exhausted look. Sheyan waited for their excitement to die down before softly speaking.

“Although the Bell and Mug is a wreck, I still feel that Ammand did not die. Once we wait for him to nurse himself, then the first person he will kill is me! I’m afraid he will pursue me to the ends of the world. Therefore, my only way of survival is by finding a large power to shelter me.”

“Counting the various super powers, the Black Pearl has probably suffered heavy casualties in its conflict with the Fokke family. I reckon old Jack points to disaster, and many have testified of Blackbeard’s evil and selfish ways. And the Queen’s glory….. May not be reliable. Therefore, the only last option left is the captain of the Flying Dutchman, Davy Jones. Although that guy is ruthless and savage, his reputation is a man of his words. Offering the remaining treasures to him may even earn me an important position.”

Sheyan swept his surroundings, and sincerely continued:

“Since you guys placed your trust in me, then I will naturally not let you down. There are two paths for you guys now. Number one is that you follow me and surrender to Davy Jones in the Flying Dutchman that is anchored outside of the port. The second is that you find a safe place to hide, once all these chaos has concluded, you will take your treasures and leave. No matter which path you choose, you have already secured great bonuses.”

The 4 pirates started discussing. Three of them did not want to continue as pirates, the last one was willing to continue risking his life out at sea. Sheyan agreed to them leaving, but first they had to assist in sailing the boat to an area near the Flying Dutchman. Those 3 pirates had no objections, after half an hour, the indistinct silhouette of the legendary pirate ship, The Flying Dutchman, appeared in front of their eyes. Sheyan worked hand in hand with the other willing pirates, they shifted the treasures to a small lifeboat at the side. Following that, they boarded the lifeboat and rowed towards the Flying Dutchman, prior to that they released a flashing signal.

Within this commotion, the Flying Dutchman also watchfully observed the surrounding serenity. Sheyan was presently rowing a lifeboat that was a little bigger than an ordinary sampan, the objects stored on it were plainly visible. They obviously presented no threat, and further gave out a friendly flashing signal thus they successfully ascended the legendary pirate ship, the Flying Dutchman.

Presently, the Flying Dutchman had not yet incurred the curse that was prevalent in the movies. The pirates atop this ship were still ordinary men, with a vigorous and untamed air around them. The vice officer Old Bill had even previously been sorrily ripped off by Sheyan. Sheyan’s charm was originally very low, after a series of events this relationship with Old Bill had plunged to ice level. If he unluckily encountered him the moment he ascended,he was afraid most of his efforts would have been wasted.

However, Sheyan had huge confidence of meeting the main owner of this ship, Davy Jones. This was not just a blind guess, but a deduction after careful deliberations! Taking the situation now into regards , such huge chaos has struck Tortuga port, the Fokke Family initiating assaults against the Black Pearl, and the remaining pirates had started pillaging the port. What was strange is that the Flying Dutchman and Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge, these two legendary pirate ship chose to spectate by the side.

Going by logic, these two ships should be the gang leaders amongst the hooligans. Encountering such a situation, they should set an example and be the first to act, if not their supreme position may be challenged by others in the future. Although Sheyan did not understand the underlying reasons behind their strange actions, there was one thing he could confirm. No matter its Blackbeard or Davy Jones, these two should be carefully observing the sequence of events unfolding regarding the port.

Information distribution was not developed in this era. A sudden visitor even if he came empty handed, would bring primary reports of what was happening,was what Davy Jones wanted. Furthermore these pirates had a venomous look in their eyes, looking at the few huge chests they could already guess what valuable items were in store. Therefore, Davy Jones had a 90% chance of personally coming out, thus meeting his objective.

Sheyan currently had already made a small name for himself within the pirates. During the pirate meeting on Herb Island, he had already familiarized himself with several pirates, and quite a couple already had a rough impression of Seaman Yan from the east. Following the heavy treasure chests being carried up, the nearby pirates all started to gasp in shock. At this moment, Sheyan felt that there was something not right. This feeling was not the nervousness of a sudden sneak attack, it wasn’t the feeling of exhaustion or boredom, but it was the feeling of being scanned and seeing through his secrets thoroughly!

Sheyan remained emotionless, he had already quietly examined his surroundings. He suddenly discovered a pair of eyes in the crowd, this eyes did not carry much difference with the normal pirates, but a mysterious magic seemed to be lodged within his eyes. It was like causing people to be trap in a hallucination. The owner of this eyes turned around and left after making eye contact with Sheyan. He was originally tangled up amongst the crowd, wearing a common red bandana across his head and wore a yellowish white fencing shirt. The sleeves of his shirt were pretty relaxed, tightening up only at the wrist. This was a pretty common attire amongst the pirates, hence when this person turned around, he was like a droplet of water within an ocean, he completely vanished.

Sheyan initially wanted to immediately give chase, but at this moment the captain’s door creaked open. Looking at it, it was probably kicked open from the inside. The wooden door was extremely sturdy, its thickness was about one wrist. Wild random marks covered the century old oaken wood. Although the door was filled with scars, it remained sturdy and unbreakable.

The swinging wooden door heavily crashed against a nearby wall with a loud “thump!” If one wasn’t paying attention, he would have been shocked by the sound. However, the surrounding pirates seemed to not be bother by this scenario. Following that, a tall and bulky scottish person strolled out, his age was roughly 40 years old. His face was flushed red, his hair and beard floating in the air. A crab tattoo resided on his thick right arm. His left hand was supporting a transparent pocket-sized glass fish tank, inside the fish tank was a tiny ash grey octopus. It was excitedly waving its arms inside the water.

Sheyan observed this huge man, a deep and immeasurable feeling just like the ocean formed in his heart! This feeling was something Sheyan never felt before, the closest description to it would be facing the berserk devastating capabilities of space-time gap in the Terminator world. The terrifying presence of the legendary pirate ship captain Davy Jones was really on a whole new level!

“So it’s you who requests an audience with this great Davy Jones?” This huge man flared his nostrils, and bellowed with a thick voice. His voice carried a distinct scottish accent, that is why it was slightly unclear. However, the formidable confidence could be heard distinctly.

Sheyan placed his right fist to his chest, humbly bowing:

“Seaman Yan from the east pays his respect.”

Davy Jones heedlessly teased his pet octopus and continued:

“I’ve heard of your name, and your feat of defeating the spanish. But….. this is not good enough a reason for you to land yourself on the deck of the Flying Dutchman.”

“Just like what you can see.” Sheyan once again bowing neither servile nor overbearingly:

“I’ve come to offer these treasures. I can swear to you, two hours ago these chest were still resting within the treasure of Tortuga castle. Inside contains the entire 70 years of riches accumulated by the Fokke family!”

This one phrase triggered an excited uproar from the pirates. However, Sheyan noticed that when he raised his voice saying “contains the entire 70 years of riches accumulated by the Fokke family,” Davy Jones actually lazily yawned! This unusual bad habit, beneath it was a hidden and profound meaning! Several ideas flashed by his mind like electricity, ultimately his last conclusion almost made him involuntarily cry out!

Davy Jones is ultimately a ruthless pirate, this confirms that he definitely wasn’t a noble person of great morals. Since the Tortuga castle treasures he offered had received a cold reception, there were two possibilities. One was he was already richly loaded, or the second greater possibility was that this pile of treasure in reality was not worth much!

Fokke’s family accumulated wealth of 70 years sounded extremely alluring, however, it is extremely hard to be frugal after being accustomed to luxury. Once a prodigal son appears within the Fokke family, the spending rate would become extremely rapid. Comparing the present Tortuga port being strong in appearance but weak in reality, the current Fokke family is just a shell of its former self.

Furthermore after moving these chest out of the secret lair of Tortuga castle, no pirates would have gotten a chance to carefully examine it, until the 3 pirates previously taking the first pick! Furthermore some treasures require a specialized professional to determine its authenticity. Factoring out the possibility of counterfeit goods, using this deduction, then this brimming with treasures chest in actual fact was not worth much!

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