The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 57: Harvest and Decision

Chapter 57: Harvest and Decision

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:I and Elkassar

After a while, the nearby surviving few cowering pirates crept near. Only after confirming Scarface Harry’s death did they resume their lawless behavior. Two pirates brandished their blades and cursed out loud, as the other wanted to mince Scarface harry’s corpse to vent his anger. Sheyan sighed as he gestured at them to stop, being completely unscrupulous in a battle was a given, if not, the consequences would definitely be his own death. However, after a satisfactory outcome, further insulting a dead person is somewhat going overboard.

After inquiring of the pirates, following the Vikings custom, he shifted Scarface Harry’s corpse to a small lifeboat by the side, and used a sail cloth to cover him. His funerary object was a rough wine cup that was made with cow hide. Then, the ropes were released as the little boat drifted away with the tide. There was one pirate that held some respect towards Scarface Harry, as he blew into his bagpipe that he hung across his neck. The winds were biting cold, the melodious flute sound accompanied this strong viking deep into the Caribbean sea. A sorrowful feeling unconsciously formed within everyone’s heart.

After the naval burial, Sheyan repaired the ship a little with the few pirates, at least he had to attempt to fix back and stable the main mast. If not just by relying on the few of them peddling this 15 metre long sailboat, even after working their ass off would they only sail a few dozen metres. One wave would then completely wasted their efforts. The remaining pirates all suffered personal injuries, furthermore their relationship was not counted as friendly, but Sheyan wasn’t afraid of them staging another rebellion.

After they repaired the ship somewhat adequately, Sheyan returned to the ship’s hold. In one glance he naturally eyed the bursting with Tortuga castle riches treasure chests. This was the treasures accumulated in Tortuga port for 70 years. But regrettably, after interacting with the treasures, the nightmare realm notified him that he could not sell these for utility points. He was also unable to find any specific message.

According to Sheyan’s deduction, this was probably because he had completely not contributed anything during the plundering of these treasures. Therefore, his contribution level was pathetic and the nightmare realm substantially revoked his privileges from it. Even though he stole these items from Scarface Harry, he only held ownership of it and had not privileges to sell or verify it. Of course this was only one possibility, but Sheyan did not think further because there were more important things at hand.

“Since that’s the case, then to maximize my benefits…..” Sheyan muttered to himself, he probably had a rough plan in his heart. Filled with expectations, he lifted up that ‘Ammand’s silver sword’, but he once again got dejected. That was because the notification that came from it was, “This weapon is binded to a soul, unable to examine!”

Obviously this silver sword should be an inheritance antique passed down in Ammand’s family, it was a medium that could be used to control the Bell and Mug. This was probably a dead weapon that had its own spiritual nature, at least a black category type. Therefore, if its owner Ammand did not die, then others would not be able to activate it.

From Sheyan’s understanding, this did not come as a surprise. Although the Bell and Mug just experienced an intense wide scale explosion, but when Chris was detonating the explosives, he completely had the aim of causing confusion to secure his escape route. There, the explosives strength should have been scattered and in intervals. Furthermore in Ammand’s captain quarters, he only placed one explosive and the rest was used for infrastructure destruction. Through Scarface Harry’s initial performance to evaluate Ammand’s real power, he probably had a great chance of surviving.

Sheyan shook his head, tossing out all unessential thoughts out of his mind. Undoubtedly, Ammand will view Sheyan as a thorn in his flesh, but Sheyan was already going to return to his present world soon.Therefore, this did not matter much. As for the future…..Sheyan felt that there was really a possibility of returning to the Caribbean world, but he felt his development was astoundingly fast. The next time he meets Ammand, Sheyan did not dare to boast of achieving victory, but at least he had some confidence of preserving his life.

Sheyan flung that enviable silver sword to the side, sighing in regret and shaking his head, taste of not being able to use such a wonderful weapon was bitter. This was just like a beautiful and sexy woman pole dancing in front of you but would never allow you to touch her. He then proceeded to pick up that flickering with silver glow conch. After tightly gripping it, he then observed a pitch-black brilliance flashing repeatedly, and a pocket sized handiwork object appeared in front. Looking closely, this object seemed to be sculpted from a black crystal, it had the appearance of an anchor. A faint blood stench pierced forward head-on, causing Sheyan to sneeze twice. The nightmare imprint transmitted a notification:

You have acquired a black type accessory: Obsidian fossil anchor

Obsidian fossil anchor

Equipment rarity: Black

Equipment: Strength/Agility/Physique + 1

Equipment: Charm – 2

Equipment passive ability: Bravery in oppression. Every time you receive damage, you will gain 2 points of physique temporarily for 300 seconds. This effect can stack for 5 times.

Equipment requirements: Physique attribute must be 18 points or more.

Equipment position: Accessory

Material: Obsidian

Weight: 104 g.

Description: This is an accessory made by a viking using obsidian, it has been passed down for centuries. It is said that it possess mysterious ability that can protect its owner. But because it has accumulated too much baleful energy during long periods of skirmishes, therefore, the wearer of this will also be slayed by another. Following Scarface Harry’s death, the soul binding of this accessory has vanished. However, in the future if it meets another compatible owner, it can be restored to its strongest state.

Evaluation: You can call it Gao-wen of the Sea, I will tell wether this is the nickname that Scarface Harry called this object.

Equipment battle score: 20

Looking at this accessory, Sheyan understood the reason why Scarface Harry was able to resist for so long. Just this equipment alone already gave him an additional 110 HP, an entire 11 points of physique, adding this onto his personal 30 points physique! Therefore, his total physique reach to a high of 41 points! If it included the bonuses from his silverish and other equipment and the title of chief officer, his basic attribute for physique may even have touched the upper limit in his world: 50 points. No wonder his relentless set-up could be forcefully foiled by Scarface Harry’s might.

(ED: +1 physique then +2 per damage received that can be stacked 5x)

Thinking till here, Sheyan realized he had really underestimated Scarface Harry. If he followed the reports that he acquired for deduction, this chieff officer should be a storyline character that is categorized amongst the likes of Ammand. Of course his storyline character would only take lower position in comparison of strength. Citing an example, if Davy Jones, Blackbeard, Jack Sparrow are like the Zhang Zhao, Dian Wei and Xu Zhu in the romance of the three kingdoms, then Scarface Harry would be akin to Guan Ping, Zhou Cang and Wan Shuang. They were all front-line military generals in the three kingdom.

“Then, if the head injury sustained by Scarface Harry was my doing, then this accessory loot should have been a silver storyline category.” Sheyan looked at the description of this obsidian fossil anchor, he couldn’t help but have that depressing thought in mind.

During the battle with the Paragon fleet, Scarface Harry’s head was pierced by a random flying wooden shard. Afterwards, severe dizziness and after effects had always plagued him. Sheyan cunningly conspired a series of pitfalls around this point, they were like loops of rope slowly constricting around Scarface Harry’s throat. Finally, it successfully robbed him of his life. Ultimately, that heavy injury to Harry’s head was not caused by Sheyan, it didn’t even have a shred of link to him. Therefore, the nightmare realm sliced off a class of Scarface Harry’s drop loot, restricting any cheap tricks from occurring.

Although the equipment requirement was 18 points in physique and Sheyan only had 17 points, but currently he was still on a boat. After his title: Pirate ringleader provided a bonus of strength + 2 and physique + 2, he barely met the equipping requirements, and thus he successfully equipped it. Once an equipment is put on within the nightmare realm its effects will be activated. However, once you unequip it and carry out restoration/enhancement/embedding effects onto it, then you have to gather 20 points of physique to be able to once again equip it.

After carrying out a series of experimentation, Sheyan realized that if he was able to anticipate a battle in the future, he can utilize the method of harming oneself to activate the passive ability of this obsidian fossil anchor. Thus, he can enjoy the frightening bonus of 10 points in physique right at the start! But if the battle abruptly broke out, then that possibility is dissolved.

A series of cheers resounded from outside the hold. The remaining 4 pirates were able to successfully tie back the main mast, and once again hang the sails onto it. Even though this makeshift mass swayed and crackled against the howling wind, seemingly about to break apart anytime, it was able to generate enough force and reluctantly move the boat. The pirates glanced at the sinking wreck of the Bell and Mug, they were temporarily at a loss and naturally decided to follow Sheyan blindly.

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