The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 60: Paying a visit

Chapter 60: Paying a visit

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Without a doubt, if Sheyan requested to train with Crow and Sata, they would never reject him. Yet, Sheyan discovered one thing, that was no matter how much time he wasted on training, he would not make any improvements. This is because his baseline basic skill level was too low, which akin to a 5-6 year old boy not being able to do a single thing, even if he was placed in the same bed with a voluptuous and naked beautiful woman.

“I’m afraid I’ve gone too far ahead of the storyline.” Sheyan couldn’t help but sigh. He had never expected to overreach himself. Under normal circumstances, being able to become the crew head of the Bell and Mug should be the upper boundary of this world, therefore he was still able to learn certain skills from those lower skilled pirates. But what was this horrendous place? The Flying Dutchman of the three legendary pirate ships! Of course there was no way Sheyan could learn anything, he believed that if he hadn’t had experiences in the field of management and maritime navigation, Davy Jones wouldn’t have been able to offer him the temporal third officer position.

After sending away the two pirates, Sheyan collapsed into his cabin bed and fell into deep sleep. He had an extremely exhausting night, furthermore he was feeling a little bitter that after putting such great efforts, it seemed like the gains did not make up for the losses. Besides, Sheyan’s execution was extremely meticulous, before sleeping he placed a sabre behind the cabin door. Current the Flying Dutchman was stationary on sea, the winds were not strong and thus the ship was extremely stable. Once the cabin door hinted at any movement, the sabre would crash to the ground.

Sheyan slept, but not totally free from anxiety. The root cause was because Davy Jones had some sort of connection with the Fokke family, never forget Lady Lord Fokke died in Sheyan’s hands! Although Sheyan personally thought that his deeds were hidden, Davy Jones’s power was as deep as the ocean. His later status was a link between the living and the dead, a ferry man that transcended drowned seamen, who knew he may even possess mysterious abilities now. Faced against such a beast-like person, Sheyan had no confidence in preserving his secret. Once this thing leaks out, who knew what the consequences would be? But now, Sheeyan was obviously going to be extremely cautious.

Within the fuzzy and cloudy space, Sheyan suddenly heard a ‘dang’, as though something had fell, and was even clattering on the ground. He instantly jolted up from bed, as he forced open his eyes and saw that the wooden bolt at this door had been brushed aside, the sabre fallen to the ground. A small gap formed at the door, and gradually swung bigger. A figure in grey clothing hurriedly running out.

Sheyan’s eyes flickered, he immediately leapt out of bed summoning his strength and pursued. Obviously, if Davy Jones wanted to harm him, he did not have to act sneaky at all. Which goes to say, this person’s actions were acted out without the permission of Davy Jones! He could not think of anyone in mind, but suddenly recalled when he first ascended the ship, a pair of eyes that seemed to be able to penetrate into the interior of a person!

At the moment, this figure had already been locked on relentlessly by Sheyan, there was a gap of about 5-6 metres between them. In this overpopulated pirate ship, once they passed by any pirate, the pirate would naturally aid their new third Officer and not that brat ahead of him. Thus, Sheyan’s lips curled into a cold sneer, he observed this panic-ridden brat like how a predator eyes his prey.

But at this very moment, a loud sound blasted into Sheyan’s ears! Simultaneously the ‘Flying Dutchman’ inclined its hill and roughly shifted horizontally by 2-3 metres! He lost his footing, this scenario was not foreign, this was the signal for the side of the ship to open fire!



In this sudden twist, Sheyan had not anticipated such a sudden happening. Furthermore his agility wasn’t outstanding, thus he lost his footing and almost fell. Riding on this, the person he was chasing nimbly leapt, using the nearby wooden partition as a footing, he ingeniously jumped into a byway by the side. Once Sheyan regained his stability, the figure had long vanished.

At this moment, Sheyan could see a shadow of sails forming in the distance. Gradually from the sea fog, a broad and majestic battleship sailed through, it could even claim as an equal to the Flying Dutchman. Impressively, it was the other legendary pirate ship, ‘Queen Anne’s Revenge’. Sheyan could not care much about the sneaky person anymore, he understood why when chasing this person he did not meet a single person after so long. Actually the pirates were already stationed and waiting at their personal positions! Only….. Sheyan could not understand why the Queen Anne’s Revenge would suddenly start a conflict with the Flying Dutchman.

A series of loud booming by the cannons once again sounded, Blackbeard had probably commenced the assault. But Sheyan felt something was up. Because even though the smell of smoke was very thick, but it was missing a critical sign and that was gigantic splashings resulting from the cannonballs. In this era, the cannonballs were all solid, therefore even if they failed to connect with the ship, they would still trigger towering splashes. But when these two ships unleashed their cannons, the ocean remained peaceful. This decided one thing. They were releasing empty cannon fire! Thus thinking critically, not even Sheyan, even a small child would understand that this were probably gun salutes as a form of paying respects.

At this point, both parties started to wave their flags to transmit information, after a short while, the opposite Queen Anne’s Revenge then approached. Roughly 2 nautical miles away, they released a small boat as it borrowed the winds to sail nearer. Sheyan could not make up who was in that boat, however, the pirates standing on deck remained extremely solemn. Although their attire was tattered and messy, they seemed to have strictness of the British navy. Even the lofty Davy Jones came out to the deck. His hands folded against his chest with an unperturbed appearance. This sort of disciplined welcoming was obvious of the person’s status who was able to trigger Davy Jones to personally welcome him, it was naturally the captain of the Queen Anne’s Revenge, Blackbeard.

Sheyan felt that the following events would obviously have no concerns whatsoever to his lowly position as the third officer, thus he once again returned to his cabin. But his mind was swirling with thoughts of that hidden aggressor. Fortunately, he was currently the third officer, even if he was new and had not much prestige here, helping out with the navigator as his job was still extremely highly looked upon by the pirates.

The navigator’s role was to find every possible route within the vast ocean, some navigators could even draw out the sea maps and their routes. After they washed their hands of this pirate job, they can sell these maps for a high price. (Casual statement, if one was able to preserve even a small part of the world map, once in the medieval ages, that object could even be described as a priceless treasure. At one point, the map of navigating to the Cape of Good Hope had even resulted in the death of thousands) Even during skirmishes which resulted in deaths, the navigator would be required to give his blessings if not their souls would not be able to return home. Therefore, items related to a navigator would garner the appreciation and respect of the pirates along with its mysteriousness.

Sheyan borrowed such a status and authority, he naturally could freely roam about unobstructed within the ship. Although the Flying Dutchman was massive, once he called the two pirate ringleaders Mohan and Sata, after coordinating with them, he would be able to easily snuff out that sneaky bastard. In a foreign place, the biggest taboo was having a hidden enemy. Sheyan would obviously not make such a common mistake, because he had already offended many people in this world. Thus he needed to swiftly probe out this hidden enemy, and use his status to eliminate him!

Just when Sheyan was about to leave to find him, the vice officer Old Bill brought others and pushed him into the room. He glanced at Sheyan with an extremely negative look. In Sheyan’s real world, it would be described as ‘eyelids being semi compressed’.

“Boss is calling you to immediately go up.”

Sheyan was slightly stunned, but looking at the two crude pirates with their thick and round muscles, he knew that he had no choice, he must go. He could only stand up and follow suit, however he mentally prepared himself to flee immediately once assaulted. He followed the three brutes turning several corners on the massive Flying Dutchman, not long later he arrived at Davy Jones’s captain quarters. Old Bill stood by the door as he, signalling with his face to Sheyan to enter.

Davy Jones’ captain quarters was rather spacious, its surrounding wooden walls were made with thick pine wood. There was a faint aroma of tobacco mixed with rum floating in the air. Inside there was a bed, a storage chest, a map and chart, a ‘maritime unicorn’ oil painting, and on a shelf there was a row of voyage journals. On top of the rugged beech wooden table, there was a cigarette silk pouch, something Sheyan had previously seen in the present world. It was made with processed seal leather, and even had a leather string sealing it. It was said that this sort of cigarette pouch could successfully keep the cigarettes within from the cold and dampness and moreover increased its fragrance.

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