The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 5: Pirate’s test

Chapter 5:Pirate’s test

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:I and Elkassar

Because the navigator’s body was often shrouded with a mysterious ring of light, their prestige was normally high amongst the crew. On some pirate ships, there were even navigators who had an equal standing or even surpassing the status of their captains. The Pirates of the Caribbean series leading man: Jack Sparrow, apart from being a captain, he was also acclaimed as an outstanding navigator. This can be seen easily through his successful attempt in finding the Fountain of Youth, his captain status was solidified. In the 4th movie, although he was forced onto Blackbeard’s ship, he was able to inspire a mutiny because of his navigator’s status.

Upon this Bell and Mug ship, the navigator Mr Xiaer was extremely influential and was a uncontested and cautious person. However, he was essential on this pirate ship, therefore, the captain very intelligently placed his own trusted comrade Scarface Harry to contain him while he observed at the side as a spectator.

At this moment, Sheyan was not willing to continue being a political tool. Because enroute to this Bell and Mug ship he could clearly see, the recruitment of other crews no matter how big or small, its scale greatly paled in comparison to this Bell and Mug ship. If he cowered back under such circumstances, then Sheyan would be neglecting the root and pursuing the tip (Chinese idiom, it means neglecting the fundamentals and concentrating too much on the details). It would be choosing to survive in a dangerous situation and forgoing on an excellent opportunity.

Therefore, after hearing Xiaer’s words, Sheyan immediately took a firm step forward, placing his left hand on his chest as he slightly bowed, firmly he spoke out:

“Seaman Yan from the East, willing to take on the Bell and Mug’s test!”

Xiaer looked at Sheyan, his expression had sunk as he fixed his gaze towards the nearby crew head. The crew head Cuaron was a one-eyed man, he was wearing a filthy and greasy shirt, and had a linen sleeveless jacket on top of it. Strapped to his waist is a latin designed light sword. Understanding Xiaer’s signal, Cuaron then raised his chin towards his trusted aide, a bare body black man with lots of dreadlocks stood forward.

Being cautious, Sheyan instantly activated his insight ability, receiving the following information.

Messy hair Gates

Bell and Mug seaman

Height: 6 foots 4 inches (1.98 m)

Weight: 108 kg

Strength: 6 points

Agility: 4 points

Physique: 5 points

Perceptive sense: 7 points

Charm: 5 points

Intelligence: 5 points

Spirit: 5 points

Basic close combat lvl 2, basic endurance lvl 1, basic long range combat lvl 1

Gates arrogantly stood against Sheyan, pouting his lips in contempt and finally retreating after demonstrating his ready to battle face. Brandishing his sharp dagger, he raised his voice and shouted out:

“Come on kid, I’ll help you bathe in your blood!”

Sheyan remained silent, raising his hand towards Xiaer and abruptly exclaimed:


Xiaer had a mocking expression on his face, even Scarface Harry was slightly frustrated, he was worried that Sheyan was actually one who talked more than he acted and he was going to back out at the last minute? The surrounding pirates jeered and laughed, yet Sheyan spoke softly:

“In the east, once we have a duel with weapons, then there will definitely be life sacrificed to the heavens. If I die, then I have nothing to say, but what if he dies?”

Sheyan’s words were like a gust of cold wind, as if turning the field into a frozen field. Scarface Harry yet burst out laughing and said:

“Gates, did you hear that, if you’re afraid of death then hurry up and step back.”

Gates was a fugitive, after turning to piracy as a professional career, he was thinking with his other head inside his pants. Giving out a roar, he raise his dagger and thrusted it at Sheyan.

Sheyan actually reached out his hand and gripped that ordinary dagger!

Fresh blood flowed down the dagger smoothly, but do not forget, Sheyan was currently in the nightmare world, his innate ability “Endurance” has been activated.

“You received 35 points of attack damage, your innate ability endurance activated, your damage sustained is 10 points.”

Gates roared out loud, wanting to pull back his dagger but he realized his dagger had been stuck firmly in place, not moving one bit!

Sheyan’s gaze blazed, stepping forward, bending his body and submerging his shoulders, he charged forward heavily knocking against Gates’ abdomen!

Gates’ face turned pale, the first reaction of anyone who got struck like that would get a violet nauseous feeling, followed by an unexplainable pain. Sheyan had no intention of showing restraint, swinging his elbows forward to heavily attack his temples at the same time. He then nimbly slid around his back, hugging him like a princess would to her prince as he raised his right knee and heavily smashed against him!

Sheyan’s action were precise, simple and agile leaving Gates like a foldable stool, folding up after a series of moves. Except that a foldable chair can once again be opened, however, a person who had been smashed at the back of his head will end up in a pathetic tragedy.

“Crkk!” the clear crisp crackling sound of bones shattering followed by a miserable wailing arose. However, Sheyan’s face remained as grim as a rock, he deeply knew that in front of these vicious pirates, he needed to be more vicious to earn their respect. Showing empathy and kindness would definitely be frowned upon! He casually threw Gates aside like mud, giving out an aggressive groan and signalled in contempt with his bloodied hands, undauntedly he exclaimed:


The surrounding pirates looked at each other in dismay, , Sheyan’s viciousness obviously had born its fruits.To these pirates, volunteering would mean placing thiseir brains on their pants (chinese idiom meaning they could lose their time anytime). However, there was no benefit in sacrificing their lives now, therefore, no one was willing to step up. Presently, Xiaer’s expression was extremely ugly, even Scarface Harry’s smile had turned dry. His earlier aim was to bring Xiaer’s arrogance down, he never expected this Seaman Yan was actually so vicious! Therefore, he had a really awkward expression as though he had accidentally released a wild beast.

Xiaer’s face twitched and was about to speak up when a person hurriedly stepped forward. He was a black man with thick lips, however, he had no hair on his head as the sunrays brightly shone against it. His legs were extraordinarily long, and he hair a pair of maliciously flickering triangular eyes. He immediately fixed his gaze on the motionless body, simultaneously crying out loud! After a short moment he straightened up staring cruelly at Sheyan saying:

“Is it you?”

Sheyan coldly replied:

“Regarding the fair duel I miscalculated, I humbly apologize.”

The black man tore out the necklace on his neck. This necklace was weaved with a human tooth and thick strands of hair. Tossing it directly as it slid in front of Sheyan, he angrily spoke:

“Regarding my following miscalculation, I humbly apologize.”

Sheyan’s expression changed, he wasn’t afraid of this guy’s assault but was actually affected by the nightmare imprint’s notification:

“You just received a voodoo curse (black serpent’s bite lvl 1), 1 point will be randomly deducted from one of your basic attributes and converted to your enemy’s side.

“Randomly deducted….”

“You deducted 1 point in spirit, that point will be attributed to your opponent!”

Scarface Harry heaved a sigh of relief, loudly calling out:

“Second round of test begin! Originating from the mysterious East, Yan versus our Jamaican broker and crew head: Waliwalika!”

Currently the sun was setting as the dense scenery reflected a blazing red against the sky. The gleaming waves glistened in the sea as the crystalline water dazzled. In the remote distance, two guys circled each other on deck, deciding a victor would mean either life… or death. The last one standing will be the undisputed winner. Sheyan stood calmly still, and Waliwalika took a low stance bending his body, reaching out for a short hatchet from his waist.

His manner of footwork was strange, it was as though the floor beneath was extremely slippery and he needed to tiptoe around, giving one an illusion of floating around. This sort of footwork originated from the celebration victory dance of the primitive tribes also known as Hunting Dance steps. Giving rise to the later known Brazilian Jiujitsu, which became famous throughout the world.

Waliwalika let loose a mournful shriek, causing the surrounding ears to shrivel in pain. His feet slid around, as his footsteps greatly widened up. Constantly switching his hatchet between his left and right hand, he looked overbearing yet his steps were devoid of weight. Arching forward and backwards as he teased his opponent. If Sheyan advanced, very naturally the prepared Jamaican would retreat, as he playfully toyed and consume his opponent’s stamina.

Sheyan’s face faintly twitched, he had racked up immense battle experience so far. In front of him, this brute Waliwalika’s actions, in his eyes were as bright as daylight. His face leaked out a teasing expression, while he suddenly surged forward fiercely with great speed at this Jamaican!

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