The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 4: Interview

Chapter 4:Interview

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:I and Elkassar

After the first round of toast, Sheyan raised his mug again and shouted out:

“May God bless his wife and daughter with good health!”

This toast was something the rest have never heard before, the contents directly contradicted his earlier cursing. However, Sheyan came from a distant eastern land, to the Europeans, their impression of the east was always clouded with a shroud of mystery. Therefore, they guessed that this was a special tradition of the east in order to broaden one’s own heart. However, nobody echoed after this line.

Yet after gulping down a mouthful of rum, Sheyan raised his mug again and exclaimed:

“May God bring me to his household!”

After shouting this, most of the crowd understood and immediately started laughing out loud wildly, as they raised their mugs high and shouted in unison:

“May God bless his wife and daughters will good health! May God bring me to his household!”

After this series of events brought about by Sheyan, he had successfully raised and assimilated himself into the atmosphere of the entire bar. However, when he sincerely inquired around on how to join the crew of those 3 legendary ships, he was mercilessly ridiculed.

Actually these 3 ships were already legends of the sea, every time they went out in voyage they would return with great rewards. Using a common example would be that it was such a quality job that brought a stable income, workers could even rest in the afternoon and enjoy a rich and sumptuous dinner at night. To work there as a crew member would require one to go through a matchless intense selection, even studying for 30 years and interviewing for the glorious government positions would be easier. To a seamen like sheyan who had potential but was unknown, it was simply an impossible task.

After paying the price of 5 mugs of rum, Sheyan came to a conclusion that he had two paths he could take. First was to find a pirate crew member of the legendary ships, and perhaps after earning a certain merit he could slowly infiltrate into the social circle of the 3 pirate crews. The second was to sell himself.

This selling himself wasn’t referring to prostituting himself to earn money and then finding a famous gynecology to do plastic surgery, and then finding and marrying a rich and innocent sugar mum. In contrast, it meant enlisting into the government fleet. More accurately, it meant being a marine on the two military warships that were anchored at the south side of Tortuga port. Sheyan could recall that when he just entered into this world, he could vaguely see the marine flag swaying loftily with the breeze.

(TN: the first part is directly translated to that, it feels like the description is too much :l)

The first path was full of danger and challenges, of course its opportunities would be more. Regarding the second path, Sheyan could roughly guess from the bar pirate’s estimation: stable income, life without freedom, its risks were relatively lesser in direct proportionality to its opportunities.

Sheyan wasn’t an easily contented person, more importantly in the entirety of the Pirates of the Caribbean world, english fleets always took on a miserable persona. In the fourth movie, they were even pressured by the unrivalled spanish fleet. Following the trend, if he made a wrong move at the start, then highly likely his story would remain passive and he had to exercise 10 times the effort before being able to reach the core of the storyline. From a short-term point of view, it was not bad to avoid huge risks by taking the path of a marine. However, from a long-term point of view, this move will cause him greater consequences.

Resolving his decision in his heart, he would never look back. In front, Scarface Harry seemed to be rather outspoken, hence Sheyan approached him to request a recommendation on a ship that required an extra hand. He said that he was willing to slowly save up, and think of a way to return home. After Scarface Harry listened to Sheyan’s request, he laughed out loud and said:

“Seaman Yan? You really want to work on a ship?”

Sheyen bitterly laughed and replied:

“I presently have no other options, other than doing what I already know, what else can I do?”

Scarface Harry took a long look at Sheyan, caressing his chin he whispered:

“Our ship currently lacks a labourer, however you must mend the sails and wash the deck, of course you must be able to wield a sword. Although life may be tougher, our captain Ammand is pretty magnanimous, maybe you can consider. However, my approval is only the first part, you must first pass the traditional selection test of our ship.

After hearing the name “Ammand”, Sheyan’s heart skip a beat. This guy had made an appearance before in the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 movie, and even hailed as one of the seven great pirate lords, the black sea pirate lord. Dominating the black sea, he commanded their Islamic pirates to plunder the Christian ships, and even succeeded in collaborating with the Ottoman empire. He controlled the entire land from Morocco all the way to Turkey.

Presently, this person had not yet made his mark. However, without a doubt he would be a person in the future that could sit at the same table as the likes of Jack Sparrow and Barbossa, of course the opportunities were endless.

“I’m willing to go for the test.” Sheyan stood up decisively. In his heart he was extremely clear, if he had not earn favour through the arm wrestling and treating of drinks, then based on his pathetic charm, he probably had no chance of joining the “Bell and Mug” hailed pirate member.

Scarface Harry glanced at Marde, his face leaked out a mysterious grin.

The surrounding bar pirates seeing that Sheyan had successfully gained a job offering, they inched nearer in hope but was mercilessly rejected.

This was a Beihai three mast sailboard that was in the middle of medium to large size. Its slender body was grey and had deep blue horizontal stripes, its tall masts hung huge sails meticulously made from canvas, and had dozens of greyish huge sail ropes intertwining within like a gigantic spider web. White seagulls had stationed themselves atop the empty observation deck, as they squawked loudly. The towering ship’s bow raised up mightily, as one would have an impression of a unicorn if they look at it.

The deck was made with Hopea planks that were at least 30 years old, which supplied better protection and lowered the odds of being hit by a cannon. Its surface was scrubbed relatively clean, signifying that Scarface Harry was substantially qualified. Because a clean deck gave one a pleasurable view, a relaxing feel and more important details often decided victories: In the ocean, violent shaking and swaying were inevitable, a filthy deck would cause the odds of falling to double. This was simply the start of a nightmare, if the consequences were serious, it may even cause grave accidents out a sea.

Without question, Scarface Harry bringing Sheyan up on board had caused a minor commotion. This attracted the pirate crew members to lazily climb up as they surrounded and welcome this stranger on board. They wore tattered worn clothes and had a sharp swords attached to their waist. One by one they lazily spread out onto the deck, folding their hands across their chest as their gaze were judgemental and they started discussing amongst themselves.

“Dear heavens! You actually brought a damned infectious stranger aboard without permission from the captain, Marde you idiot! Immediately kneel and ask for forgiveness, and pass your hatchet to me, then i will treat this as it never happened.”

The person who spoke just walked out from inside the ship, it was a person wearing a hat. Two strands of white feather were lodged into the hat. If not for his dark skin and profound wrinkles, then he would really look like a noble. Sheyan noticed that the extremely crude Marde had unconsciously took a step back, it was obvious this person had some sort of authority on this ship.

Scarface Harry stood out, his voice like the great clock he said:

“Xiaer sir, as the Bell and Mug chief officer, I believe I have the power to revise any improper areas of this ship, your responsibility is to navigate the entire ship to our destination, that’s all.”

Xiaer was rebutted by Scarface Harry, he stubbornly argued back:

“Only the great captain Ammand has the power to accept a crew member. You can only recommend, unless he can pass the selection test, I will never allow a stranger on board this ship! The reputation of Bell and Mug will also be cursed!”

That last line brought shocked gasps from the crowd, as a veteran sailor, Sheyan understood completely what was happening. He was currently used as a pawn in other people’s struggle for power . From this, it clearly explained the primary hierarchy of this era’s pirate ships.

The Captain was the commander of the entire ship, he was the major policy maker, and had the greatest risk. During emergencies he was involved in everything, but for normal situations he did not concern himself too much.

The chief official can described as the housekeeper: in charge of internal affairs, allocate manpower, managing daily routines, responsible for the goods (He must note the core commodities, shipping stability, goods arrangement – first goods to load out shouldn’t be placed at the bottom. Goods classification – cannot associate tea leaves with liquid products, if the liquid leaks, the tea leaves would be finished. Same with rubber and oil barrels in case of an oil-spill)…. If this ship contained dozens of types of goods, it would be unable to operate without a good chief official.

The last special members were: navigator.At the present time, there was no radar, and one could only rely on the stars, compass,and weather conditions to determine a ship’s location and destination. Drafting a travelling route on the map requires rich experience and knowledge. The navigator is the eyes of the ship, dictating the direction and was learned and thus were able to draw the maps and their travelling route. They sometimes also acted as the chaplain or counsellor to settle those mentally despaired pirates, ones who had turned lonely and frightened. According to the modern day and using simple terms, on the vast ocean the navigator was considered as the radar, playboy magazine and mobile phone.

(TN: No idea why there is playboy magazine, maybe it could refer to like their source of hope?)

(ED: It’s just a comparison with the present time where you’ll have entertainment while on board a ship.)

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