The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 5: Insane Duel

Chapter 50: Insane Duel

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Five metres, three metres, two metres! The Jamaican calculated the distance in his heart. His breathing was heavy and his eyes bloodshot. From the duel with Gates, he concluded that this person from the east had tremendously explosive powers, it he was able to dodge and thereby counterattack, then the chances of victory would greatly increase!

As expected, Sheyan really burst forward; raising his arms to cover his face, he smashed forward like a huge block without a trace of restraint. In this moment, Waliwalika felt a suffocating rush of wind against him!

In this crucial moment, he must retreat, he could only retreat!

While retreating, Waliwalika had already decided on his counterattack move. Him boldly standing up to take revenge for his brother was not purely impulsiveness. Within that short span of time, 7 different counterattacking measures had already started forming up in his mind.

Instead, Sheyan did not commit any further actions as he charged forward stubbornly like a raging bull, merely trying to finish off his enemy with a sheer forceful collision!

Waliwalika strangely croaked, with one move, he transferred the hatchet to his right hand and swiftly chop down with it. Yet, Sheyan very composedly raised his left arm! The nearby pirates all gasped in astonishment.

Waliwalika had the strongest arm strength amongst them, once during a battle, he even split opened a british lieutenant’s helmet! In their eyes, Sheyan would end up with a dismembered left arm, following that, half of his body would be chopped into half.

A glimmer of radiance flashed in the air!

As the two were about to exchange blows, an explosive blinding light emitted from Sheyan’s left arm as a huge mysterious metallic arm emerged! This was the weapon obtained from the terminator world – the Cobalt steel exoskeleton (Left arm)!

As the hatchet’s blade chopped on it, sparks emerged but failed to injure his arm. After deflecting the hatchet away, Sheyan extended himself and charged forward to Waliwalika’s front; looking like he was about to deal a fatal blow with his mysterious weapon!

Waliwalika was blown slight backwards upon the impact, and as he staggered a few steps back, he realized he had been forced to the side of the ship! He had actually been unconsciously forced into the corner amidst the chaos of battle! If he wanted to escape this perilous situation, he would require two urgent moves.

Currently, there wasn’t even a gap of 2 metres between the two. Sheyan charged in with arms covering his face, revealing many vulnerable spots in the process. Waliwalika’s gaze flickered as he took a step back with his left leg, and whipped out his right leg to execute an uppercut kick.

Blood courses round the body at an average of 6894 km daily. At this time, Waliwalika’s blood was rushing at 10 times the average speed as he panted heavily. Although his kick appeared lacking, it actually contained tremendous ripping strength. Once his opponent’s strange metallic arm struck down to block, his kick would allow him to propel to the side and escape his disadvantageous situation!

Waliwalika’s one kick had grasped the crux of his opponent. If Sheyan blocked, it would offer Waliwalika a chance to escape. But if Sheyan didn’t block, he would suffer a direct blow to his vital spot before being bombarded with assaults at close range by Waliwalika.

"Peng!" Waliwalika’s eyes popped wide open! This person had unexpectedly took the full force of the kick directly to his weak rib cartilage! A person’s rib area was considerably weak, once the rib splinters, it would threaten the vital organs such as the liver, lungs etc. That was why the rib cartilage is extremely important.

Instead, a terrifying pain transmitted up his leg as though he had just struck a piece of metal board! "Did I really just kicked my opponent’s rib cartilage?"

As a result, Waliwalika’s projected recoil from the impact did not happen. Thus, being unable to borrow the opposing force to escape, became the only fatal flaw in his plan!

Yet in this sort of intense duel, a flaw meant death.

Five seconds.

The blood lusted looking Sheyan then utilized a mere 5 seconds to turn this Jamaican into a dead man. Utilizing his strange metallic arm, in one swift blow, he monstrously pulled out Waliwalika’s throat from his neck. The cringing sounds of the shattering bones echoed through the deck, as the pirates could only cower in horror.

Following that came Sheyan’s malicious knee, which heavily smashed against Waliwalika’s crotch, awfully destroying that part of Waliwalika.

Before Waliwalika’s heavy body had the time to collapse, Sheyan had already coiled around his back; gripping onto the ordinary dagger he got from Gates, he slashed across his throat.

Blood immediately spurted out, as the tall Jamaican figure tumbled and fell abroad into the sea; disrupting the reflection of the sunset with a huge splash, as it slowly submerged into the sea with small bubbles foaming up from his throat before slowly dissipating.

Then, Sheyan coughed modestly, and licked the blood off his middle finger, before raising his brows and purposely executing weird pose; as if emulating a mysterious eastern martial artist.

After that, he looked towards the audience, and coldly continued.


The entire place plunged into deathly silence. Sheyan knew that his viciousness had achieved great effects. Taking a few much needed breaths, he casually observed the notification from his nightmare imprint he got after killing Waliwalika.

[ Your throat slash dealt a total of 33 points of damage to Waliwalika. Opponent falls into near-death state…. You have killed the opponent ]

[ The voodoo curse (Black serpent’s bite lvl1) has been dispelled. Your basic attribute: Spirit has been recovered to normal. ]

[ You have acquired a black pin (Grey). ]

[ Black pin (Grey): This is a key classification item, normally used in various witchcraft/ magic to weaken the enemy. After using, you have 50% chance of attaining a lowest grade black magic/ witchcraft scroll, and a 50% chance of acquiring a random item. Do you want to activate this item. Yes / No? ]

Sheyan understood that if this newly acquired "Black pin" produced a scroll, it would most likely contain the curse that Waliwalika used: Black Serpent’s Bite. He looked at his mere 5 points of spirit and then without deliberating selected ‘No’.

Presently, Sheyan had already accepted two duels – two victories, two dead opponents! Duels normally concluded within a minute, in that short time frame, his fearsome battle capabilities, his vicious nature, and his eastern mysteries had carved a deep impression on all the present pirates.

Logically speaking, there should still be a third round of test, however, the current atmosphere was frozen. Of course, this did not mean that no one onboard was incapable of contesting Sheyan. They just felt like it was not worth the effort or risk.

To these pirates, killing Sheyan would only merit them with 2-3 guineas, such low valuation was not enough to invoke their interest in dealing with this mysterious and cruel easterner.

A clear and distinct applause broke the awkward frozen atmosphere. This applause came from above, and along with it, was a steady and cold laughter. This laughter was precise, stubborn yet steady just like an alarm.

"The third test is hereby cancelled! Welcome the mysterious easterner, Seaman Yan, onboard the Bell and Mug!."

Sheyan turned his head around, immediately, he could see a male walking out from the captain’s cabin – the future pirate lord, Ammand! He had high cheekbones and a crooked nose giving one a first impression of a fierce tyrant with keen vision! Very naturally, Ammand had noticed that the commotion brought about by his chief mate, had caused much harm to the morale of the ship, therefore, he personally made an appearance to put an end to this unhealthy deathly atmosphere.

As Ammand was speaking, Sheyan received the relevant notifications.

[ Main mission: The Busy Man completed ]

[ You acquired 100 utility points ]

[ You received a new main mission: Gain Prominence ]

[ Mission summary: Promote your reputation across the Caribbean pirates ]

[ Mission description: The pirates of the Caribbeans are a bunch of reverential people. No matter how you do it, whether by good or evil methods, if you can leave a deep impression on them, their respect towards you will increase ]

[ Mission pointers: After accepting this mission, your reputation score will be activated in this Pirates of the Caribbean setting, current score of 24/1000 ]

[ Mission pointers: Pirates are all impatient bastards, you have a week to establish yourself ]

[ Mission pointer: The higher your reputation in the pirate world, the better your rewards will be ]

[ You have succeeded in becoming a Bell and Mug crew member ]

[ Bell and Mug is classified as a large pirate warship ]

[ You triggered a side mission: Get close to a legend ]

[ Mission summary: Ascend into any deck of the Black Pearl, Flying Dutchman, Queen Anne’s Revenge or HMS Victory, and subsequently, become their crew member ]

[ Mission pointer: Although these few legendary pirate ships/ marine ships are currently lacking in manpower, they would rather have nothing than weaklings, thus, they would not easily accept people without a solid reputation. Please increase your reputation in the pirate world first ]

[ Mission pointer: After the rum festival, those 4 ships would temporarily not set sail, however, they will only anchor for a period of one week ]

One thing to note, the HMS Victory was the only ship that could catch up to the Black Pearl, it possesses a fast speed, pointed tip and flat tail. It belongs to the Royal Navy of the British empire. The captain of the ship is James Norrington, the first marriage candidate to Elizabeth. In the second series, he had ingeniously captured the heart of Davy Jones. Furthermore, the ship’s firepower is extremely terrifying.

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