The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 37: Return

Chapter 37: Return



After Huashan Fei had received a desperate phone call from his underling and rushed back, a house filled with blood and chaos greeted him. He did not even bother looking at Harry’s corpse, frustratedly kicking it aside as he furiously rushed to his bedroom.

Huashan Fei immediately turned rigid; because he had earlier spent 50,000 on an ‘impregnable’ safety deposit box, and yet this box laid crooked on the ground. The opening of that deposit box was still swaying lightly, but most importantly…. Its interior was as clean as a basin that had been licked up by a dog.

Originally inside the box, was an entire 20kg of drugs and five hundred thousand RMB!

Following a trail of white powder on the floor, Huashan Fei followed it to the nearby toilet. Beside the toilet bowl were numerous packets of cloudy white transparent bags. These murky white transparent bags were tossed to the side, as white powder was scattered all about the toilet floor. Huashan Fei could feel his head exploding from within, his eyes darkened as he couldn’t resist groaning out loud.

His worst prediction had happened: That damned Sheyan brat actually resisted the temptation of the drugs, he f**ing flushed an entire 20 kg of drugs down the toilet bowl! This white powder was 99% purity Heroin! If he had to reproduce these drugs again through the manufacturer, and produce another batch, Huashan Fei’s losses could be counted in the millions!


Presently, Sheyan was sitting on a bumpy bus, his body was covered by a raincoat and he was holding onto an ordinarily looking briefcase. Yet the briefcase contained the five hundred thousand RMB that belonged in the safety deposit box of Huashan Fei. He was sitting in the last row at the back of the bus, his body shaking to the rhythmic tempo of the bumpy bus, closing his eyes he took a short nap.

After entering the present world, he once again suffered heavy injuries, however, Sheyan could feel that even the two deep cuts on his back were healing at a miraculous rate. After a few hours, there wasn’t even a scar left behind.

Where did this bus come from and what was its destination, Sheyan did not know. After boarding it, he threw a hundred dollar note at the driver and mentioned that he wanted to ride to the last stop before sitting down. In fear that his enemy would track him, the best choice was to head for a location that he himself did not know of.

Therefore Sheyan waited on the roadside for the bus. Any bus no matter its direction, price or destination he just boarded it. Once he reached the destination then he will start to figure out how to reunite with Uncle Dasi . Not only did Huashan Fei have deep connections within the prefectural city of Guangxi, he would definitely expose Sheyan to the law as a murderer and a robber. Therefore Sheyan calculated that he would not only be hunted by the underground organizations, but also the entire country!

A few days later, after rotating through several buses, Sheyan reached the interior of Guangdong province. After getting down from his long journeying, he immediately boarded another old and shabby mini-bus.

This mini-bus was so dirty from the mud that even its branding could not be recognized. Although the driver and ticketing manager appeared sincere and cheerful, they could not fully hide their inner ferocity.

Indeed, once the bus reached a remote place, it halted as the ticketing manager turned fierce and demanded from everyone to pay up 100 dollars. Instead, Sheyan felt delighted instead of shocked from this encounter, as he honestly paid up. This driver was outrightly violating the law, therefore the route that he took was definitely out of sight from the police and away from the usual route. This remoteness was extremely beneficial to him.

Sheyan’s aim was a small island to the east of Guangdong province, called Fanchan (a type of Chinese cobra) Island. This island was originally a fishing farm owned by a cultivating family, however they fell into bankruptcy and the boss in his desperation committed suicide by jumping into the sea. Following that people gossiped that this island was shaped like a head of a cobra, this shape of a poisonous snake was not good for Fengshui, therefore it gradually became deserted.

Earlier when Uncle Dasi lost his way out in sea, they came across this island and felt that this place could be used to hide away from the storm. Its distant market wasn’t considerably far and they could sell fish there. The place was relatively clean, and thus they proclaim this place to be their secret hideout. Following Sheyan’s calculation, after Fuyuan (the boat) left the port, there was a high probability of it making its way here to lay low from the storm.

Fanchan island was located 2-3km away from the shore. In order to prevent unwanted attention, Sheyan purposely hid away in a remote place for 2 hours, waiting for nightfall before swimming out into the ocean. However to his disappointment, the hut on the island was exactly the way they left it previously, there was even a layer of dust on the table. Obviously they hadn’t been here.

Fortunately, before that, they left behind a few bags of rice and pickles, and this place was not lacking in fresh water. Therefore Sheyan decided to lay low over here, anyway according to his predictions, he was probably wanted by the police. This wanted news was always the hottest within a week since the announcement, then it would gradually die down. After a month, to the other provinces and states, the wanted posters would just be treated as scrap paper. Of course a month of surviving on just pickles is undesirable, however Sheyan was an experienced and outstanding fishermen. The surrounding sea was his playground as he could easily acquire fresh seafood.

Therefore Sheyan stayed there, he even followed how he trained in the the nightmare realm and did the same there. Time flew by quickly, Sheyan had since left the nightmare realm for 17-18 days. This afternoon, Sheyan was chilling by the coast (seizing the low tide to gather his seafood), he had already gathered half a kg of sea intestine (also known as the penis fish). The nightmare imprint on his chest suddenly heated up, his heart started beating rapidly as he shut his eyes to inquire. Immediately, a series of notification entered his mind:

[ Please return to the nightmare realm within 24 hours. ]

Sheyan inhaled deeply, faced with this mysterious and dangerous realm, he felt not a single trace of fear but instead a hidden and longing excitement! Rowing his sampan excitedly he headed for dry land. After half an hour, Sheyan was already staying In Pingyu town that was 5 km away. Earlier he had accompanied Uncle Dasi here to illegally sell their sea products, therefore he had a degree of familiarity towards this town.

Very quickly, he entered the largest supermarket there and went to the third floor, seizing the chance when nobody was looking he entered the fire exit. Lightly bolting the door, Sheyan quietly walked down the stairs of the fire exit, at the same time he communicated with his nightmare imprint.

Very quickly, he reached the bottom of the stairs, suddenly, a deeper and longer staircase appeared as if leading to an unknown and mysterious world. After walking through a few flights of stairs, a boundless black fog enveloped him, as the nightmare imprint on his chest radiated. A scarlet red ray flashed out into a walkway, as Sheyan followed the walkway he quickly reached the same elevator that he used to exit the nightmare realm .

Those days training on the island were not wasted, Sheyan had actually raised a point in physique and a point in preceptive sensing. After retrieving his equipment/items, his attributes were as follows:

[ Strength 11 points (10+1) ]

[ Agility 8 points (7+1) ]

[ Physique 16 points (14+1+1) ]

[ Perceptive sense13 points (12+1) ]

[ Charm 8 points (6+1+1) ]

[ Intelligence 6 points (5+1) ]

[ Spirit 5 points (4+1) ]

[ Primary is the base attribute, while added numbers are from equipment. ]

His usable items were only a few: After eliminating the healing hamburger, he was left with the unpurified black blood orchid element elixir that he acquired from the unfortunate Cazider.

Sheyan closely examined and after making sure there was nothing left, he leapt out of the elevator.

It was impossible to determine whether it was day or night in the nightmare realm, the surrounding lights were not piercing to the eyes. After returning, Sheyan felt a strange unexplainably amiable feeling. He returned to the marketplace to tour around, and discovered a few tempting items. Regrettably the utility points he had on hand were too little. Therefore he couldn’t help feeling inadequate.

As Sheyan was about to leave, he suddenly saw a crowd of people nearby, and they appeared to be intensely arguing. He then crept closer, he realized things were fairly simple.

Two groups of people had caught sight of an archaic silver bell, and they were fiercely bidding for it. These sort of scenarios were extremely welcoming to the seller, more bonus from selling! However things were heating up between the two groups, if not for the peace mode in the nightmare realm preventing fighting, a conflict would have broken up long ago.

Regarding this sort of commotion, Sheyan had no intentions to be dragged in, he just casually hung around to listen to their conversations.

"5000 utility points, in addition 10 potential points!

"5500 utility points, in addition 11 potential points!"

"Oh shit this scumbag, this damaged sacred bell is only useful towards darkness type creatures, furthermore it can only be used for another 5 more times, how can it reach such a high price?!"

"Extremely sorry sir, the next world i’m planning to venture to consist of a great deal of darkness type creatures, therefore an item that can intimidate those detestable creatures, I feel that it's worth it."



Sheyan did not bother listening to the rest of the conversation, he suddenly realized something sensitive from that sentence.

"Extremely sorry sir, the next world i’m planning to venture to consist of a great deal of darkness type creatures…."

How did this fella know that his next world consist of a huge amounts of darkness type creatures? Unless, there is a method to forecast your next nightmare world destination. Going by this, they could learn the story line, even if the plot changes, they would have certain preparations or even equipment/items prepared specifically. This would greatly increase the chances of success and survival!

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