The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1: Three Legendary Warships

Chapter 1:Three Legendary Warships

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:Elkassar

After thinking, Sheyan tried to use the nightmare imprint to investigate, he received the following notification:

“You have 1 achievement point.”

“You can only receive a simple message about your next world five minutes prior to it.”

“You can also select to randomly enter a world before entering it.”

“Randomly entering a world will cause you to randomly enter a movie world. Therefore you will be unable to make any preparations for the next world.”

“Randomly entering a world will allow you gain an ability: Insight.” (Allows you to obtain basic information on your current target, the stronger the target, the lesser the information) Perceptive sensing as your basic attribute, the distance between you and your target will affect the success rate of the insight ability.

“After randomly entering a world, certain relevant nightmare realm abilities will become inactive.”

“Upon randomly entering a world, after completing the test it will reward you with an additional 20% in various areas. This effect cannot overlap with other similar effects. ( Meaning that, initially by completing a mission you can acquire 100 utility points, but those that randomly enter will receive 120 points)

Presently, Sheyan was in a state of poverty, therefore even if he could obtain information on the content of the next world, the only thing he could do was make preparations in his heart. He had no means to purchase any equipment/item to prepare. Therefore choosing to enter randomly should be the best option, at least he would gain two benefits. Sheyan waited quietly in the room, he still had 4 minutes before entering the world, and received a notification:

“Your achievement is 1 point.”

“You can choose to gain an information about your next movie world.”

“You can choose to randomly enter a movie world.”

Already decided, Sheyan chose random. As time elapsed, an oval shape radiating light door appeared within the nightmare realm, people started to enter it, causing small ripples as they entered. Sheyan took a deep breath, and stepped through the door.

“Initializing entry to the nightmare world….”

“Initializing make up of digitalization….”

“Initializing random assigning of world.”

“World confirmed.”

“Initializing character and world assimilation…..”

“Initializing entry to the world.”

This is a mixed world, it is both civilized and barbarous.

This is a world where gunpowder is expanding while witchcraft and magic is declining.

This is a crude amidst gracefulness, craziness amidst rationality world.

This is a smoky (From guns), skull, cannon and rum world….

Sheyan peacefully opened his eyes.

It was the kind of peacefulness that one felt every morning when waking up, the first thing he saw was a stained and mouldy tattered ceiling. Then he realized he was staying in a low, simple and crude room – like an old shed. This sort of scene made him feel like he was back in a small shed in Si Qiao town.

There was a moisty bacteria stench in the air, and the blanket covering his body was thick and heavy, it was probably made with linen. He could see a crooked table from the corner of his eyes distinctly, it looked like it would collapse under heavy pressure. Sheyan twisted himself, and the bed made a loud creaky sound. If an outsider walked past, they would misunderstand the room to have some sort of hot and heavy activity going on within.

Sheyan got down from the bed. Although after entering this space he would have recovered his maximum strength, he still cautiously moved his body. Beneath his leg a sensitive feeling was transmitted, the moist atmosphere had caused the wooden flooring to decay. The surrounding walls were made with ancient wooden planks that were pierced together in a chaotic and random manner. It had a thick moist feeling, as though pressing down lightly would break a hole in it.

The only furniture here was a small round table. This table had messy old scars covering it, as though someone had previously slashed wildly above it. Above, there was a slightly yellowish blank parchment paper, and a spotless goose feather pen. This feather, as if it could feel Sheyan’s attention on it, jolted up, and began writing on the piece of parchment paper swiftly like an invisible hand was controlling it.

“Contestant no. 1018, welcome to the nightmare realm.”

“This is your second nightmare world experience.”

“You must complete the main mission within 24 hours, if not you will fail the mission.”

“Main mission: The Busy Man.”

“Mission summary: You must find a job within Tortuga port within 24 hours, or else you, crooked faced brat, will have your throat slit and thrown into the sea, or get lost to wherever you came from!”

“Mission pointer: Presently, Tortuga port is hosting a rum festival, therefore it is the most bustling time of the year, finding a job is definitely not tough.”

Pointer: You used randomization to enter this world, you acquired an ability: Insight. Use this on your target to acquire basic information, the stronger the target, the lesser information available, insight cooldown will also become longer. The shortest is no less than 5 minutes, the longest is not more than an hour.

Pointer: Insight cannot be used on a contestant.

Pointer: Insight is a temporal ability, it will disappear after leaving this world. You have to use utility points to activate this ability. In this world, every time you use Insight will cost you 100 utility points. You can opt pay up the total amount of utility points you owe through usage of insights after completion of this world.

Warning: If when entering this world you do not possess enough utility points to pay your bills, then your equipments will be used as mortgage. If the equipment is also unable to meet the bill then your life will be used to compensate the remainder of the bill.

Pointer: You can achieve the following milestones in this world (Including this world and other worlds).

“Keen eyes swift hands: Obtain a random voodoo doll.”

“No fear: Chance encounter, you slaughter a random legendary creature.” (note: Your damage dealt to the creature must exceed its total blood volume by 10%)

“Drunkard: You must finish a hundred glasses of rum. (Note: Individual pricing must be lower than 4 shillings/ or the glass of rum will not be incorporated into the statistical data)”

“Great seafarer: You successfully make a round trip sailing through the New World.”

“Because your achievement is not enough, unable to check for other milestones.”

After seeing this list of notifications, Sheyan gently relaxed his eyebrows. Through these scraps of information, he could already roughly decipher which movie world he was in. As a fisherman since young, adapting into this world was as simple as a fish swimming in the water!

“I’m coming….. Carribean sea!”

Sheyan inhaled deeply, unlocking the door,he swung it wide open!

A familiar and refreshing sea breeze greeted him, he was currently located at a hillside. Around him were densely packed huts, beneath was a town of greyish wooden houses. The buildings in the town were disorderly interlocked with each other, giving one a gloomy old fashioned feeling. Vaguely he could see large amounts of people wearing shabby old clothes, with a red/ash white/black bandana swarming about in town like ants. 1 Km away was the vast foamy ocean.

The squawking sound of the seagulls could be heard from a distance, accompanied by the melodious tune of bagpipes. As the sounds were drawn in by the sea breeze, it gave one a wrong feeling of melancholy and emptiness. 5-6 km away, a towering 1km wide precipitous cliff thrusted out from the sea, like a huge and forceful arm that surrounded the small town, forming sort of like a bay. It blocked out any incoming gale or waves, and formed a naturally outstanding deepwater harbour as though it was the work of the Gods.As Sheyan gazed towards the inner bay, his heart felt like it was being tightly grip on by an formless hand, causing him to breathe deeply. It was like he was trying to release the excitement welling up in him every time he exhaled.

At the harbor, there were three immense, different and awe-inspiring ships anchored there! Confronted with such mystique and reverence in view of these 3 ships, the surrounding boats all paled in comparison.

According to Sheyan’s experience, these 3 ships were only medium grade. These deadly creatures were constructed with thousands of tons of steel and metal, and the three ships gave one a feeling that they possessed their own spirit!

Presently they were peacefully anchored in the deep waters, swaying majestically to the momentum of the waves, giving one the feeling of master of life and death, and ruler of the seven seas. It was as though the boundless and vicious ocean could only turn docile and bow down to these ships!

Even though this was 2-3 km away, its uniqueness and distinct qualities caused Sheyan to unconsciously recite the names of these 3 ships:

Queen Anne’s Revenge!

The Black Pearl!

The Flying Dutchman!

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