The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 36: Foreshadowing from space

Chapter 36: Foreshadowing from space

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

Vietnam was considered poor, but tenacious. From 1961 to 1973, an entire 12 years, was the war against America, enduring such a ferocious war, they also had a conflict with China in 1979. Because of Vietnam’s full conscription of its citizens into the army, it can be said that the country was filled with expert combatants. These people did not have a high salary, they were all veterans who had experienced life and death during the fierce warring periods.

Although a huge portion of these people were already retired, the ghost clan had several gunmen who were trained by these veterans of war. Rumours has it that they even engaged in drug pushing and battles within the Golden triangle (An area in Southeast Asia). These people were 40-50 plus years old, and their hands were already stained with bloodshed, extremely cruel and vicious! The ghost clan previously engaged in battle with the Vietnam border guards while smuggling, and they relied on these valiant gunmen.

In the present world, the passive ability “Endurance” cannot be activated, therefore if Sheyan encountered these gunmen, then even he wouldn’t be confident of achieving victory. Whats more to take down the entire syndicate?

Even when dealing with these exhausted thugs, Sheyan had used various tactics, and would never tackle more than 2 thugs at a time. This wasn’t because Sheyan was prudent, but because his power in the present world had not reached such an outstanding standard.

After deliberating for a while, Sheyan decided to make haste towards Si Qiao town. Huashan Fei currently had no clue that his own underlings had been totally wiped out, and was probably still waiting in Si Qiao town. This was the time when Huashan Fei was most vulnerable, although according to Felixis, Huashan Fei should have gunmen protecting him in addition to his own firearm. However Sheyan could plan ahead and had a great deal of confidence. Once he missed this opportunity, then it would be hard to find another chance to do so.

After deciding, Sheyan treated the wounds on his body and casually picked up a few dry clothes and a raincoat from a nearby shed. He then headed towards Si Qiao town. Felixis and Timid boy were trapped in a workshop on the fourth floor, with a towel stuffed into their mouths and bound beside the corpses of their dead colleagues, they had to wait for the hurricane to stop and for the construction workers to come and rescue them. Although their lives were saved, they were still extremely uncomfortable from the cold and hunger.

After exiting the construction site, Sheyan glanced at the trail of blood that he left when climbing in, and felt a deep sense of nostalgia like it happened in his previous lifetime. When he was escaping here, he thought that this would be his burial ground, never would he expect a twist of events. The hunted had become the hunter, the fluctuating mysteries of life could never be more evident inthen this.

At this moment, before Sheyan appeared two familiar figures on the road. His pupils shrunk, if he wasn’t wrong, these two figures were Huashan Fei’s men: Bingzai and Luwen!

These two men were two of the 3 thugs that had caught up to Sheyan first with their vehicles. But Sheyan clearly remembered, the two men were struggling with him on the staircase, and then turned to dust within the strange time paradox where time was rapidly sped up. Why would they appear now?

The two thugs were now closing the gap to Sheyan, but they seemed like they had no intentions of coming over. From far he could see their expression were both lifeless and dull, suddenly from far a muffled sound of a honk could be heard. 10 seconds later a heavy transport vehicle rolled in amidst the raging storm. This vehicle was fairly common the roads, normally they would be transporting huge amounts of sand/ materials to different construction sites.

However when this huge transport vehicle drove by, Bingzai stumbled a little perhaps because of the slippery road, as he instinctively grabbed onto the nearby Luwen. Yet when he grabbed Luwen, Luwen himself also lost his balance and as the two fell onto the road…. The heavy transport vehicle just whizzed by! Their bodies were like broken sandbags, knocked up high into the air, as they flipped a few rounds in mid air before collapsing to the middle of the road. The blood was slowly washed away by the rain. Another bus driving from behind did an emergency break, as the passengers all streamed down in panic like a bunch of ants running around without aim….

Sheyan stood 20 metres away, witnessing completely what had happened:

“This must be a sign, is it telling me that if the nightmare realm kills someone, then their death will turn into a logical death in the real world? Then it would prevent people from investigating a sudden disappearance. Then if I die in the nightmare realm, then I…. I wish that in the real world they arrange a glamourous way of killing me off.”

He pressed down on the hood of his raincoat, looking back again at the traffic accident, he then hasten his footsteps towards Si Qiao town. Although the rain was maddening it could not prevent Sheyan from steadily pressing on as he took one heavy step at a time.


Sheyan was familiar with this sound, this was the sound made whenever he sliced open the stomach of a fish. However he never expected that the sound of stabbing a person and killing a fish had so little differences.

He released the grip on his left hand which was covering his opponent’s mouth, lightly shoving, his lifeless opponent slowly slumped to the ground. Hand still twitching non stop, his eyes still darkened as his life drained out along with his blood. Sheyan maintained a frozen gaze as he wiped the sole of his shoes, he then pushed upon the door.

Not a soul was in sight.

“Hu” Sheyan exhaled loudly, he was feeling very complicated, a mixture of regret and luck. 10 minutes ago he had reached Si Qiao town, and he immediately headed over to Huashan Fei’s house. Being so familiar with Si Qiao town, Sheyan could close his eyes and still find his way about the different roads. Therefore he very quickly arrived at the fencing of Huashan Fei’s house. Welcoming him were two astonished thugs, and a red basin placed at the dog’s kennel.

Looking at this basin, Sheyan suddenly heard a buzzing sound in his ear. Blood rushed up his body to his head, and his heart started beating frenziedly.

That basin originally contained Uncle Dasi’s fingers! Huashan Fei probably felt like Sheyan had made a fool out of him, and in his rage, he fed the contains of the basin to the dog! In this sort of situation, all words were pointless, only one sentence remained “Won’t rest until he is dead!”

The two stunned thugs were cleared up in a short timespan, as the crazily barking dog was stomped to death. Of course Sheyan also paid a heavy price of 3 slashes, however his physique was outstanding which made his wounds less miserable. Even though his flesh was damaged, none of the blows reached his bones and could only be considered superficial wounds.

After consecutively slaughtering two thugs, Sheyan composed himself and began searching through the house. He discovered a trembling middle aged person. This person Sheyan had seen before, his named was Harry, he was the younger brother of Huashan Fei’s wife. He worked in the prefectural city in Guangxi as a chief labourer contractor, simply put he leveraged on Huashan Fei’s influence to enforce his contracts and demolish houses. Basically he forced out several families to become homeless.

Although this person was cruel and nasty, he was weak to the core, with just one knife against his neck he leaked out everything: That Xide had died in Si Qiao, and yet Huashan Fei could not produce the culprit. Huashan Fei knew that Xide’s old man, Black Devil, would never let this pass, and may even implicate his entire family. Therefore he urgently fled town to inform his relatives and family to gather at Si Qiao town and lie low for now.

Harry lived the nearest, therefore he was the first to reach Si Qiao town. Huashan Fei was still on his way to the prefectural city of Guangxi to fetch his wife and children and summoned his closest bodyguards to protect him, in case Black Devil decided to act fast. He would not be back for another 1-2 hours.

Sheyan had already considered lying in wait in the house and catching the enemy off guard, however alongside Huashan Fei had several expert gunmen as bodyguards, and Sheyan had no confidence in victory. After finishing off Harry with one blade, he started investigating the entire house thoroughly. One is to check for any hidden persons and the second was to plunder the house and make some profits before leaving. Revenge for a nobleman, ten years is never too late (Chinese idiom, same meaning as revenge is a dish best served cold). His own powers would definitely increase in the future, Huashan Fei would never think of running away from his roots. Taking his dog life is a just a matter of time, there is no reason to take such a huge risk now.

Back at the construction site, Felixis was a marginal character at Huashan Fei’s side, therefore obtaining any first grade information was limited. Although timid boy was a coward, he had great knowledge in terms of accounting. Certain regulations with the underground society were more strict than the government ones, therefore before and during a large scale smuggling, Huashan Fei would enlist the help of timid boy. Therefore timid boy knew certain secrets of Huashan Fei, which he leaked to Sheyan and this information had already been locked into Sheyan’s mind. Without much efforts, he managed to locate Huashan Fei’s private slush funds.

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