The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 35: Accidental reapings

Chapter 35: Accidental reapings

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:I and Elkassar

Foolish Cub was in agonizing pain, perspiring profusely and confused, he did not know what to reply. Sheyan himself had no intentions of letting him answer, forcefully stomping down against his vertebrae, he then grabbed his hair lifting his face up and heavily pounding it into the concrete ground!



The 3 thugs who kept watch below could be considered of low status in Huashan Fei’s hierarchy system. Simply put, they were the kind who were not significant enough to be noticed by Huashan Fei, were not liked by Foolish Cub or even valued by their head thug previously. They were even powerless against Foolish Cub’s greedy actions earlier and could not rebut him. While chatting below, they were filled with anxiousness, and finally the discontented and frequent trashtalker Felixis spoke:

“Not going up may not be a bad thing. That Sheyan brat is strange and evil. Think about it, our head thug has followed Bro Huashan for 10 years, what kind of storm has he not experience? Pui! Even he himself got finished off in one slice from the stomach up… tsk tsk.”

Saying till here Felixis kept quiet, because even he himself felt that something was not adding up. At this moment, a shriek could be heard from above! The three guys glanced at each other, and finally the most cowardly one stammered:

“That…that sound sounds like Rice bro.”


“That’s rubbish!”

The other two shocked guys rebutted in anger:

“That’s obviously the miserable cries of that little prick!”

Very quickly another cry ensued, this was clearly Cub bro’s agonizing scream. Following that the deep pounding sound “deng deng deng” could be heard. The sound was extremely rhythmic and filled with force. This caused the three guys to shudder in worry, as their goosebumps formed not knowing if it was cold or because they were afraid.

Suddenly, a window shattering sound could be heard from the third floor. Through the scattering glass fragments, a black figure was tossed out, and landed on the muddy waters outside. This figure landed 5-6 metres away from the 3 guys, and was covered in fresh blood. The figure was tall and sturdy and his hair looked as if someone forcefully ripped it apart. A gigantic swell formed up on the forehead, beneath the messy hair. The figure’s face was completely deformed, the teeth, eyes, hair and blood were all clumped up and in bits. Half the tongue was sticking out onto the cheek bone, it was as though his face was dragged against the rough road for hundreds of metres.

Looking at such a tragedy, it was hard to make up that this was the Foolish Cub bro. If not for Cub bro being the only person who wore flower neckties and flipflops combination, it was impossible to determine who it was in an instant. Following that, two other figures crashed to the ground from on top. That was the corpse of Little Needle and Soft Rice, their expressions were horrific, looking like they died an unjust death.

Observing the three bloodied evidence in front of them, the three guys broke out into panic, as though their chest was being crushed by a gigantic boulder, even breathing became difficult. Sheyan then surfaced from one of the balconys on the second floor, hands folded across his chest and grinning coldly. Glaring down with a strange peaceful gaze, he gave out a laugh, using this right hand to emulate the cutting throat gesture!

This gesture caused the three guys to shiver and jump up, as though they had been stabbed by a dagger. They gave out a weird cry and turned around to flee. This was exactly what Sheyan wanted. He daringly leaped down from the second floor, and dashed off in Felixis direction in pursuit! These three thugs all had the same train of thought, separating into 3, thus Sheyan could only chase one of them. However, they did not consider one thing: That was their individual physique!

The three guys chased Sheyan under the pouring rain and muddy waters for a few km until here, they then ran back and forth, up and down inside the construction buildings. They did not even have a break to drink water, even if they could rest for roughly 10 minutes underneath the building, they were still cold and hungry, how would they recover much of their energy? Not even 30 metres out, Sheyan caught up and finished off the fastest guy, immediately spinning to the west and chased for another 100 metres. Easily knocking out cold the defenseless Felixis, finally chasing the last guy. This guy was totally useless, upon seeing Sheyan coming close, he panicked and knelt down crying.

Finally, all the pursuing Huashan Fei’s underlings had been eliminated. The only two that lived were the fainted Felixis and the scared shitless guy.

Sheyan took a deep breath and exhaled, he felt a strange unexplainable carefree sensation within his heart. Clenching his fist, he could feel his physique and his strength, and a wild ambition stirred within in. Suddenly, he received a notification from the nightmare imprint:

“You just engaged in an intense battle in the present world: Your strength increases 1.”

“You just engaged in an intense battle in the present world: Your agility increases 1.

“You just got attacked by opponents and engaged in an intense battle in the present world: You physique increases 1”

Looking at the list of notifications, Sheyan actually felt peaceful because he already had a clear understanding: At the initial phase, a contestants attribute will exhibit rapid upgrading, however, upon experiencing both worlds, this upgrades will eventually stagnate and can only rely on the free attribute points in the nightmare realm to upgrade their attributes.

After becoming a contestant, it also represents that a person’s body potential has been thoroughly activated. Through rigorous battles and training, then the body’s potential will keep increasing until it reaches the average person’s limitations. Upon reaching this bottleneck, a contestant’s body can be said to be similar to a world champion’s body composition, reaching the maximum capabilities in every aspect of a human body. However, in this state, no matter how hard a contestant trains or battles, his individual attributes will not be able to advance even by 1 point. This is because the person’s potential has been met, only be increasing his potential points from the nightmare realm can he increase his attribute potential level.

The initial phase of rapid upgrading is sort of a defensive mechanism by the nightmare realm for its contestants. The goal is to allow them a short growth period in strength so that they can better adapt to the merciless nightmare worlds. A contestant when exiting the realm to the nightmare world will have an additional 1.5x increase in attributes. It is to protect new members, at the same time also allowing the contestant to get used to the new levels of powers that the body can produce.

While Sheyan was pondering these things, he started tying up Felixis and the other brat with a rope. The two poor fellas were hungry, cold and were tortured by the recent horrors. They couldn’t stop trembling and their eyes looked lifeless. Where would they find the strength to resist? After binding them, he carried the timid guy to the nearby factory workshop, quietly observing him. Until the timid guy suddenly cried out again, he then whispered:

“You want to live or die?”

After listening, the timid guy summoned his strength as he cried even harder and exclaimed:

“Of course I want to live! Bro Sheyan spare me, it has nothing to do with me. I did not touch not even a hair on one of your family members!”

Sheyan immediately replied:

“Of course i know you haven’t, if not why do you think you’re still alive? Tell me everything you know about Huashan Fei, I will compare your statement later on with Felixis. If your statement differs….”

That time, Sheyan could not contain his smile, and stopped speaking. The timid guy shivered as he suddenly recalled Cub bro’s bloodied and deformed face, desperately nodding his head and exclaimed:

“I’ll speak, I’ll speak!”

Half an hour later, Sheyan walked out of the workshop. Very naturally he got what he wanted. Felixis earlier slapped Uncle Dasi once, hence Sheyan took one of his hands.Timid guy was extremely lucky to come out unscathed. However, Sheyan’s expression wasn’t exactly relaxed as he realized that he had underestimated Huashan Fei’s capabilities. This guy’s status in the ‘ghost clan’ had been elevated from a mere backbone to as high as the clan leader’s position. Even the clan head “Black Devil” had now shared the same level of authority as him. That being said, even with Xide dead, even the Black Devil could not touch him.

Although Sheyan wasn’t mixed in with these underground matters, he had heard of rumours of the ghost clan before. Once Huashan Fei had attained the status to that of a clan head, then his words were extremely influential and powerful. In any critical situation, bringing firearms over from Vietnam was not impossible, and this was extremely bad news for Sheyan.

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