The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 34: Killing and Chasing

Chapter 34: Killing and Chasing

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Huashan Fei’s men were all hooligans. They had no proper training and just relied on their brute strength. If they were on a winning streak or seemed advantageous, they would appear loud and threatening. However, once they started suffering setbacks, they fell like dominos. For example that Little Needle, once he got stomped on a few times, he lost all will to battle under the immense pain. He cried out loud and tried desperately to crawl away and escape, but Sheyan easily caught up to him, using the iron rod, he mercilessly and heavily struck down on the back of his head.

“This is for Sanzi.”

Sheyan coldly spoke.

Little Needle instantly turned rigid, his whole body jolted forward, shaking and twisting as his life quickly departed from his body.

Sheyan’s gaze was murderous, licking the blood off the corner of his mouth, he grinned as he walked out. He had already seen through Foolish Cub’s ploy. That meant that in this entire building there were only two opponents left! As he took big steps forward, his sturdy and bulging muscles bounced beneath his torn and tattered sleeveless garment. The scene was like a savage cheetah on patrol in his territory.

The Foolish Cub duo encountered Sheyan at one of the workshop entrance.

Going by another perspective, it was Sheyan who was blocking them at the workshop’s entrance.

Foolish Cub’s name had a foolish word, however, he wasn’t dumb at all, foolish was just how he appeared to look. Once he saw Sheyan’s hands were covered in fresh blood, he understood that Beer Hua and Little Needle were the latest casualties. However, to Foolish Cub’s horror, Sheyan was supposed to have gotten a gunshot wound to his stomach, but this person in front of him was perfectly strong and even agile. Even his skin wasn’t the least bit torn, where did he look like a person that had sustained great injuries?

“Disguising as a pig to eat the tiger?” This notion appeared in Foolish cub’s mind. Still, he could not understand Sheyan’s current condition at all. Furthermore in retrospect, from beginning to the end, the series of events seemed to be a huge conspiracy. Sheyan was so cunning and capable, he could even earn the number one title within the hierarchy system of the underground organization with his talent, how would he be content with just being a fisherman on a lousy fishing boat?

Foolish cub’s mind flashed with lots of suspicions, however, Sheyan already had the goal of settling things as fast as possible, how would he let go of this opportunity. Without speaking he pounced forward while lifting up his iron rod! That cold dark bloodied iron rod emitted a “weng” sound, like a lightsaber, showing off its underlying tremendous strength

The person that Foolish Cub brought was naturally his confidante, although he was called Soft Rice, in actual fact he was a crafty and vicious lad. Seeing Sheyan’s action, without hesitation he raised the iron rod in his hands to block. He never expected that upon impact, his hands immediately turned numb, but the seemingly unaffected Sheyan crazily continued pounding down. It was like an explosive rain of terror!

“Bang bang bang bang!” the simultaneous pounding echoed through the workshop. Sheyan’s unrestrained and frantic pounding caused the vicious Soft Rice to feel an overwhelming sense of dread. He was using both hands to withstand the poundings with his iron rod, yet both hands had turned numb, and was currently just resisting with his sheer willpower. At this moment, Sheyan used his hardest to smash down! With the thunderous sounds of the wind, a loud clashing sound followed by a gentle agonizing wail. Blood was flowing out of the webbing between the fingers of the hand wielding the iron rod, furthermore the iron rod had broken into two from the rusted areas!

In any battle, there were numerous unexpected variables. No one would be able to predict when or guess what was going to happen. However, these variables can suddenly turn the tides around or trigger an inspiration or sudden victory. Therefore, Soft Rice seized this golden opportunity to counterattack, he may even succeed! However, Sheyan reacted with such swiftness he did not give him any breathing space. Tossing away his metal rod instantly, he nimbly took a step in!

That one step forward worked wonders, as the counterattacking Soft Rice had no room to execute his attack! A man who wanted to gather force to strike could not waddle in like a female with long skirt, but infact had to take a big step to gather force for his assault. With one leap forward, Sheyan had lodged himself between Soft Rice’s legs. The distance between the two was so close it was negligible, even their breathing could be felt by each other!

Just when Soft Rice was still trying to react, Sheyan had already cleanly buried in a fist! The rock solid fist smashed onto soft rice’s nose. This move to Sheyan was already something he was accustomed to and not forced. Soft rice shrieked in agony, tossing away his iron rod to press down on his nose. Sheyan viciously grinned and, pressing onto the right thigh of Soft rice and using force he ferociously kneed upwards!

This explosive knee strike shot Soft Rice up for half a metre. Reddish fresh blood sprayed out of his mouth, as his eyes popped out widely. Following this was an array of consecutive elbows and fist strikes, giving off a consistent flesh to flesh heavy pounding sound. Lastly, flinging the already half dead slump of a body heavily onto the nearby pile of iron fence, as the body slammed down rattling the fences. The body rolled down slowly, leaving a big trail of red on the fence down!

Sheyan then spun around, wiping off the blood on his face. This gaze was blazing with rage, yet his words were as calm as the ocean, softly and steadily vocalizing his voice.

“Don’t worry, next up is your turn.”

Presently, Sheyan wasn’t spared from sustaining injuries as his back had two long intersecting wounds, forming into an ‘x’. Bloodied flesh were hanging off from the wound, and it looked quite serious. The back of his entire tattered and torn garment was already dyed crimson. While Sheyan was furiously unleashing his blows onto Soft Rice, Foolish Cub did not stand still but frenziedly slashed his knife around. Sheyan managed to evade most of the strikes, but still suffered two heavy slashes.

Only Sheyan’s innate ability “endurance” could not be activated, however, his physique was two folds of an average person. When Foolish Cub slashed down on his skin, after slicing through two inches, it got jammed by Sheyan’s thick muscles, unable to dive deeper to inflict heavier damage!

If an ordinary person suffered such injuries, even if they could tolerate the pain, they would still be affected greatly by it. However, after his transformation, Sheyan could still utilize his maximum powers even after suffering an assault. That was the greatest advantage a contestant had over the average joe.

Foolish cub stood there in a daze, as his expression was one of watching a horror movie in broad daylight. He was astonished at the fact that this familiar person had suddenly transformed into a war machine like Bruce Lee! This gap in power was too tremendous!

10 minutes ago, Foolish Cub was scheming how to get rid of Sheyan and obtain the 500,000 yuan, but now, the only notion he had in his mind was:

That was to survive.

Face with Sheyan giving a sly expression, Foolish Cub could taste bitterness in his mouth, as goosebumps enveloped his body. It was the kind of horrific situation akin to a rat face to face with a cat. He screamed out loudly, in desperation he aimed the fruit knife at Sheyan and threw it, turning his body around he started fleeing! The terrified foolish cub was filled with that one notion, that was to go down and rejoin the rest!

Faced with a flying knife, Sheyan casually pinched it with his fingers in mid air! The blood flowed between his fingers, dropping to the floor one drip at a time. However, his face remained the same, a cruel and cold expression. As the desperate Foolish Cub rushed down the stairs, he suddenly felt a huge figure brushing over him along with a gust of wind. Foolish Cub screamed in shock, dodging to the back and feeling a strange, nice and warm thing splashing onto his face. Feeling it, he realized it was droplets of fresh blood! It was the corpse of Soft Rice that was thrown down!

With one throw, Sheyan destroyed the staircase railing, and blocked Foolish Cub. He slowly and steadily inched ahead giving one the feeling of someone who was in total control. Foolish Cub was currently trembling from head to toe, as he knelt down and cried out in exasperation:

“Sheyan bro! It is Huashan Fei who ordered us, it wasn’t my idea!”

Sheyan ignored him and silently inched closer, he was like the gradual darkness following the setting of the sun. The kneeling Foolish Cub upon seeing Sheyan’s feet coming right before him, his eyes flashed with viciousness. Using his right hand to grab Sheyan’s left foot, his left hand then reached out for a hidden knife inside his trouser pocket. His idea was to cause Sheyan to lose his balance and then stab him with the knife. However, Sheyan strongly raised his left leg, using the same strength coupled with swiftness he stomped down!

“Ah!!!” Foolish Cub’s miserable shrieks filled the air. This one stomp was Sheyan’s full strength, foolish cub’s right hand felt like it went through a meat grinder, flesh torn and bloody, even exposing a deep white portion of the finger bone. No wonder he could only scream in pain. Sheyan had now reached his back, heavily stepping down onto his vertebrae, he bent down and pulled his hair raising his face along with it. Sheyan then bent down further to his ears, coldly pronouncing one word at a time:

“Uncle Dasi’s fingers, wasn’t it you who personally sliced it off one by one?”

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