The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 33: Ravaged, Dried, and Rotten.

Chapter 33:Ravaged, Dried, and Rotten.

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

In his pursuers eyes, Sheyan who got shot and escaped to here was like a turtle in a jar, 500,000 yuan was ready to be collected by them. Therefore, without stopping to take a breather, they wildly charged up. Initially, Sheyan was slightly affected by them, however after numerous life and death encounters in the nightmare realm, he had already trained up his reactions and decision making. Brows twitching, he rushed up the building.

His pursuers had rushed here amidst the muddy ground and the pouring rain, they were filled with fatigue. They normally gambled and partied, and some were already past their glory years, if not for the motivation of the 500,000 yuan, they would have given up long ago. At this moment, their target was fleeing up the building without any escape route, hence they summoned their last remaining burst of strength to charge up. Yet Sheyan without any hesitation continued fleeing upwards.

After Sheyan returned from the nightmare realm, he was in an optimum state of concentration and ferociousness. The poor group of buddy underlings had all their energy cleaned up from sprinting up 5 storeys worth of stairs, their legs felt extremely heavy. It was as weak as consecutively masturbating for 3 times in one night…

Under this sort of circumstances, the first fella that reached the top of the building would suffer unimaginable consequences! Sheyan was already keeping tabs on them for some time, Huashan Fei’s hired thug head was the first one to charge up while holding onto a fruit knife. It was as though in front of him was a mountain worth of 500,000 yuan! Instantly he was furiously charged at by Sheyan, strong, sturdy yet graceful and agile, was as though he had become a cheetah’s meal!

The hired thug was knocked cold, as both this feets left the ground, he screamed for half a second before his throat gave up, as he crashed to the ground and spun a few times. He then laid there motionless.

The fuming reinforcements were surprised, as they struggled forward to look but only witnessed a collapsed thug with both his eyes still wide open. His face was shockingly pale, and his chest had a wound of approximately two fingers size. Blood was bubbling forth from within like boiling water, as it proceeded to heavily dye his entire shirt in red. Although the wound wasn’t huge, it was deep as his situation was already hopeless. The black figure that knocked him rapidly made a roll on the ground and leapt to the edge of the roof. He turned his head around and sneered, and took off his coat to wrap around his fists. Holding onto the nearby white plastic pipe drain, he leapt down!

“Shnng shnng” the sound of friction continuously sounded. This drain wasn’t properly fixed on yet, and only had a few huge nails locking it in place. Under such pressure from Sheyan it seemed like it was on the verge of collapse. However, Sheyan was only utilizing a small amount of force, he had no intention of sliding all the way down the building like a stuntmen. His aim was just to land on the balcony one floor down. The death of their head thug did not serve as a deterrence but instead agitated them further, as they rushed forward to the edge of the room to see what had happened to Sheyan. Upon seeing Sheyan landing safely on the fourth floor, they frantically shouted to proceed below.

Prior to this, Sheyan’s heart was filled with apprehensiveness, right now he was actually composed and brimming with confidence. Bursting forth with energy, he nimbly and swiftly proceeded. The ‘tattoo’ upon his chest constantly reminded Sheyan that his earlier experience wasn’t just a fantasy, but it was the harsh yet hopeful reality!

After running considerably long under the pouring rain, their low grade firearms were already rendered useless. Therefore, to the Sheyan who had undergone an ultimate evolution of his body, the only words that he chose was “Drag!”. Drag on until Huashan Fei’s numerous underlings had lost all strength and dispersed, then he would naturally counterattack!

After leaping down from the roof, he immediately dashed to the stair and ran down. The thugs above were like a dog that just saw a bone, persistently giving chase even when their face had turned pale from exhaustion. Sheyan brought them on a wild goose chase around the entire construction site. Running for at least 200-300 metres before making a loop and running into another building construction.

“Wait a moment!” The person who shouted was called “Foolish Cub”. After their head had died, amongst the underlings, he was second in ranking. The thugs were all panting and dying from exhaustion, they couldn’t wait to sit down and rest. Once hearing Foolish Cub’s shout, they immediately halted.

“F** his mom, that brat has like a gas pedal under his leg, even his actions are swift and precise. Let’s leave some of us here to cover the entrance, less he takes us on another wild goose chase and leave us all worn out. I, Foolish Cub am taking command now, once we capture the person we will split the 500,000 yuan, no matter if he is covering watch or pursuing him!”

This Foolish Cub was not easily trusted, appointing Little Needle, Soft Rice and Beer Hua, his closest three colleagues to personally give chase. He then commanded the other 3 to keep watch below the building, these 3 were all closer to the dead head thug. Furious at this arrangement, they could only suck it up and scold Foolish Cub within their heart.

Foolish cub made eye contact with his three trusted confidantes, they obviously understood the underlying intentions and were filled with elation. His ‘splitting of the 500,000 yuan’ meant giving just a few hundred to the few guys below. Upon reaching the second floor, Foolish Cub urgently whispered out:

“I’ll go with Soft Rice, Beer Hua and Little Needle will go together. We will take left, you take right. Shout upon sight. The few guys below looked pretty unhappy, I’m not sure how long I can control them. If we drag on for too long, then I reckon the other guys would just come up to help. Therefore, we must cherish this opportunity and act fast to capture that dog, and finish him off quickly!”

This building was different to the office building previously, it was a factory designed building. Every level was divided into 4 different workshop districts, and each workshop district was probably about a thousand square metres large. Furthermore its interior was currently undergoing additional restructuring and refurbishing, workshop tools, repair equipments and material rubble filled the space into a huge mess. It was so chaotic that a person entering would have his attention divided into a dozen areas.

Beer Hua and Little Needle stumbled into this environment. Cursing loudly, they begun searching cautiously, not missing out on any corner as they held on tightly to their fruit knives. Earlier, a few of these thugs were already victimized by Sheyan, and before engaging with Sheyan, they all felt that he was slightly shrewd and experienced. They did not regard him as a huge threat.

That was the fatal flaw in their thinking.

That was also the fatal flaw in the thinking of Huashan Fei’s underlings!

Once the two guys examined the half hanging roll-up door, they finally saw the person they were looking for. Sheyan was standing about 5 metres away from them, with his hands folded across his chest. His facial expression was strange as though ridiculing them and treating them in contempt.

After experiencing several bloody trials in the nightmare realm, he had no concerns whatsoever regarding these two vicious looking thugs. Presently, not only was his strength greatly enhanced, he had learned two kinds of close combat techniques. He had already battled with several simulation opponents in the training ground, experiencing numerous movements and tactics to figure his maximum battle potential. Under this sort of circumstances, faced with these sort of already exhausted average thugs, what sort of suspense would there be?

Beer Hua’s nickname was not because he loved drinking beer, but because he loved to use the beer bottle to smash people’s heads. Therefore, his nickname was cruel and terrible. Upon seeing Sheyan, he charged forward, raising his fruit knife to chop down at him. Sheyan grinned evilly, he did not bother dodging but instead picked a nearby iron rod and swung it back!

“Clang!” sparks escaped into the air. Beer hua’s knife wielding right hand shivered and turned numb, the fruit knife had already broke into two. Stumbling backwards by two metres, he realized the broken tip of the knife was lodged onto the wall as he raised his head up to look in horror. Sheyan wasn’t at least bit affected from the impact, advancing a step after swinging the iron rod, he then simply swung a kick at Beer Ha.

This one strike was filled with such ferocity, even Sheyan was pushed backwards from the impact. Beer Hua was knocked and flew 2-3 metres back, finally collapsing onto the ground and sliding for a further 5-6 metres. His head had smashed into a nearby pillar, as his eyeballs popped out, after a while blood streamed out from his mouth, nose and ears. The blood dripped onto the ground forming a pool as his body shuddered and finally stopped moving. Looking at this, it was as though Sheyan did not restrain himself.

Little Needle had not even reacted up till now. Only when Beer Hua crashed backwards from the kick did he regain his senses and charged forward. This guy’s mouth was incorrigible and loose, causing Sanzi to previously suffer by his hands. Sheyan had earlier wanted to get revenge on him. As the guy swung his knife down, Sheyan parried it away with his iron rod. He then positioned the rod horizontally on his left, grabbing Little Needle by this coat and heavily thrusted the rod into that guy’s mouth. Instantly, a little white and red could be seen spurting out. That little needle’s constant yapping and obscene language momentarily turned to groans and wails of agony!

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