The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 32: That damned prick is over there!

Chapter 32:That damned prick is over there!

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Regarding the recent negotiations, Sheyan could be said to have gotten the better deal, but not an overwhelmingly better one. Light blue scroll and a dog tag in exchange for a dark blue scroll, utility points and food may seem like a rip off, however, in actual fact from another perspective it wasn’t:

To the contestants who venture worlds, it was much better to utilize far range weapons than close combat attacks.The reason being, close combat contestants undergo a larger risk, which could be seen from the unlucky dead contestant no. 1844. Therefore, amongst contestants who survived several nightmare worlds, there would naturally be more long range combatants. The quantity of combatant type definitely affects the valuation of their respective ability scrolls.

After completing the deal, Sheyan closed his stall. He then walked about another 100 metres to another stall to purchase a basic close combat scroll with 2400 utility points. This was cheaper by a few hundred utility points as compared to the official pricing from the nightmare imprint. Entering the nightmare realm, he already naturally possessed basic footwork and basic endurance. Therefore, once he mastered this basic close combat skill,he would fit the learning criteria. He then consumed one potential point to learn the dark blue scroll.

Although this deal wasn’t what Sheyan initially aimed for, but being able to learn this close combat grappling technique wasn’t bad at all. It could be used to attack and guard. Still, Sheyan had no clue why that golden shell watch was so popular, however, he didn’t care as the item was in his possession he could slowly analyse it. After consuming one potential point to learn the skill, Sheyan received a list of notifications:

All skill lvl upgrade phases consist of 3 lvls. For example, basic skill lvl 1-3 required 1 potential point and some utility points, 4-6 would require 2 potential points and more utility points. Anything about lvl 6 would require 3 potential points and a huge amount of utility points to increase a lvl. This is for the basic skills, if it was upgrading an advanced skill, then the consumption requirement for potential and utility points would be more frightening.

For example, to raise a basic skill to lvl 10, the required amount of potential points would be [1×3 + 2×3 + 3×3 = 22 points]! For advanced battle skills, the consumption rate would be greater! After the completion of a mission, based on the difficulty and your mission score, you will receive 1-5 potential points.

Supplementary hamburger attributes:

Hamburger (Condition: Extremely good)

“Origin: China Shanghai Dicos no. 31 shop

“Rarity: White.”

“Classification: Normal food.”

“Usage requirements: best is not during a state of battle (While consumption, moving, attacking or being attacked by others will break the healing effects)

Usage effects: Regain 60 HP within 20 seconds.

“Description: Eat it!.”

After settling all his stuffs, Sheyan returned to his personal room with ease due to the navigation system from the nightmare imprint. Upon returning, he felt fatigue and immediately collapsed onto the floor in deep sleep. The floor wasn’t hard, as though made by flexible material, and the temperature was automatically adjusted allowing one an optimal environment. Thus while sleeping, one will not feel too warm or cold.

After awaking, Sheyan felt rejuvenated, he then used a few utility points to purchase food from the nightmare imprint. Through the nightmare imprint, he found an already prepared training ground. He realized that the training ground technological advancements were centuries ahead of the present world, it could even replicate an enemy to exchange blows with you. Apart from not being able to damage, the replica is exactly like a combat master! Sheyan had acquired two new skills: Basic close combat and expert grappling. He familiarized those skills rapidly in his mind. Time past extremely quickly while training in this training environment.

During this period of training, Sheyan had occasionally went to tour the market, he had found a 1500 utility points basic long range combat scroll. His dream of being like his childhood heroes gunning down everyone in his surroundings had not been forgotten. Unable to resist the temptation, he moved to purchase it. However on the verge of completing the deal and receiving the item, the nightmare imprint rung loudly in his head with a notification:

Warning: Host genetic coding is unsuitable, compatibility rate with the ability scroll is only 0.316%.

Warning: The probability of unsuccessfully using the scroll is 99.718%.

Sheyan was temporarily shocked and then immediately relinquished the deal, smiling he walked back toward his training room. His childhood dream created through numerous underground society shows and his counter strike gaming had been cruelly destroyed by reality… followed by a scolding coming from the back:

“Basterd! No cash, get lost!”

Then Sheyan suddenly thought of something:

There was actually a compatibility rate for the different basic skills, then shouldn’t there be a basic skill that had a high compatibility rate with him? He then proceeded to survey the other scrolls around the market, regrettably the ability scrolls were fairly uncommon and he could not find a suitable one. Furthermore, the marketplace only sold a standard batch of scrolls, there was nothing new.

A day later, while Sheyan was worrying about his rapidly shrinking utility points (Reason being he used it for the training grounds), the nightmare imprint on his chest heated up, giving out a distinct warning.

You have remained in the nightmare realm for too long, 28 minutes and 19 seconds left to the 30 hours deadline, please select to enter a nightmare world or return to the present world.

If one exceeded the deadline in the nightmare realm, then they would be penalized on their utility points based on the duration of breach. Once utility points reach 0, they would be forced back to the present world.

Beforehand, Sheyan had a slight inkling that he could return to the present world, however, he could not confirm it. Under the imprint’s direction, he reached a small door on the west. The interior looks like an elevator, and when the door closed behind him, the place was sealed up completely. On the ceiling was a flickering red light, and very soon the nightmare imprint transmitted a message.

“The equipments/items you have acquired in the nightmare realm has been forcibly retained and kept in your personal room. It will be returned upon arrival back to the nightmare realm.”

“In the present world, whether purposely or being questioned by others, you must not leak out information to ordinary people about the nightmare realm.”

“You should try at best not to use any different special abilities you have acquired in the nightmare realm. This may result in dire consequences.” (Apart from passive abilities)

“Once leaving the nightmare realm, you can only return after 7 days.”

“Once the nightmare imprint heats up, you must return to the nightmare realm to accept a mission within 24 hours. To return, while walking down a staircase, form a mental connection with the nightmare imprint.”

“The passage of time in the nightmare realm differs from the present world.”

“Your innate ability: Endurance (passive) is classified as a concealed ability, unable to activate. Therefore, in the present world, you will not be able to receive the effects of this ability.”

Although the message did not mention in details about the consequences of violating the regulations, Sheyan clearly understood the seriousness of it. Witnessing the mysteries of this realm, Sheyan did not dare to test the system. After the series of messages, the door once again reopened. Ahead of Sheyan was a corridor, and an endless pitch-black staircase. Breathing in deeply, he gently started walking up. Not long later a ray of light flashed into his eyes, after climbing another few steps, Sheyan was breathing in cool air!

Dim and lofty lights, concrete and revised steps and an incomplete and messy construction railing! This was the previous scene where Sheyan was being hunted down! After returning to this point, the floor was once again drenched with fresh blood, and he even had distinct injuries!

Sheyan instantly understood, this should be the differing passage of time. This was the argument brought forth by Albert Einstein. He mentioned that if a spacecraft could have a speed close to the speed of light, then the time on board the spacecraft would slow down. If the speed could reach the speed of light, then the time on the spacecraft would differ from the norm and even stop. Based on the ancient chinese saying, a day in heaven is like a year on earth.

Sheyan sluggishly stood at his original place, looking down at the empty staircase, he raised his own hand to scrutinize. Previously those days and nights worth of experience, had just become a dream upon returning. His body was slightly trembling, after his initial excitement upon returning to the present world, he now felt a sense of longing and regret.

Suddenly, a fierce cursing boomed from below! Following that Sheyan could see a bunch of people streaming into the construction site’s entrance. They were covered in mud and looked very malicious, fuming they cursed incessantly. Within their hands were kitchen knifes, choppers, daggers, baseball bats and wooden sticks etc. They were Huashan Fei’s underlings. Presently, Sheyan was standing underneath the lights of the stairs, being illuminated by the lights, the group of people could see him as bright as day. They stared with a cutting ferocity, pointing their fingers as they excitedly called out:

“That damned prick is over there!”

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