The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 31: Expert scrolls!

Chapter 31: Expert scrolls!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

There were also quite a handful of people who were interested in the cobalt steel exoskeleton which could increase all attribute by 1. There were some who shook their head and sigh, saying that if this magnificent effect of increasing the attributes by 1 could be shifted to the watch, then the watch would have a sky-high price. A few started negotiating with Sheyan about the scroll, but their terms were far fetched from Sheyan’s one. Since they tried to be cheap, Sheyan was unwilling to trade.

The attention slowly died down, as peace returned to Sheyan’s side. At this moment, a shorty walked over, holding half a bottle of vodka, he casually spoke:

“Hi, fellow, looks like you recently succeeded in your first risky adventure?”

The small brat had a strong german accent, very thick and muffled. However the nightmare imprint had interpretation abilities, and thus Sheyan managed to understand him, nodding his head he said:


That small brat surveyed Sheyan’s goods, drunkenly he nodded his head saying:

“Cobalt steel exoskeleton, golden shell watch, A dead soldier’s dog tag, mmm, a light firearms proficiency scroll, most likely you have just returned from that dreaded terminator world. To be able to receive so many treasures is not easy, you must have met a good team?”

Sheyan laughed and he spoke softly:

“My fortune was slightly better that’s all.”

The little brat shook his vodka and replied:

“From the start I’ve seen several guys were all honestly trying to buy your goods, even their offers weren’t low, yet you did not trade. Perhaps you are currently in urgent need of a large sum of cash? Or perhaps you wish to exchange for something captivating?”

Sheyan felt his heart stirred and spoke:

“What do you mean?”

The small brat giggled saying:

“I’ll take everything you have, how about 3000 utility points?”

Sheyan smiled shaking his head, that small brat’s expression followed as he continued persuading:

“Oh friend, that was a very fair offer, how much are you looking for? Unless…. You are looking to exchange with something?”

Sheyan knew that he should never lay his cards all on the table, lightly laughing as he rambled on incoherently. The conversation went back and forth until this small brat laid out all his offers, Sheyan then finally uttered out:

“How much is that physique + 3 ring worth?”

Because Sheyan had rebutted to all his offers, that brat could not deduce what his goals were, and could only raise his brows and said:

“Physique is the most crucial attribute that a contestant needs, therefore its value is definitely not low. Furthermore, a ring is originally a rare item, and thus it is very valuable over here. Listen to me my friend, 3500 utility points for your items, this offer is extremely generous.”

After observations, Sheyan felt that this little brat was quite smart, the chances of him trying to take advantage of Sheyan were slim as he replied:

“What do you think of my light firearms proficiency scroll?”

Little brat squinted his eyes and replied:

“You only plan to sell this? Although that scroll is light blue, it is too localized as it has high demands on certain attributes. Furthermore it is only a proficient mastery scroll not an expert one (followed by a long speech)….”

Sheyan had no love for such lengthy speeches just for the sake of bargaining, Shaking his head as he rudely interrupted him

“Ok ok, just tell me, this scroll in exchange for your ring plus 1000 utility points, is that fine?”

The little brat instantly shook his head, his gaze gave off a crafty look as he muttered:

“That is obviously not possible, unless you add on that golden shell watch. Also an additional 5000 utility points.”

“Golden shell watch! Again it’s that Golden shell watch!” Sheya’s heart suddenly shivered, he understood that this thing probably had a hidden worth within that he did not know. Immediately saying:

“No deal.”

At this moment, a small commotion was going on further away, once again there were a few people who left their personal rooms and went into the market. Within them there were two persons rushing out, they looked urgent as they scurried between stalls. It seemed like the item they wanted to purchase was of great significance. Moreover people who exhibited this sort of buying behavior normally wouldn’t be particular, even if they were slightly cheated they wouldn’t mind.

As they scurried around, they actually paused at Sheyan’s stall, a fairly petite and graceful figure glanced over and finally excitedly squealed! She grabbed onto the Light firearms proficiency scroll that Sheyan was selling but immediately sighed:

“A pity it’s another proficiency mastery scroll.”

However she held onto the scroll,as the larger figure beside her began to speak. His voice was deep and shaky, giving one a feeling of dignity:

“Expert mastery scrolls are not so easily found, the next work is fairly dangerous and I am not confident in protecting you. Before entering that world, you must upgrade and strengthen your own powers! If you cannot procure a light firearms expert scroll, then just make do with a light firearms proficiency scroll.”

The female very obviously trusted the man, nodding her head gently she then proceeded to negotiate with Sheyan. Sheyan wasn’t the kind that would be light on women, furthermore he already had his own valuation immediately saying out:

“Ten thousand!”

The little brat was currently drinking in a mouth of vodka, but upon hearing Sheyan’s words he immediately choked and the vodka sprayed out of his mouth. He looked at Sheyan with helplessness, shrugging his shoulders as he went off without saying a word to the couple beside him.

Sheyan was extremely composed, probably this thing was fairly uncommon here, however upon his earlier observation around the market initially, he realized one thing. There wasn’t any other light firearms proficiency mastery scroll that was being sold here, being the only one possessing it, he naturally had the audacity of a tiger.

Not long after, that couple turned around. The male, upon seeing Sheyan with his hands folded up against his chest, raised his brows, then sternly spoke:

“Are you really interested in selling this scroll? I am interested in buying, but your exaggerated pricing leaves me with no choice. Over there, there’s someone else selling a light firearms basic mastery scroll, although the effects are lousier, at least it is still worth something.”

Sheyan was extremely reactive, earlier his audacious valuation was just to test the other party’s willingness in case they tried to bargain cheaply. That guy further discussed with Sheyan:

“Since you are selling this light firearms proficiency scroll and not learning it yourself, you should be a close combat type. Have you learned this advanced ability yet?”

Saying this he fished out a dark blue scroll out:

Grappling combat expert mastery scroll

Rarity: dark blue

Usage effects: Enable you to learn basic advanced skill: Expert grappling lvl 1

Usage requirements: Strength 8 points, Physique 10 points

Description: Basic skill mastery scrolls are separated into 3 types, Basic, proficient, expert. Expert scroll is the rarest, but its effects are the best.

Further description: Expert grappling lvl 1, allows you to skillfully grasp the close combat grappling techniques. Allows your close combat attacks to increase by 7, dodging by 7, blocking by 7, and resisting by 7. (If it was basic grappling, then increasing bonus would only reach 5)

Further description: You need to master basic close combat, basic footwork, basic endurance (This is different from Sheyan’s innate ability), before learning this skill.

Further description: Advance ability: Expert grappling skill lvl will not be able to be higher than the skill lvl of basic close combat, basic footwork, and basic endurance. (This means, you must first upgrade the lvls of the other skills before upgrading the lvl of the advance skill)

Further description: Learning this scroll requires a fee of 1 potential point.

Sheyan’s initial intention was to exchange for a high defence equipment or accessory, next in line was to exchange for equipment that increases physique. He never expected this person to brandish out a piece of scroll, and it was even a dark blue expert mastery scroll! His heart stirred, however, he understood that the description required him to grasp basic close combat, footwork and endurance. In his dismay, he treated this scroll like reaching for the reflection of the moon in the pond (chinese idiom; tricking oneself that they can reach for great heights). To a newcomer like him, no matter how good he is, it was just wishful thinking to be able to train to such levels in a short period of time. Sheyan also recalled that there were a few grappling scrolls in the market, although there weren’t any expert ones, there were still several proficiency ones. Although the price wasn’t cheap, bargaining was still a possibility.

Sheyan immediately replied with two words:

“No deal.”

The huge dude probably guessed how Sheyan would have reacted, squinting his eyes saying:

“I add another 1000 utility points!”

After negotiations, the huge dude finally exchanged it for his scroll, 2500 utility points and a hamburger that could heal 60 HP in 20 seconds. Sheyan exchanged his scroll and the unevaluated dog tag.

Sheyan had done his research on the dog tag, it appeared quite frequently. After evaluating, it will grant you a dead soldier’s dying information. After that you can bring this item to search for the person’s family and receive a reward. Because every soldier’s family background is different, thus your rewards could also differ greatly. If you are fortunate you would reap great benefits. However, if you are unlucky, one would even be chased out of the house. Normally, you will be rewarded with 100-200 American dollars which can be used to exchange for at least a 100 utility points.

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