The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 30: Accidental reaping

Chapter 30:Accidental reaping

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

Sheyan immediately put on the windbreaker, to him even a slight increase of his charm by 1 point is not bad. Furthermore, the reward was only 1 free attribute point only. But the second equipment gave him a bad headache. After observation, this ‘perfectly restored’ cobalt steel exoskeleton armour’s attributes actually fell. Its attack damage dropped from 33 to 19, its additional equipment connection port was destroyed and finally its special ability was utterly negated.

However, Sheyan immediately noticed a new benefit: All your attributes increase by 1. He felt that all the earlier flaws were worth it, in actual fact amongst all light blue equipments additional attribute bonuses, this cobalt steel one was the highest. Because, equipping this will grant an entire bonus of 7 attribute points! Although these points were fixed, its value in this world was extremely high to Sheyan. He felt that the huge risk involving the FBI squad was worth it.

Another noteworthy point was that although its maximum damage output got lowered by 14 points, its minimum damage output was raised by 3 points to 18 points. Although this restoration had lowered the equipment’s explosive strength, it caused its individual assaults to be more stable.

To a risk taker, this explosiveness was something that they loved, however to the careful, scheming and calculative Sheyan, stability was more important. The lower the deviation between the output the better. No matter if the numbers were bad or good, it could spoil the outcome of the battle or actions, and this was one deciding factor.

In the real world, a steadily profiting company is also more well received than a high risk high returns company. A noteworthy point is: in the real world, something important that a partner looks for in another person is their income stability. The world ‘stability’ is extremely important in marriage and starting a family.

Because the equipment requirement had now increased to 9 points of strength, Sheyan placed his free attribute point into his strength. After equipping everything (Including the golden watch), his personal attributes are as follows: (Presently the 50% bonus from the terminator world is now deducted)

Strength 10 points (91)/ Agility 7 points (61) / Physique 14 points (1211) / Perceptive sensing 12 points (111) / Charm 8 points (611) / Intelligence 6 points (51) / Spirit 5 points (41)

Note: Primary numbers are basic attribute, secondary is equipment enhanced.

Sheyan pondered for a moment, he then once again interacted with the nightmare imprint, wanting to purchase suitable tools or abilities. However the notification he got was that his achievement points were inadequate, privileges limited. THhe only two basic ability he could purchase were: Basic eloquence and Basic meditation. These two skills were not what Sheyan required, furthermore their prices were expensive. Basic learning required a huge fee of 3000 utility points, after learning he still needed to use potential points to raise the skill. Right now, Sheyan only had 420 utility points, he did not even meet the basic requirements even if he had the want desire to learn.

Sighing, Sheyan stood up, yet he did not realize that there was no door, all the room walls were blended into one. At this moment where he was deciding what was his next move, the night imprint shot out a ray of brilliance, projecting onto the opposite wall, forming a doorway. Once Sheyan walked out of the door, looking back he saw that the door had completely vanished, and did not have a single trace of it being there. This was its method of protecting their individual identity.

Sheyan turned his body back and raised his head, heaving a deep sigh, he could only see a vast emptiness in front of him! This space was infinite, giving out a faint reddish aura. To be more precise, these surroundings were like a huge eggshell, and his room was like the core.

Sheyan squatted and pressed his hand onto the ground, it was soft and gave one the feeling of an organism’s warm and elastic texture. Before him was a broad plaza, where at least thousands were sitting onr standing here, making weird hand gestures and talking to each other. It was just like a night market.

Everyone had a shroud of mist covering their hands, their features were blocked by the dense fog. This was the nightmare realm’s special protection system. The centre plaza had a few circular glaringly light doors, giving out a rippling radiance for unknown reasons. However, people could be seen coming to and fro from them, it didn’t look like some forbidden ground.

Sheyan could faintly predict what this place was, and he made his way to the nearest gathering. Just like he predicted, the sitting/squatting people were selling items, they all had various 3D projections of the items appearing in front of them, as well as their detailed measurements. It was as though they were all equipments gathered from the nightmare realm, however their prices were pretty high.

For example an ordinarily damaged handgun’s value was worth 500 utility points, and this did not include ammunition. There were some medicines, food and even elixirs which were all beneficial in terms of regaining strength in battle or healing functions. There were also some basic mastery scrolls, which were cheaper by alittle than the official pricing in the nightmare realm.

Upon reaching this trading ground, Sheyan then swiftly made an inventory for his items: The cobalt steel exoskeleton was included in his list of un-tradable, the golden watch was also an untradable. In view of his inadequate agility, and which meant that he would have to always come into close combat with his aggressors, therefore that FBI windbreaker which increased his avoidability was also relatively valuable. The unpurified black blood orchid elixir which could save his life in the future was naturally something he could not sell.

Calculating what he had, the only items that he could trade were the basic lightfire arms proficiency scroll, the dog tag (unevaluated) which he attained from killing the Delta task-force member, 420 utility points, and the extensive report he had on the T-750 Terminator.

Sheyan was in no rush to trade, as he paced around within his bustling market, continuously looking at different item descriptions. Previously, he had transported personal goods around as a fishermen, this kind of market trading environment was fairly familiar to him. It was pity that this nightmare realm prevented him from observing the seller/buyer’s expression, it would be easy to upsell a product or trick a person who had great need.

After scurrying around half the market, Sheyan raised his brows because he noticed the people nearby were all selling intelligence reports. The T-750 terminator detailed report on his hand was actually relatively cheap, only selling for 50 utility points. Furthermore, the demand for it was not very fierce. This should be because the people venturing to the Terminator world were numerously frequent. However, amongst the ordinary reports were special ones like an Elder Predator (from alien vs predator) report, and it was only recorded as ‘a part of’. Although this was the case, it sold for a high price of 5000 utility points.

After touring the entire market, Sheyan developed a certain understanding towards this place.

A person who possessed the innate ability endurance, to advance this skill to its fullest potential, had to prioritize procuring of high defensive items/ equipments. Adding on to that is naturally the high physique items/ equipments. In this realm, the person who could resist the longest is the one who gets the last laugh.

Hence Sheyan activated his nightmare imprint and paid a fee of 100 utility points, he managed to source an empty plot of space to start his own trading activities.The Nightmare realm was not like the nightmare world, it had its own defensive mechanism and lots of regulations. There is no assaulting another,there is an ease of trading and automatic sensing protection functions. That is why Sheyan could boldly display his items with ease, and even had great description projections of his items. If an interested party examined his item and found no problem with it, and brought the item that doesn’t belong to him out of the market, it will automatically be transmitted back to its original place.

He had already estimated properly the items he wanted to sell and their value, yet he still displayed all of his equipments on hand. This was naturally to accumulate popularity and attract attention to visit him. To the people touring the market, an unknown new stall was definitely more attractive, and therefore very quickly contestants came to entertain him.

Several of these items were still useful to Sheyan, but, after a short 10 minutes, 5-6 people had flocked over here and expressed buying interests. Surprisingly, the item that garnered the most interest was that golden covered watch!

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