The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 29: Suspicions and reward

Chapter 29:Suspicions and reward

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:I and Elkassar

Sheyan’s sitting posture remained the same, however once returning to the nightmare realm, an intolerable radiation flashed into his eyes, completely blinding him. Instantly, he had no clue what was happening. However, his body was overflowing with a strange and heavy sensation, even his ears hearing had become muffled.

After a few spots of lights started to appear in his vision, Sheyan gradually recovered his sight. After waking up, he realized those lights were like glimmering stars! Looking around, it was as though he was placed in the limitless universal space, dark and encompassed by a deep gloomy color.

Soon after, Sheyan started having 3D projections appearing in front of him, the scenes of Bloody Jack/Cazider/Los Angeles policemen engaging in battle flashed, following that the murder scenes of the two T-750 terminator. Lastly, he could see his own hand gripping onto the neck of the FBI agent as he viciously struck him into the metal rod, as the projected person finally died.

The space subsequently displayed the follow information:

“Scenario: Teminator”

“Difficulty: Extremely easy (E class)”

“Pain limitation: 70”

“Individual additional strength: 50.”

“Present scenario exploration degree: 12.31”

“Milestone completion rate: Treacherous ally 10/50, Machine predator 2/ 3”

“Additional information: Scenario setting is peaceful, contestant will not drop loots upon death, Digitalized character information modulation initializing, contestant can check on his personal attribute through the nightmare imprint.”

“Mission completion rate: 53”

“Mission completion score: C-, Note: lowest: E, Highest score is a perfect SSS

“Scenario completion reward: Free attribute points – 1 point, Utility points – 100 points, Potential points – 2 points” (TN: Not sure what this is yet)

“Character current free attribute points: 1 point.”

“You can at any one time use your free attribute points to strengthen any personal attribute (Strength/ agility etc), upgrading oneself.”

“You have accomplished your first main mission: Nightmare imprint interspatial ability activated, your current interspatial space is 0.5 cubic metre. Weight limit cannot exceed 10kg.”

Pointer: The items/ equipments that are unable to leave the terminator world, you have the following options.

A: Selling everything in exchange for utility points.

B: Maintain possession, the next time you enter the terminator world you can retrieve it.(An amount of utility points will be used as safeguarding fee, either wise your items will be discarded)

Sheyan chose to sell all of his items and “American dollars”, obtaining a total of 283 utility points. Although, he still doesn’t know the full function of the utility points, he understood that these points were like his currency, definitely very useful. That M500 pistol and shotgun were rather uncommon, but Sheyan wasn’t very compatible with guns, there was no value in keeping them. Sheyan thus sold them away, raising his total utility points to 340 points.

Sheyan then carefully examined the description of potential points, he wasn’t in a rush to use that point. In his mind, he was still rather bothered by the mission completion rate of 53. Prior to this he had eliminated two frightening T-750 Terminator, he believed that if it was someone else, they couldn’t have done it better! This performance actually earned him only a completion rate of 53….. It was just a passing rate if the total were upon 100! What kind of performance would then be enough to score a perfect 100 score? Sheyan pondered but still could not understand this.

The vast twinkling universe started turning blurry, eventually turning into darkness. Once Sheyan regained his vision, he was currently in a small room. This room was plain and simple, its surroundings were made of metal, like a modern day battleship design, concise, agile and experienced. The room only had one wall and a small metal stool in the floor. Very quickly, the nightmare imprint notified:

“This is your personal room within the nightmare realm, external individuals will not be able to enter, the objects that cannot return to the present world can be stored in this room. If you are injured, you can recuperate here rapidly for a certain fee. The key to enter is your nightmare imprint. Within the nightmare realm, your external looks will be fuzzy, therefore when interacting with others, do not expose your true identity which may result in dire consequences in the future. Any request or inquiry can be made through the nightmare imprint which will cost a fee of utility points.

Sheyan understood these words, swiftly he spoke out:

“Explain the functions of potential points.”

Instantly, he got a reply:

“Potential points are used to upgrade basic abilities/skills and battle abilities/skills.”

“Within the nightmare realm, a contestant can study and learn various and different kinds of unique abilities/skills. However, great oaks grow from a little acorn (Chinese idiom), the stronger the unique abilities, the greater the requirement of basic skills and trainings to compliment each other and finally give birth to the stronger ability.”

Basic ability has a total of 7 classification. To cover the entirety of combat requires numerous elements. Which is linked to your body attributes like strength, agility, physique, perceptive sensing, charm, spirit, intelligence, these 7 classifications. The basic ability effects are passive and specific as follows.

“Basic close combat: training various capabilities of close combat will increase your close combat battle prowess and killing ability. The primary linked body attribute: Strength.”

“Basic footwork: Training your ability to dodge opponents, and may increase your movement speed by a little. Primary body attribute: agility.”

“Basic long range combat: Training your usage of long range weapon capabilities, increases the damage done from long range. Primary body attribute: Perceptive sensing.”

“Basic Endurance: Training your ability to resist, allowing you to survive longer. Primary body attribute: Physique.”

Basic eloquence: Training your persuasiveness, allows you to rapidly create friendship or earn friendship points with strangers. Primary body attribute: Charm.”

“Basic meditation: Trains your willpower, allowing your mental powers to be more tenacious. Basic body attribute: Spirit.”

“Basic prayer: Trains your mind, expand and upgrade your mental capacity. Basic body attribute: Intelligence.”

“Certain high grade equipments/skills will require certain battle skills/basic skills before wearing or learning. The higher the ability, the more potential points needed to advance. Abilities/skills can also be upgraded through rigorous and tough individual training, but once you reach a bottleneck, you can use your potential points. For example a mixed martial arts champion, upon entering this realm, will have been equipped with several high level close combat techniques and skills.

“Basic skills and certain battle skills can be purchased within the nightmare realm, and use potential points to upgrade. High grade skills can only be attained through individual enlightenment or through engaging certain characters within the nightmare world.”

Until now, Sheyan thought of the time he eliminated that long range proficient T-750 Terminator, and acquired a scroll: Light firearms proficiency. This was probably the advanced skill of the basic long range combat ability. Under this safe and secure environment, he finally fished out the white key he had attained from killing Rednose (FBI agent). A chest appeared as he acquired 80 utility points and one white equipment: FBI special windbreaker. He then retrieved his successfully restored cobalt steel exoskeleton to examine, carefully noticing the following attributes.

“FBI special windbreaker” (Condition: Extremely good)

“Origin: Los Angeles.New gen clothing factory”

“Equipment rarity: White.”

“Equipment place: Upper body.”

“Equipment requirements: None”

“Windbreaker additional effects: Charm increase by 1 (More suave, therefore increased charm)”

“Windbreak additional effects: Lowers the probability of being hit by the enemy by 1” (Reason being the windbreaker is very baggy, which may block your opponent’s full view of your body)

“Evaluation: This equipment has more fashion capability than protection ones…. It looks like the Versace 1982 trending windbreakers.”

“Equipment battle score: 6”

Cobalt steel exoskeleton armour (Left hand) (Condition: Extremely good)

Origin: Michigan US, Skynet no.71 workshop, ninth production belt.

Equipment rarity: Light blue

Equipment effects: Increase your hand battle damage by 18-19 points.

Equipment effects: All your basic attributes increase by 1 (Uncommon special effect)

Equipment requirements: Strength 9 points, physique 11 points.

Equipment place: Arm

Material: Cobalt and steel mix.”

Flesh plastic layer (Function has ceased). Magnetic weapon absorption examining system (Unable to add) (Your forceful restoration has spoilt the interconnecting port)

Weight: 7.8 Kg.”

Length: 352 mm”

Weapon class special effects (already removed): During an attack, there is a slight probability of neglecting the opponent’s defence. (You had added an impure material to this weapon, special effect unable to activate)

Weapon class new effect: During an attack, you have a 50% chance of causing additional damage, damage amount depends on the user’s strength.

Evaluation: Short-sighted bastard! You will regret this negligent restoration!

Equipment battle score: 14

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