The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 28: Return

Chapter 28: Return

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Frightening gunshots filled the air, the powder that Sheyan sprinkled out was taken from the supermarket, it was powdered black pepper! One of the American’s main meals is the black pepper steak, therefore, it was extremely easy to find thick black pepper in the supermarket. These spicy black pepper were extremely tasty on the beef steak, however, it would cause extreme irritation once entering the eyes or nose of a person, causing them to tear and sneeze uncontrollably; blinding them temporarily.

After the 3 FBI agents got caught in Sheyan’s ploy, they started coughing as tears and mucus flowed. Fuming, they endured the pain and tears in their eyes and forcefully took aim. However, Sheyan had already prepared beforehand, underneath the black raincoat something suddenly shook, as he numbly turned around. From his back, he produced out the Italy Spas 15 mil shotgun, fiercely pressing onto the trigger.

Sheyan’s gun skills were pretty low, making him rarely engaged in a firefight with others. However, under these circumstances, that shotgun was no doubt a terrifyingly strong weapon from this range. The black barrel of the gun stuck onto the nearest FBI agent’s body, as the deadly gunfire burst forth. Thousand of the metallic balls sprayed out and directly penetrated against the person’s body. Breaking through his outer coat with ease, although his internal bullet proof vest provided some sort of protection, the distance was too close to prevent most of the damage coming through and causing a great deal of internal injuries.

The FBI agent who got shot was exceptionally skilled, he retreated back from the gun with the experienced of a thousand rigorous trainings and experiences, intending to roll to the side sales counter to take cover. However, he did not expect Sheyan to have already anticipated this move. Already stepped to that side, the smoking black barrel of the shotgun aimed coldly and precisely towards his head, without hesitation he triggered it!

“BOOM!” “BOOM!” Smoke lingered and floated up from the FBI agent, the flesh and bones from his head were all splattered and scattered around the area by the explosion of bullets, leaving behind a scene of cruel tragedy. In his current state, even his mother would not be able to recognize him, as fresh blood flowed everywhere, leaving a pool underneath him.

Sheyan’s heart screamed with pity, this FBI agent’s willpower was extremely high, in the nick of time he actually managed to raised his arm up to protect the head portion preventing him from instantly losing his life. However, the good thing was that he had already lost all battle capabilities, and wasn’t a threat to Sheyan anymore during this period.

At this moment, Sheyan’s back transmitted waves of searing pain, as though a flaming hot dagger was repeatedly piercing into his body. A few bullet projectiles whizzed past his ears, obviously the other two FBI agents had recovered and were not frantically shooting at him. If not for the negative influence of the black pepper, Sheyan’s head would have been filled with holes by now. Even though this was the case, Sheyans HP had been frantically dropping even falling below the critical point of 20 points.

Sheyan aggressively held on to the heavily injured agent as he used him as a shield. Burying his head, he jumped and roll over the nearby sales counter and into the sidewalk. The incoming array of bullets wildly pounded onto the wall and the sales counter. Only the trail of fresh blood on the floor indicated the success of their earlier assault.

Faced with such disorderliness and desperation, the FBI agent’s eyes were still red and filled with tears. No matter if they were an ordinary American soldier or the FBI, they were patriotic and would never give up. Only if some were heavily injured or dead, then a few would stay behind and tend to them and the public disorderliness. However, there were only two of them in battle, if they were to split up… they were afraid it would lead to more tragedy and less success. If they gave up and let the suspect flee, then they may have to resign from the FBI!

While they were deliberating, a raging voice boomed from behind:

“What are you waiting for!”

The current guy rushing in was this special FBI squad leader: Norman. His eyes were glaring at his two covered in dust subordinates, and then turned to look and the half dead bloodied pile of mess, James’s body. His eyes exhibited a certain complexity, as he spoke with gusto:

“You two immediately pursue him! Remember, just tail him, I…..I will request for reinforcements.”

“WHAT!!” The two agents voiced out in unison. They weren’t appalled at the call to pursue Sheyan but instead was that their squad leader wanted to ask for aid.

Norman gently shook his head and said:

“If I request for reinforcement now, then our small group will only be the disgrace of the entire FBI organization. However, if I wait until the situation can no longer be salvaged, then the entire FBI organization will turn into the laughing stock of America! Our individual humiliation is nothing compared to the dignity of the entire organization.”

After listening to Norman, the two FBI elite agents remained speechless. Norman fished out a brick like communication device, and began pushing on the buttons….

Sheyan was currently frenziedly running, he could not sense anyone hunting for him. If he knew that his opponents had placed a tracking device on him, he would definitely have paused and prepare for his pursuers instead.

Presently, his situation wasn’t good, the injuries on his back were still bleeding excessively, and his perspiration caused a burning sensation against his wounds. If he was an average person, he would have lost mobility and be groaning in agony by now. However, Sheyan’s gaze was burning with stubbornness, an intensified concentration and barbaric madness. It was as though his wounds were his life’s medicine, and pain were his only source of motivation in battle! The higher the pain, the higher his battle strength!

“Warning, warning, the purusing FBI agent’s squad leader has requested for backup.”

“Warning, warning, the purusing FBI agent’s squad leader has requested for backup.”

“Warning, FBI headquarters agent, JacksonSadine has joined the chase to capture you, he will reach in 10 minutes.”

Looking at this series of notifications, Sheyan’s pupils dilated. The previous contestants sudden elimination by the Delta anti-terror task force had deeply etched into his mind. He was always worried about this, that was that the FBI agents would request for reinforcements.

“10 minutes, luckily I have 10 minutes to prepare!” Sheyan’s heart was slightly comforted by this notion.

Courage does not mean recklessness, risk doesn’t mean throwing your life away. He had no information of Jackson Sadine which cause him not to have any intention on coming to blows with that FBI HQ agent. Sheyan had adequate confidence that his opponent would definitely be overwhelmingly dominant. If Sheyan had that dead Cazider’s innate ability “Refraction”, then he would have a chance of victory. Unfortunately, his effective range was only about 5 metres, and he was using a shotgun….

From the time frame of the nightmare imprint, Sheyan begun counting down in his mind:

“10, 9, 8, 7………, 3, 2, 1,!”

Consecutively, within his backpack transmitted a clear distinct sound. The sound was like the crackling of an ice glacier against the beating rays of the morning sun. Retrieving out of his backpack, he looked at that transparent casing currently already filled with cracks, and even emitted a bad odour.

Faintly within the deep color, the sharp tip of the weapon could be vividly seen!

Sheyan found a wall to sit down, leaning his head against it, his mouth unconsciously leaked out a grin. Licking the dried blood on his lips, his heart asked to the nightmare imprint:

“I want to complete the main mission: Destroy the space-time convergence.”

“Pointer: You still have a deadline of 3 hours 17 minutes and 17 seconds, after receiving your mission rewards you will naturally leave this world in 5 minutes. Confirm completion of main mission: Destroy the space-time convergence and receive your reward? Yes / No.”

Without hesitation Sheyan selected “yes”.

“You have received 200 utility points.”

“You have received 1 achievement point.”

“Your current achievement point is 1.”

“The higher your achievement level, the greater the privileges you will have in this realm, you will be able to enjoy various types of services.”

“You have accomplished a mission in the Nightmare world, your nightmare imprint interspatial ability has been activated.”

“This really is a peculiar realm…” Sheyan laughed weakly, casually lighting himself a blood stained cigarette. Relaxing his entire body on the wall, he looked up towards the nearby high rise building, and the then to the unlimited skies above. Feeling secured, he rested within the Los Angeles city landscape, under the eighties sky, underneath the heat and warmth of the radiating sun…..

Following slowly, his body gradually vanished, dispersing into thin air. After 10 minutes, the reinforcements of the FBI encircled and cordoned of the entire area. However, all they could find was a pile of dried blood and a set of tattered black raincoat and clothes.

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