The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 27: Panic at the supermarket!

Chapter 27: Panic at the supermarket!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:I and Elkassar

Along his escape route, Sheyan passed by a convenience store, he conveniently grabbed a bottle of mineral water and several band-aids. Tossing a 10 dollar bill at the shop owner afterwards. After three minutes, the blood stains on his face were all washed clean, and his wounds had plasters covering them. He then entered a crowded and busy supermarket, blending into the enormous crowd. After a long vigorous battle and chase, his HP had dropped as low as 50 points. Meating with these elite agents who were unafraid of losing their lives, he had not encountered such persistent and unconstrained opponents from the Los Angeles police side.

A few hundred metres back, there were still 3 FBI agents frantically surveying for their target. They had planted a tracking device on the briefcase of that exoskeleton armour, thus there were able to locate Sheyan’s position. However, because of their counterpart’s cruel death, they were afraid of charging straight in.

Sheyan went up the supermarket elevator to the 5th floor, he had no intentions of leaving here. Half of the one hour has already passed, even if the entire Los Angeles police force cordoned the entire area, he would still be able to return to the nightmare realm safely. The supermarket probably had more than ten thousand people, giving enough time for Sheyan to blend in and stay hidden. Hence, Sheyan was able to concentrate on the notifications he got from the imprint after killing the elite FBI agent.

“You have acquired a key (white) x 1.”

“You killed an FBI Agent (Elite), would you like to use 100 utility points to examine their detailed information?”

“Milestone: Treacherous ally completion 10/50.”

Looks like this FBI agent (Elite) had a close evaluation to that of the Delta task force, both were equivalent to that of 5 Los Angeles policemen. To Sheyan’s prediction, there was no time to entertain the end conclusion to that key. Waiting to extract the briefcase contents before the enemy arrives, who wouldn’t choose to flee? Sheyan wasn’t confident of his strength in dealing with the three other agents. (He still doesn’t know two had stopped pursuing).

For the second notification, he deliberated for a awhile, and finally selected to use the 100 utility points in exchange for information. He still had half of the one hour to spare, something unexpected may still occur, knowing more is better than knowing less. If at the time where he loses because of the greediness of saving 100 utility points, it would be too late for regrets.

After choosing to use 100 utility points, Sheyan received a long list of detailed information.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent (Elite)

Basic measurements

Height: 170 – 190 Cm

Weight: 70 – 90 kg

Strength: not lower than 8 points

Agility: Not lower than 7 points

Intelligence: Not lower than 7 points


Spirit: Not lower than 5 points

Charm: Not lower than 5 points

Physique: Not lower than 6 points

Perceptive sensing: Not lower than 6 points


All basic attributes will not exceed 10 points, total attribute cumulative points will not exceed 45 points.

Additional occupation innate ability: Successful training (Health point attribute increases by 100 points)

All FBI agents had gone through a rigorous filtering and training process, to attain the elite assessment, they all had additional bonuses along with their physique.

Commonly used weapon:

Glock 17 9mm handgun.

Manganese steel dagger

M10 Ingram Submachine gun (prerequisite: pass through an application process)

Common protection devices: Kevlar, cellulose sleeveless bulletproof vest

Supporting equipments (certain probability of equipping)

Infrared image device

Button tapping device

Button tracking device

Signal capturing device (Effective within 3 Km radius)

Mastery capabilities:

Close combat capabilities

Light firearms capabilities

Semi-automatic firearms capabilities

Vehicle driving capabilities

Sniping capabilities (Rare)

Individual item capability will not exceed lvl 4, Three total cumulative abilities will not exceed 15 levels.

(For example the prior Rednose Rogers: Close combat ability lvl 2, Light firearms ability lvl 3, semi-automatic firearms ability lvl 2, Driving ability lvl 4, Every elite agent will not have an ability of lvl 5 or higher)

“No wonder.” Sheyan gently shook his head. During the battle with the Rednose agent he had noticed that the person’s fighting abilities were pretty good, and was hard to defeat. It was comparable to professional wrestlers, he actually had the advantage of this training success ability. If not for that last impaling onto the metal pole move, Sheyan would really not have a chance of completely killing him off.

Sheyan had now walked to the third floor of the supermarket, leaning onto a pillar that had a Madonna poster beside it. Most of his body was hidden behind the poster, only his head was out fixing his gaze onto the lower levels observing them. Keeping a watchful eye on the 3 FBI agents. He sighed, compressing down his urge to continue the killing. A person should never do something far exceeding his capability. Sheyan would have troubles achieving victory against even 2 FBI agents, he also had to consider the consequence of attracting the Delta anti-terror task force! He stopped considering, lifting his black briefcase as he blended into stream of concentrated people.

Although Sheyan wanted to avoid battle, the 3 FBI agents would never let him off! To them, there was no retreating, if they could not capture Sheyan and yet lost one of their own, they would become the laughing stock of the department. After the signal capturing device had pinpointed Sheyan’s location, the 3 agents had charged forth and did something completely unpredictable even to Sheyan.

Warning shots!

Usually after a gunshot, the customers first reaction is not to raise both hands and squat down but instead to run frenziedly for the nearest exit. This would cause a large scale chaos which may even lead to cases of trampling. To the escaping suspect, this was the golden moment to slip away amidst the chaos.

However, to the raging FBI agents, any trampling cases can be easily pinned onto the Los Angeles asses. They could use this line: “Executing a matter of national security” to get away with it. Furthermore their detection device can pinpoint Sheyan’s escaping location, if they blocked the exit, they were unafraid of losing him. Although there would be a temporal chaos, however, 10 minutes later there would be an empty field, it would definitely be easier to manage than “finding a needle in a haystack” environment

The warning sounds of the gunshot repeatedly echoed, a row of ceiling lights had already shattered, as large fragment of glass crashed onto the ground. The mass of people were trying to escape out of the supermarket, while some had fainted onto the ground, trampled on by dozens of feets. Shouting and struggling at first, they gradually became motionless. Faced with this scene, the FBI agents remained unaffected. They only held on tightly to their guns, and focused on the exit. One was observing the tracking device, watching out for possible movements by Sheyan.

“Coming!” The handheld detecting device suddenly started buzzing, within the sound contained an unexplainable viciousness. “He is inching forward to this location, looks like he is planning to charge across.”

The other 2 colleagues remained silent, watching intently and in anticipation like a hungry wolf hiding underneath the snow. They put their guns into firing mode. These special government agents were naturally capable, even their national status was honourable. This time’s mission of capturing one person with 6 men was supposed to be a walk in the park, yet unexpectedly they lost one in the process and couldn’t even capture their target! If news of this got out, their entire department would lose face, even their working colleagues would garner a bad reputation!

The only way to cleanse this humiliation, was the blood of this criminal!

The pointer on the detection device repeatedly flashed, as the warning buzzer intensified! The three people stared in anticipation. They fixed their gaze on an area 10 meters away. That was the exit point of the crowd, people were thinly-spread out. There was a staggering old woman with a handkerchief, a man with a cap covering his head was taking big steps to run out, and a pale black woman that was uncontrollably shivering. They were all pushing and shoving within the crowd, and finally they saw a man carrying a familiar looking black briefcase suspiciously running out!

Although this man was wearing a different set of clothes to their earlier target, the three FBI agents aimed their guns toward the man, immediately raising their voices:

“Raise your hands up, to the wall and kneel down!”

This man was stunned frozen and stood rooted on the spot, the 3 FBI agents had no intentions of bringing him back alive, immediately firing off. 7-8 bullet wounds appeared with blood flowing out, and he was thrown backwards from the impact. His face was a mix of agony and anger as he dropped dead to the ground!

“This… ended just like that?” The 3 FBI agents were astonished. At this moment, the already nearing black woman suddenly exploded forth in full length. The sound of ripping clothings were distinct, as he tossed away his wig to the floor, there was a large ball of dust floating towards the 3 FBI agents.

Actually, Sheyan’s disguise was extremely clumsy, while he was running out he casually snatched a wig and an old person’s flowery brown gown. A normal person would be able to figure it out after examining him. However, the 3 FBI agents were distracted by the guy carrying the black briefcase, thus they made the wrong judgment.

That person that Sheyan pulled out to be his scapegoat was not a coincidence, but was the act of Sheyan. After joining the crowd, he then took the cobal steel exoskeleton out of the briefcase and placed it into an ordinary backpack.

In that empty briefcase, he placed all the cash he had – about a thousand dollars, and purposely left the briefcase wide open leaking out a great amount of notes. He then placed it in a conspicuous location. In a short while, a greedy cheap bastard was hooked on.

Because of his usual habit of stealing, after doing this, he would naturally become very suspicious and panicky. In addition, the FBI agents recognised the black briefcase, Sheyan had a 70-80 percent certainty that attention would be shifted onto that brat. Furthermore, the one that carried out this act was fortunately a sturdy looking male of Sheyan’s age generation. This was completely a match made in heaven!

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