The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 26: The traffic accident story of a turkey on Thanksgiving day

Chapter 26: The traffic accident story of a turkey on Thanksgiving day

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

“Forget it.” Sheyan’s pupils were locked on to the incoming rush of the limousine, he was secretly entertaining the alluring thought of killing an elite FBI agent. This person already looked like he had spent all his force, to settled him will still require certain efforts. Looking down at a nearby crowded stretch along the streets, he considered jumping into the crowd to escape.

However at this moment, the leftover wreck of his former self FBI agent frenziedly roared out, tightly holding onto Sheyan from the back. He had saw his colleagues chasing up, and intended to hold down Sheyan! According to the normal calculation of strength, his strength did not differ greatly from Sheyan. It was the fact that Sheyan’s explosive powers and resistive abilities far exceeded him. Wrapping tightly onto Sheyan from the back, Sheyan lost his golden chance to escape.

This sudden twist in events caused Sheyan’s heart to be in a surprised mess. However, he appeared fierce and terrifying with his thick black brows and a face covered in blood. Even his glare still contained a raging ferocity within it. The experience he gathered within these days allowed him to immediately react, kicking backwards with his left leg and swinging his head backwards. If the opponent miscalculated this step by a little, he would end on on the ground or be greatly stunned.

However, Sheyan not only utilized his feet, but even using the back of his head to attack. This elite FBI agent successfully evaded Sheyan’s attack, inching close to Sheyan’s earlobes and biting down viciously on it. Muttering out form within the gaps of his teeth he spoke:

“This sickening swine, Los Angeles prison torturing cell awaits you!”

However, Sheyan’s reaction speed was matchless. After listening to his, he kicked off with both his leg as he pushed backwards with great strength.

“Bam!” The FBI agent could not dodge, as he was knocked into the carriage wall by Sheyan’s pressure. The vertebra area transmitted a searing pain throughout the body, causing his vision to blacken out, and he loosen his grip on Sheyan’s arms. Sheyan swung back again with his elbows, knocking beneath the FBI agent’s rib as a cracking sound echoed through the carriage. It was obvious that the rib bone had shattered and deeply pierced into the internal organs.

The FBI agent started coughing and gasping for breath, as he weakly collapsed to the floor, a pink foam started foaming up at the corner of his mouth, followed by fresh blood. His abdomen had already suffered consecutive blows, now even his inner organs were pierced. In a matter of seconds, he was reduced to a state of lack of oxygen, even a person with strong willpower could not tolerate this.

Presently, if Sheyan wanted to leave, nobody would be able to stop him, however the ruthlessness in his eyes was building densely. Ever since his Uncle Dasi had been reduced to that pathetic state, his true colors had started to expose itself slowly. Furthermore, in the nightmare world, with the law unable to bind him, Sheyan was feeling the fanatic impulse of trampling all over this poor person blocking his way!

Currently, the truck’s engine was killed, very evidently the driver had sensed the movements within the carriage. The reinforcement from 200 metres away could instantly catch up. If Sheyan wanted to escape, his best choice was to immediately abandon the truck. However inner fanatic thirst raged within him, how could he let go of this opportunity?

Sheyan fished out his gun.

The Hi-power M500 handgun.

Aiming at the nearby 1974 Chevrolet limousine who was about to overtake them, he pressed onto the trigger!

Although Sheyan’s accuracy was not high, he was still able to land his shots on the limousine 3-4 metres away from him. “Bang!” the tyre of the 1974 Chevrolet let out a screeching friction sound as the car skidded and knocked against the a car beside it. Sheyan’s right hand turned numb from the recoil.

After finishing the rounds on his M500 pistol, he produced the shotgun cooly aiming towards another Ford rental car which was driving forward. His actions witnessed by the driver caused him to panic and jam break his vehicle furiously. Initially Sheyan wanted to use the incoming car to halt and give him cover from the front, however, the vehicles from the back could not break in time!

Hence, the two cars collided on this bustling road causing a massive chain accident at the back. Screeching break sounds filled the air along with the relentless honking from the vehicles further down the road. The entire highway was now jammed up, the cars at the back forming up like a long dragon. The FBI agent’s limousine were still 200 plus metres away, and no matter how fast they could travel, they could only get off their vehicle now and travel by foot.

This period allowed enough time for Sheyan to even kill that FBI agent 10 times!

“Sickening swine?”

Sheyan shifted his gaze away from the traffic ruckus, stepping one step, he raised his right leg and forcefully stomped down. This FBI agent still managed to force his hands to block, however it was useless against the strength of that stomp, pressing down heavily onto his injured abdomen. He coughed out a mouthful of blood, his body curling up like a prawn.

Sheyan mercilessly continued stomping, one feet, two feet. Finally bending downwards, he used his right hand to grab onto the neck of this unlucky bastard, lifting him up from the ground. The elite FBI agent struggled on at death’s door, kicking and waving his arms in mid air.

The truck finally came to a halt, the furious, angry looking driver swung open the metal door at the back. Upon seeing blood spattered everywhere, his face turned pale as he quickly locked back the door. Sheyan was now standing beside a neon signboard beside a shop, swinging his hand across, a loud shattering sound like rain boomed. Glass, plastic were scattered about mixed with blood. This exposed a perfectly upright protruding rusty iron rod facing directly at Sheyan from the interior of the signboard.

“You love to hit people in the face?”

“You love to engage in gay prostitution?”

Sheyan cursed at him, his eyes exploding with maliciousness. Putting strength in his right arm, he pushed the FBI agent’s body directly into the protruding iron rod! After a miserable wailing sound died down, he became motionless. Blood smeared across the entire rod and from the back and front of Red nose’s pierced area. Some of his flesh had even been guttered and hanging out, as the scene unfolded into a wickedly cruel looking one.

The faraway FBI agents were already making their way here, witnessing this scene their eyes naturally intensified. Being a hundred metre away, they were completely powerless to prevent this. The faraway hostile was laughing sinisterly inside the truck carriage, as he teased them to come and get him while fleeing away with his briefcase.

Blood still warm, droplets of it slowly dripped down.

The impaled body would jerk from time to time, but his spirit had already left the body. His eyes maintained wide open even after death, a horrifying shocked expression covered his ashen grey face. After losing excessive blood, even his originally red nose had turned grey.

The rust atop the iron rod was originally dark and gloomy, after being covered with blood, it now shone with a crimson cruelty. Norman looked up at the body of the subordinate they hated the most, one would think of the turkey in supermarkets during thanksgiving day, pierced by a single rod on display for all to see.

“Sir. James and the rest has chased up and already caught up to the suspect.” The person that rushed here was called Curry, he raised his head to look up at the corpse of Rogers and coughed out some spit.

“F**!, I just loaned a thousand bucks to Rogers yesterday, who is this guy that we are chasing? He obviously got shot numerous times but still ran so quickly!”

Norman squinted his eyes:

“I fear he may be a veteran soldier from the Vietnam war, these cold-blooded fellas kill without feeling, they are all bonkers! The bulletproof vest he is wearing is not something an ordinary person can handle, we got dragged into such an undesirable mess!”

“Oh shit! What does this mean? Los Angeles’s branch’s first blood?” Mike felt aggrieved as he obviously started cowering away:

“Lets not get caught up in these muddy waters (chinese idiom means this mess), why not.. We ask the guys from Delta for help?”

Norman gently shook his head:

“Those brats from Delta have always not been easy to handle, even the conversations between our boss and their general has always been peculiar. If whenever we face a minor hurdle and ask them for aid, they will not look as us in the same light anymore. Besides I heard they suffered a huge setback recently, even if we become thick skinned and ask them for help, they may not even offer any.”

Mike worriedly gazed into the distance, he was obviously feeling afraid,

“Then… do we continue giving chase?”

Norman suddenly felt frustrated and scolded:

“It is stated in the battle manual, unless we reach a state whereby it is impossible to resist, or when the mission squads casualty rate is above 40 can we then request for aid. Unless you want me to report to the superiors, that the reason we are unable to resist was a suspect who had already received gunshot wounds from six elite FBI agents. Shit! I’m still looking forward to my promotion later in the year!”

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