The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 25: Chasing and Killing

Chapter 25: Chasing and Killing

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I

Upon hearing this, the surrounding agents involuntarily revealed shocked expressions. Presently it was 1984, America was known for its democracy and respect of their citizens, the FBI was still a government secret. In 1974, America’s president Richard Nixon resigned because of the watergate scandal, this was related to a few high officials in the FBI. They even managed to bring a president down, the power of the FBI was greatly boosted, and right now their influential power was at its pinnacle. Sheyan actually dared to seek out a lawyer in front of them? Utilizing his personal rights?

The red nose agent was stunned for a while. He then shifted the aim of his revolver directly to Sheyan’s face, with a stern look he spoke:

“Brat, I don’t like you, if you continue talking rubbish, then we will lock you up with a gigolo. Maybe that gig will be interested in your bottoms. Kneel down now!”

Sheyan’s eyes flickered with frost, his face however maintained emotionless as he shook his head. Snorting, he slowly knelt down. His body was shivering excessively as if he was afraid, and the surrounding FBI agents appeared to sneer sadistically. With a slight nudge of his left hand, that black briefcase containing the cobal steel exoskeleton crashed to the ground beside him.

Although the FBI were overflowing with loftiness, they knew the “evidence” on Sheyan’s hands were of utmost importance, it cannot be damaged. If something went wrong, they could forget about getting a promotion in the next few years. Immediately throwing their attention and bending down to it. At this moment, Sheyan’s frustration could be seen greatly through his thick brows frowning down and connecting with each other. Maintaining his steady posture with his hands up, he arched his head backwards, and proceeded to heavily smash his forehead down onto Red nose’s chest!

Sheyan’s move was so abrupt, it was like an iron headbutt move from Shaolin Temple. These few FBI agents were not well versed in China’s martial arts, and was in no way prepared for such a suddenly and strange move!

A person’s forehead is the hardest bone of the person, in addition to Sheyan’s incomparable strength enforcing it, he struck hardly onto red nose. Red nose gasped, his face ashen as both eyes swelled up as though it was going to pop out. His prior meal mixed with fresh blood rushed up his throat and finally vomiting out through his mouth.

A smelly stench filled the air, as the mixture vomited onto Sheyan’s back, however he had succeeded in wrapping up with Red nose. This prevented the FBI agents from firing at him. Using his leg to hook onto the briefcase and flinging into the grip of his left hand which was currently still raised. Sheyan then kicked off strongly with both his legs, leaping and smashing out through the display window!

“CLANK PAINK!” The greasy display window shattered into a thousand pieces. Lowering his body down, he used his shoulder blades to cushion the fall and made a roll finally standing up onto the street. The sounds of gunshot followed the shattering sounds of glass scattering on the ground. After running for a few steps, he started staggering, as a shocking dark crimson red dyed the back of his coat.

“You have received an attack from an FBI Agent (Elite), Lost 19 (44 – 25) HP”

ED: (44 damage – 25 damage reduction effect of Endurance)

“You have received an attack from an FBI Agent (Elite), Lost 21 (46 – 25) HP”

“You have received an attack from an FBI Agent (Elite), Lost 17 (42 – 25) HP”

“You have sustained a 7 HP loss/5 seconds condition due to excessive lost of blood, effects will last for 30 seconds.”

The FBI Agent’s gun power were threatening, far exceeding the damage of a Los Angeles policeman. Their opponent was a threat to the nation’s security and thus was using a Glock 17 9mm pistol, their guns were all in burst shot mode, firing 3 at one trigger. Sheyan watched the nightmare imprint transmitting the series of notification, as he unconsciously felt like a trapped beast entering a state of deep worry.

Sheyan’s agility wasn’t high, even if he put in his best to flee, he would still be easily pestered by his pursuers. The searing pain from his back wounds started enveloping him, as his muscles started to push out the bullet projectiles. Fortunately it was the peak period where people got off work, Sheyan then mixed himself into the crowd. Wildly running and shoving people and objects aside, the intently pursuing agents no matter how angered they were could not possibly fire off in this circumstances. If they were to accidentally injure a civilian, then their actions would be akin to that of a terrorist.

Looking ahead at a overhead bridge, Sheyan’s eyes flickered. Leaking out a slight grin on his face, he hastened his steps towards the overhead bridge. Pushing his hand off the railing when he got there, he precisely aimed for an incoming truck as he leapt down into it from above. This action was extremely risky, if he missed his target, then he would no doubt be knocked to death by the incoming line of consecutive vehicles! However, to Sheyan, whose physique was greatly enhanced in comparison to an average person, this leap was not surprising nor risky. Very gently, he landed into the back carriage compartment of the truck.

The traffic was extremely fast and furious beneath the bridge, even if the truck driver realized, it was impossible to suddenly halt the truck. The half of the carriage contained stacks of paper, which completely negated and even silenced Sheyan’s fall. Without slowing down, the truck steadily continued forward. However, at this moment, a black figure flashed, following by a “Peng!” sound. It was actually red nose who dared to chase Sheyan down the overhead bridge and jumped off the other side of the bridge, successfully managing to fall into the Truck carriage compartment!

Sheyan frowned, his lips curled into a malicious grin. He even dared to face the T-750 terminator straight on. Just a mere FBI Agent (elite) was nothing in his eyes. The two were 2-3 metres apart, Red nose was about to raised his gun to aim, yet Sheyan had already furiously charged forward.

Red nose, after slightly evading the fierce charge, rolled backwards and managed to distance himself and started firing! Presently there were on a highway in a speeding vehicle, if red nose were to get hit, he would very naturally fall off the truck as well. Falling on a high speed road and breaking only a limb or two would already be the best conclusion for such a case.

This FBI agent had no choice but to give up his idea of shooting, shifting his body, he dodged the incoming attack and tried to counterattack. Ever since entering this world, Sheyan was always witty and forward planning, he already predicted the agent’s reaction. His earlier charged look extremely straight forward, yet he was only utilizing 30 percent of his strength. Once red nose evaded, he relentlessly followed his movements, placing both arms on Red nose’s sides.

They could smell each other between such a short distance. Red nose was specially selected and rigorously trained by the FBI, knowing that if he planned to continue utilizing the pistol now, his opponent would grab his wrist and pound on him. Therefore, without hesitation he immediately used his pistol to smash down onto the vicious offender in front of him. Red nose’s eyes were radiating with poison. The Glock 17 pistols they used were customized, the magazine capacity was 31 rounds. The threatening strength of using it to pound down on something was akin to that of a wall brick!

Yet, Sheyan raised his head, and surged forward to headbutt his enemy! “Boom!” a long bloody wound appeared on his forehead, but it was just a superficial wound. Red nose then groaned loudly in pain. His skin webbing between the thumb and the index finger were ripped apart by the immense strength, warm fresh blood started flowing down. Even the pistol was blown away from the impact, landing on the highway it automatically release a few rounds on impact.

At the same time, Sheyan breathed heavily clutching his twin fists tightly he repeated struck forth at his opponent’s soft abdominal area. In his critical moment, his fist could feel his enemy’s solid vertebra, the rate or extent of the internal organs being pressured was unimaginable.

After receiving such a ferocious assault, this FBI agent widen his eyes in pain, a pale look stretched across his face. Although he was so stunned golden sparks appeared in his eyes, he knew that this was a matter of life or death, he could not give up. Clenching his teeth, he charged into Sheyan’s belly, boxing his fist towards Sheyan’s face.

Sheyan did not bother dodging, casually receiving the blows dished out to him. His cheekbones turned purple, as blood leaked out from his eyes. He summoned his strength, and elbowed across! Heavily smashing it onto the face of his strong and huge opponent.

Obviously his FBI agent’s attacking prowess was far fetched from Sheyan’s attack. He was already like an arrow at the end of its flight, after receiving such a cruel blow he miserably groaned out in agony. Staggering a few steps back, his back heavily knocked against the car’s carriage. Pressing down on his face with his hand, tears and mucus were streaming out rapidly from his nose, as the blood flowed out from the wound between his fingers.

Sheyan coldly laughed out loud, turning his head to face the back. The initially shrugged off 5 other FBI agents managed to find a limousine, stepping on the gas pedal without restraints, they furiously chased up to Sheyan. Furthermore this truck had directed itself to the side and slowing down its speed. It was either the driver finding out what was going on in the truck carriage compartment, or was reaching its destination. If there were no accidents, they would chase up to Sheyan in a matter of minutes!

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