The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 24: Perfect restoration!

Chapter 24: Perfect restoration!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

“What! There are two pieces?!” Vincent’s voice was filled with surprise and excitement. To a researcher, the quantity of their research object directly determines the speed of their research advancement. Vincent only initially had one piece, if the piece broke or something went wrong during experimentation, then his efforts would be fruitless. If Vincent had another piece, his speed at achieving a new technology breakthrough would be unimaginable.

“Then let’s directly talk about our terms.” Vincent composed himself, as he sat down on the chair. He was starting to feel uneasy about this. This damned bastard in front of him executed everything extremely meticulously, managing to play himself right into that guy’s own palm. It was obvious he was thoroughly prepared before he came here.

However, he had on him two items that were a necessity for Vincent, definitely he had already figured his own terms before this. If he could not meet his requirements, then it would be non-negotiable!

Sheyan glanced around cautiously around the messy steakhouse, whispering:

“Is there a quieter place to talk?”

Vincent understood, he himself did not want to divulge any of this secrets to others. Sulking, he stood up:

“My car is pretty big, let’s talk there.”

Vincent’s car was a cross-country leisure jeep. The appearance was exactly like its owner, mottled,thick and solid, he obviously did not care much about appearances. The two entered into the interior of the jeep. Sheyan did not stand on formalities, straightforwardly showcasing his equipment: Cobalt steel exoskeleton armour (Left arm) (Damaged):

“If you can fix this object to perfection, in addition to what you offered just now, then these two chips are yours.”

Vincent retrieved and examined the exoskeleton armour. The way he examined it was extremely professional, knocking lightly at different spots with his finger while placing his ear close to listen. He also bit on the armour presumably testing the hardness of it. Finally he coldly announced to Sheyan:

“It’s impossible to fix this.”

Vincent then carried on:

“This object’s design concept is so low grade like a rotten sandwich, it’s like it completely just replicated the human structure! Only the small device driver (computing software) has certain redeeming qualities. If you only wish to completely fix it…. My answer is it’s impossible, because this object’s material is very unusual. It has the hardness of steel, yet its elasticity is also incredible. In my predictions, it should be the problem that the Rockefeller Foundation side has always been trying to tackle – Cobalt steel alloy. Since I can’t even obtain the repairing materials, how can i possibly fix this?”

However, Sheyan grasped the small flaw in his reasoning, replying immediately:

“You mean that, you can’t fix it only because you lack the resources.”

Vincent puffed out coldly:

“That’s correct.”

Sheyan instantly replied:

That means if you can acquire the necessary materials, then you can perfectly restore it. Then let’s continue our discussion after you have done all of these.”

Vincent pondered for a moment and replied:

“To fix this I must enter the engineering department, I still need to link up with the metallurgy department, even gaining clearance is an unknown. Most importantly, this object probably originated with the microchip, I’m not interested in it but that doesn’t mean the metallurgy department won’t be curious about it. Therefore, while entering there mustn’t be anyone else present. Fixing itself will need at least 3 hours! That period must be my company’s lunchtime where i can excuse myself from my work.”

Sheyan stared at Vincent, feeling that what he said was probably the truth, he nodded his head. Anyway the two microchips that Vincent wanted was still in his hands, he would definitely not slack off. 3 hours…. He could still afford the wait.

Watching Vincent hurriedly driving off his car to Cyberdyne Computer company, Sheyan returned to the steakhouse and sat down at a window seat. Drinking a cup of coffee, the waiter that initially received the generous tip from him, passed him a complimentary Los Angeles Times newspaper to read as well. Upfront, Sheyan was reading the newspaper, however his heart and mind was focused on the nearby magnificently looking building. He was worried that certain unknown variables may surface during Vincent’s restoration work, or he may turn greedy at the sight of various advancement in science and technology of this weapon. He could expand the strength of the Cyberdyne company.

Time rapidly passed by, Sheyan glanced at the nearby clock, half of the 3 hours had already gone by. He gently nodded his head, excitedly guessing the potential of the perfectly restored cobalt steel exoskeleton armour. His coffee had already been refilled 4 times, yet the number of customers gradually increased as the sound of chatterings grew thicker.

Before entering the nightmare realm, Sheyan loved his personal time, often listening to blues or solo saxophone pieces. Yet now, Sheyan realised he enjoyed the sound of hustling and bustling, crowd chaos and the greasy and filthy environment. Because being alone in here, gave a solitude like a pebble hiding inside a riverbank, hard to notice, giving one a feeling of security.

Finally, Vincent’s tall and sturdy figure entered the door of the steakhouse, underneath his left arm was a black briefcase. He walked up the stool opposite Sheyan and sat down. Placing the briefcase on the table as well as the golden watch and cash. Without speaking, he only gave a cold and desiring look at Sheyan.

Sheyan was presently unprepared, without hesitation he produced the two microchip and completed the exchange. After notification from the nightmare imprint upon wearing the golden watch, Sheyan could feel his physique rising by 1 point, his HP rising to 190 points. Upon opening the briefcase, he realised the cobalt steel exoskeleton was stored in a transparent box. Upon shaking it gently, he could witness a thick viscous liquid immersing this futuristic weapon. As he was about to question, Vincent interrupted him with a fierce and strong german accent:

“While repairing this object, I found that its internal structure had sustained minor damages, so I carried out additional procedures. That is why it is currently immersed in a special cold condensation. If you retrieve it after one hour, then it will be perfectly restored. Of course you can retrieve it earlier, but the price is that the interior structure’s minute damages will not be patched. Restoration effects may not reach maximum capability.”

Sheyan became excited after listening. An hours wait to achieve the effects of a ‘perfect restoration.’ This was not a bad deal, although there was no way of knowing how ‘perfect’ this fix will be, it was still a pleasant suspense. Observing Vincent’s huge back figure disappearing through the entrance door, Sheyan grinned to himself as he sat on his seat once again.

A person wearing a greyish suit suddenly walked over. He had a big red nose. Emotionlessly, he reached out for a stack of documents in his suit, using a straight and polite manner he spoke:

“Sir, I’m very sorry to inform you that Lunch time has ended. We have adequate information to suspect that your behaviour is detrimental to the interests of the United States of America. Please cooperate with us for further investigations.”

At this moment, a group of ordinary FBI members surrounded the table. They were all brandishing their guns underneath their exquisite suits. Five emotionless black barrels were pointing towards Sheyan.

Sheyan maintained his expression, yet his heart could not contain the astonishment from this perilous situation. There is no such thing as a free meal! Upon being surrounded by the circle of firearms, he immediately chose to complete his main mission, wanted to swiftly return to the nightmare realm. However, he received a red warning instead: “You are carrying a relevant mission object, unable to complete mission and return.” This meant that if Sheyan wanted to return with a perfectly restored cobalt steel exoskeleton armour, then he would need to shake off the FBI for an hour!

American police structure is split into two systems. One is the federal government (Central authorities) police structure, Federal Bureau of Investigations known as the FBI. Handling affairs throughout the country, its headquarters are in New York, the ministry of Justice. The only one in the entire country.

The other is the local police structure, for example the Los Angeles Police or New York Police. They are separated into their individual government districts. No doubt, the central authorities FBI were definitely more outstanding in terms of equipment, individual qualities and their other aspects.

Of course, Sheyan noticed another crucial point. That is within this environment, the nightmare imprint had given him a way out, and that was to immediately extract the cobalt steel exoskeleton. Naturally he wouldn’t have to wait for an hour, successfully completing his main mission and teleporting out within 5 minutes.

Everything boils down to Sheyan’s personal decision. Suddenly, Sheyan thought of another point: his perceptive sensing did not prewarn him before this, that meant that his opponent’s perceptive sensing was definitely not inferior to his!

In just a short span, the complacent Sheyan was completely turned into a trapped animal, this was the cruel and volatile nature of the nightmare world!

“Interlock both hands on your head, face the wall and squat down!” The opposing FBI officer’s voice became harsher, trying to exert his authority. He had already kept the documents back into his suit and was currently aiming his gun like the rest.

Sheyan slowly raised his hands, he had no firearms currently on hand which allowed the FBI to relax a little. Raising his thick brows, he stubbornly spoke:

“I feel like I am receiving an unfair treatment, I want to phone my lawyer.”

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