The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 21: Ruthlessness

Chapter 21:Ruthlessness

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Looking again at the T-750 Terminator’s knee cap, there was a shocking huge burnt mark, and the loose electric cables looked like dead snakes that coiled up together.A short circuit had occurred and the affected parts were no longer functional! The best way to put it was: The T-750 Terminator has turned into a cripple, losing a big portion of it mobility!

Sheyan’s careful schemings had finally reaped its rewards. This T-750 Terminator was transported here after triggering the region’s storyline, its powers were naturally lowered due to the injuries caused from travelling through the space-time convergence. Lowering down to 70% of its maximum potential.

Afterward, it also got involved in a showdown with the Los Angeles Police force/ Delta anti-terror task force, again sapping more of its strength. Finally, the most important was that its acclaimed point to point support artificial skin’s capabilities were vastly incompatible with Sheyan, rendering it useless. Under such circumstances, the T-750 Terminator was pressured into a sorry state as though it had no counter measures!

The T-750 Terminator raised its head, using its emotionless red eyes to glare at Sheyan, still tightly gripping onto the backpack with its left hand. They were 4 metres apart, nobody was able to stop the T-750 Terminator from once again activating the gun in his hand, and spraying a rain of bullets at his enemy! No matter how strong Sheyan’s innate ability was, he would not be able to withstand such, wild, frenzied firing at pointblank.

In an instant, the T-750 Terminator fished out two police revolvers from the backpack, aiming their black barrels toward Sheyan’s body, he released a terrifying rain of bullets. However, there wasn’t a single gunfire sound. Amidst the still silent atmosphere in the sewers, only an annoying consistent clicking sound could be heard.

Cutting a long bulky figure underneath the dim light of the sewer, Sheyan folded his hands on his chest as his face leaked out a cunning laugh saying:

“These guns were in my possession for an entire 37 minutes and 11 seconds, did you think I would just sit still and let you use them against me?”

After speaking Sheyan raised his right hand as a pile of firing pins dropped to the ground. He looked at the T-750 Terminator’s eyes that were exhibiting a beastly hunger, filled with insatiable rage and a hysterical ferocity.

“Right now, you can’t run and you can’t fight…! You… are dead meat!”

The T-750 Terminator tossed away the damaged pistols in his hand. The blood from Sheyan’s facial wounds covered his face, forming a cruel expression. He let out a battle cry from within his throat, and pounced forward! The M500 pistol at his waist looked extremely noticeable in its place.

“Peng peng peng” the sounds of combat filled the air, there was the sound of metal colliding as well as the sound of ripping flesh. Both parties were wrapped up inside these smelly and dark sewers. There were like two cornered beasts wildly trying to tear off a chunk of each other’s flesh.

Although this T-750 Terminator was programmed for long range battle, it was still a Terminator, a mechanical assassin from the future! Its bones of steel were still extremely tough and durable, coupled with its agile composition of mechanical parts it ensured it could create a reign of terror anywhere.

Sheyan’s had bruises everywhere even his eyes, and he had even lost 5-6 of his teeth. Blood freely flowing from his mouth, he panted heavily as if there was an old bellows placed underground here. Furthermore, the metal fingers of the Terminator were now tightly grabbing onto the M500 pistol lodged against Sheyan’s waist.

This particular gun was not in the same class as a police revolver! Even an elephant would be in trouble if it was faced with this threatening weapon.

Injuries covered Sheyan’s body, if he was hit by that weapon, that will really point a disaster. At the point, the T-750 Terminator was extremely calm, grim and never slacking in its efforts to turn the tides around!

The T-750 Terminator already possessed an intellect higher than an average person, previously he had been tricked by Sheyan with the dummy pistols, he would never make the same mistake again. Using its laser eyes to scan the M500 pistol, he ensured that the weapon was fully functional. Hence, once the Terminator confirmed it could utilize this weapon, it immediately charged forward.

Sheyan was awaiting for this opportunity, shooting out both hands as swift as lightning, he grabbed onto the metallic head of the T-750 Terminator. His hand clasped tightly onto the tough and rough flesh of the Terminator!

This action of clasping looked like a pair of lovers, caressing each other’s faces, it even exhibited a warmness. However, Sheyan’s sudden uproar ruined the sweet moment! Forcing his hands together, as hard as iron against iron, the strength was unimaginable! At this moment, the M500 pistol was already in the T-750 Terminator’s robotic hand, the black barrel raised upwards and aiming towards Sheyan’s heart!

“Crr…Crackk!” The T-750 Terminator’s head was actually forcefully twisted a full 270 degrees by Sheyan! Within the neck area shot forth a mess of light blue electric currents, followed by smoke billowing out. Sheyan was actually currently being electrocuted by the currents, as his body trembled wildly. Simultaneously, a tiny explosion went off inside the M500 pistol and a bright gun fire shot out, heading for Sheyan’s head!

Under normal circumstances, unless it had completely lost the ability to resist, it was impossible for someone to twist the head of the T-750 Terminator into such an ugly and sorry state. However, Sheyan utilized the Terminator’s programming and the M500 pistol to his advantage, laying down such a frightening pitfall for the Terminator!

Blood dripped down from the tip of Sheyan’s head. One drip, two drip… his hands pressed against his head, as he heavily gasped for air. His entire body was vibrating violently, as a burnt plastic smell emerged from his head. This one shot brushed against his left cheekbone, forming a long burnt scar up his face. The deep flesh gorge extended from his cheekbone all the way to the ear, even exposing Sheyan’s facial bone. If this was his previous world, then this would be frighteningly dangerous!

The T-750 Terminator stubbornly struggled on, however, it had already lost control of itself, as though it was drunk as it stumbled around clumsily. Yet he was still focused! Clear and distinctly, both red lasers were flickering extensively within his eyes, one deeper inside as the eyeball was wrecked previously. It looked like any second the light would extinguish.

Yet it still forcefully aimed the gun at Sheyan! However, the originally stable hands were now trembling excessively like a candle flame that was about to burn out.

“BANG!” The projectile shot forth from the M500, piercing into a nearby waste pipe, unstoppable, it carried on and struck the wall behind causing a huge stampede of dust, and a deep crevice in the wall. However, the projectile did not land where the user wanted it to land.

A small problem ripples into a huge consequence, the T-750 Terminator’s aim was off by only 2cm but the bullet landed a full 2 meters away from the target.

Amidst the dusty and dirty atmosphere, the bloodied Sheyan looked like a wild beast. An enraged and injured wild beast. His breathing was loud and distinct, within his gaze was an indomitable murderous intent!

He charged forward toward the T-750 Terminator, as distinct and loud collision of metal sounds masked the softer flesh pounding sounds in the air. If this was a normal Terminator, then Sheyan would have already died ten times over from receiving such blows. However, Sheyan was a wild beast that neglected huge external blows to his body, a wild beast that was currently panting heavily with a mouth full of blood.

Suddenly! The piercing sound of electric currents filled the air, light blue electricity shot forth everywhere, intertwining and extending out. Wildly whirling about, it extended for a huge radius of 10 metres!

Sheyan tolerated the searing pain, grabbing the metal skull of the T-750 Terminator. With a battle roar, his body muscles tensed up, swelling as hard as iron, he attempted to uproot the entire head off. The cables beneath the head ripped frighteningly apart like blood vessels, leaving a sight of cruelty and horror!

Uprooting the head, Sheyan raised it up majestically into the air towards the heavens, shaking violently he let out a frenzied roar at the top of his voice!

Yes, he finally confirmed, he deeply enjoyed the thrill of battle, the crazy adrenaline just at the entrance of death, this sort of living was thoroughly fulfilling. The feeling of being able to trample on the unjust and unfair regulations of this world.

When the T-750 Terminator jumped down into the sewers, nobody witnessed it happening. The policemen on the surface became more cautious, as they used an entire 10 minutes to find traces of the T-750 Terminator jumping into the sewers. They then sent a team down into the sewers to search for about half an hour. Accurately speaking, after 47 minutes and 19 seconds, they finally managed to come across the battle scene. However at this time, Sheyan had already fled far away.

“Hu…” Sheyan laid down in a bathtub, satisfied he exhaled loudly. The warm waters swirled against his body, releasing the fatigue from his bones one at a time. His body full of filth and blood was thoroughly washed clean in the warm 50 degrees water. The clear water in the bathtub was the only thing getting dirtier and murky.

Sheyan stood up from the bathtub, the water flowing off from the creases on his body, as he begun to examine his body. This wasn’t him being vain, but it was to observe the wounds on his body. The wounds from his consecutive battles today had already started closing. Following this regenerative speed, after a night’s rest his wounds would have healed completely.

Using his towel to wrap himself, Sheyan sat down on a nearby sofa. The naked Sheyan reached out for something on the coffee table – a key that did not belong in this word. This key was obviously the loot dropped by the long range proficient T-750 Terminator.

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