The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 22: Rewards and anticipations

Chapter 22:Rewards and anticipations

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Having experienced using the key previously, using it now was like a walk in the park for Sheyan. The chest once again contained two items, and that CPU microchip (Damaged) again was one of it. However the second object looked unique, like it was not from this world.

It was an object that was wrapped up into a cylinder, and it looked to be at least 20 metres long. The initial impression it gave to people was that of a rolled up map, as it radiated a soft glow on its surface.

Sheyan reached his hand in, atop his fingertips he felt a soft yet heavy feeling, it was like feeling a sheepskin from the medieval age. Ancient and mysterious, as though it was concealing a thick accumulation of history. Following this, the Nightmare imprint notification came:

“You have acquired a light firearms proficiency scroll.”

Light firearms proficiency scroll

Rarity: Light blue

Usage effect: Basic mastery of new ability: Light firearms proficiency lvl 1.

Usage requirements: Agility 15 points, perceptive sense 10 points, strength 8 points

Description: Scroll classifications can be separated to three types namely Basic mastery, proficient mastery and expert mastery . Expert mastery was the most uncommon, but yielded the highest capability enhancing effect.

Further explanation: Light firearms proficiency lvl 1, allows you to familiarize and grasp hand gun/ light submachine guns – light firearms type of usage abilities. Increasing fixed shooting accuracy (Relative to 10 target hoops in 50metres) to 85, moving shot accuracy to 45. Reloading rate increased by 10.

(TN: raw did not mention the numerical classification, whether % or points)

“Agility…. Needs 15 points?” Sheyan’s eyes popped out widely. Speaking truthfully, he adored that M500 pistol and also envied his childhood television heroes who were excellent gunmen. When Sheyan saw the scroll, his heart beat wildly with excitement, however he was stunned when he saw the agility requirement. Understandably, Sheyan was still new to this world, even after his digital transformation, his agility was only 9 points! There was such a huge disparity, how was he going to fill the gap?

“Shit!” Sheyan cursed, trashing the scroll down onto the table. Suddenly he noticed a notification at the back of the scroll: You must first train basic long range combat to lvl 4 before maximizing the potential of the light firearms proficiency ability. This crushed Sheyan’s spirit even further.

This feeling of anticipation and suspense leading to excessive sweating was something Sheyan had not experienced in a long time. Sheyan paced back and forth feeling frustrated, as he stared at the scroll with frustration as though he wanted to immediately shred the scroll.

As Sheyan paced about, he suddenly understood something: Isn’t this sort of feeling of frustration and defeat what he wanted? These feelings were only brought out along with the anticipation and thrill of the battle, wasn’t that what he longed for secretly in his heart?”

He grabbed a bottle of red wine beside him and drank a mouthful, suddenly relieved, he burst out in laughter as he tossed away his initial thoughts to the back of his mind.

His body was feeling fatigue, yet Sheyan was not one bit sleepy. The battle scenes from the two Terminators were repeatedly broadcasting in his mind, feeling the fears, the anxiety as well as the excitement and competitiveness once again. The two Terminators both had obvious weak points. In actual fact if not for their artificial skin being damaged, exposing the metal interior and enabling their circuits to come into contact with water, they would not have been so short lived. Today’s battle advantage was great at the start, all because of their initial injury from coming through the Space-time convergence. What if he had encountered a Terminator operating at 100% maximum potential? Sheyan did not dare think of this notion.

After reflecting on his battles, he switched on the television as he sat on the sofa watching it. He ordered a few night snacks to compliment this, and suddenly an emergency news broadcast attracted his attention:

“Los Angeles latest crime report, public security has taken a turn for the worst. According to special crime investigations, sources claim that this was related to colombian drug peddlers and the mafia. At around 9:30 PM in the night, two suspects infiltrated a Los Angeles district 14 and carried out criminal activities on the inhabitant Miles Dyson but were shot dead by the local security guards on scene.”

“Miles Dyson?” Sheyan felt this name was vaguely familiar, this was the perfect time to utilize the thick telephone book, and he retrieved the information with ease. Sheyan’s expression turned gloomy, as the name Miles Dyson had the words Cyberdyne computer company.Advanced engineer behind it. This person was the “Skynet” system’s main designer!

Very obvious, the two dead suspects were most likely contestants of this Terminator world. These two should be fairly familiar with the movie plotline, investigated that Miles Dyson was a main character of focus in the future, and probably was in possession of huge mysteries and benefits.

Regretfully, the Los Angeles police force was able to summon the Delta anti-terror task force at such a critical moment. Then the Cyberdyne computer company which had secret connections with the military, definitely had insane security defensive mechanisms. This was something which was to be expected. This is liken to an example of the present world: Qian Xuesen (a chinese scientist and aeronautical engineer 1911 -2009), had a personal protection squadron 8341 which provided 24 hours maximum security.

(Notice: 8341 squadron was the number 1 central security team, where the great ancestor changed the name to 8341 squadron. There was a hidden meaning behind the numbers. The great ancestor lived till 83 years old, taking command in 1935 until 1976 where he passed away. A total of 41 years that is why the combined name was 8341. Any order for the squadron must come from the great ancestor himself, no one else were capable of commanding them. Every time the 8341 squadron had a new recruit, the grand ancestor would be there to witness personally. Rumor has it the Zhongnanhai (Central HQ of the communist party) bodyguards were their other alias.

Looking at the two bodies covered with a white cloth being carried into a vehicle, Sheyan squinted his eyes. He wasn’t stupid, he knew the logic of the higher the risk the greater the rewards by heart. He could deduce that if one was able to render Miles Dyson, a person of such great significance to Skynet, in their control or getting rid of him, then one will surely reap exceedingly great rewards. Needless to say, these two contestants were definitely out of the ordinary, unfortunately they paid the price of trying to reach for something that was out of their power.

“The returning deadline is tomorrow afternoon at approximately 4, what should i do in the meantime?” Sheyan was deeply pondering as he leaned on the sofa, carefully plotting his moves. Looking at this world, it naturally contained great opportunities, yet the opportunities all came with an underlying threat of unknown magnitude.

Just like today’s sudden encounter with the terminator, Sheyan was originally scheming and cautious, yet he still wasn’t able to prevent activating the merciless assassin, the T-750 Terminator. Sheyan planned everything beforehand, yet his victories were only attained after an intensive, unclear, battle to the death.

Yet the main point was that Sheyan chose to voluntarily participate in the battle which exposed him to these great dangers. Primarily, these missions had great flexibility, leaving a choice for the contestant to decide for themselves.

For example for today’s encounter with the two Terminators, if the contestant felt that his powers were insufficient, then he could choose to hide and wait out until the police force/Delta anti-terror task force came after 10 minutes. After the Terminator was eliminated, he can then proceed to destroy the time-space convergence, completing his mission without having to face much threats. This was what Beardy did. Of course, this method would not reap the benefits of solo killing the Terminator.

“If my predictions are correct, then there should be another regional triggering point near the important landmark of Skynet – the Cyberdyne computer company. The triggering criteria should be a contestant entering the company’s region with a threatening weapon. Then Skynet’s defensive mechanism would be successfully activated. However… according to the news broadcast, the scene of the unlucky two contestants, if a battle were to break out at that region, very likely that would attract the attention of both the FBI special forces and the Terminator.

“Forget it….” Sheyan drank a mouthful of red wine, gently shaking his head. He understood his own strength very well, if he met the T-750 Terminator again, his own chances were now only 50-50. Adding in another hostile variable, then death would be the only way out!

Furthermore Skynet was an intelligent and crafty organization, their initial two T-750 assassins were both killed, would they foolishly send another two to die? Meaning to say, if Sheyan were to trigger another region storyline, his opponents would be at least two T-750 Terminator, or even an upgraded Terminator, the T-800!

Courage is a virtue, recklessness is a folly. Looking at the melancholical state of those two individuals, Sheyan did not plan to follow in their footsteps. Therefore, he chose the most dependable plan:

“Cyberdyne computer company is a no go…. However, the Besseterre steakhouse is worth a visit!.”

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