The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 20: Baiting poison!

Chapter 20: Baiting poison!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:I and Elkassar

After killing this anti-terror task force member, Sheyan’s crime index surged up rapidly. Yet the victim only dropped one loot which was the necklace hanging on his neck. The words “not identified” engraved on it, widely disappointing Sheyan. What was encouraging was that the ‘Treacherous ally’ milestone sprung to life, showing completion 5/50. Killing a Delta anti-terror task force member was actually equivalent to killing five ordinary policemen!

Following that, he immediately examined critically the entire trunk of the vehicle but did not find any of those threatening black firearms. However, he found several normal police revolvers, and about 100 rounds. Sheyan kept the items that he found, tossing them into a backpack he was carrying and swiftly left the vehicle.

The distant gunshots started to sound more intense and urgent, as though the Death God was battling against God. In just a short span of time, Sheyan had witnessed at least two ambulances speeding off with their casualties. Obviously, the firefight against the Terminator had not been very generous to the Los Angeles police force.

However, Sheyan did not simply follow the sound of the firefight. He carefully observed his surroundings, he then covered his face with the mask he prepared earlier on and proceeded to lift out the nearby sewer lid. A strong unexplainable stench was forced into his nose, Sheyan’s eyebrows twitched at the smell as he hastily climbed down.

The visibility inside here was very low, in addition it was dirty and the murky water stunk the air. Once in awhile, waves of thick fog would blow past, as Sheyan could only squint his eyes and continued forward. He found a small black storeroom that the sanitation workers used to place their tools. Disregarding the filth, he sat on the floor motionless.

What was he doing?

Seconds went by, Sheyan remained steady as he sat in the same position. His breathing became gentle but steady. Every breath was like a stable fierce and precise punch. In the darkness, filthy and humid environment, Sheyan felt like his own heart was as graceful as the flowing waters. Within in was a soft dark feeling. Presently, he could even hear the larvae breeding and swimming about in the sewage water, water splashing about. The water splattered upon impact as it slowly dissolved into the soil….. Suddenly, the ground started shaking!

Clear, rhythmic vibrations.

Sheyan opened his eyes, waking out of that weird state he was in. Currently his physique/spirit/willpower had reached to a maximum, even the wounds he had received earlier from the task force member had stopped bleeding, healed, patched up and in its place was his perfect skin. Although he could not reach a perfect state of understanding of the environment he was in, Sheyan was still able to distinctly sense:

“It’s here.”

Yes, following Sheyan’s arrangement, why wouldn’t the futuristic mysterious assailant T-750 Terminator come, why wouldn’t it? To the Terminator whose sole purpose of living was to kill, anything that could aid in its massacre was its food, women, wealth and its dreams!

Within this region, the long ranged proficient Terminator could use his built in light firearms detector to search for any light firearm within the 200 meter radius. However, these weapons were dispersed sparsely throughout the district. To collect or use these weapons was extremely inconvenient, thus the Terminator had to continually rampage around in search of ammunition. Hence at this moment, there were suddenly 5-6 police revolvers, several hundred ammunition concentrated together showing up on its radar! Thus, the Terminator very naturally charged forward with great speed following its radar.

It was like a wolf that caught the scent of a group of sheeps, or a fish that saw fish bait.

Sheyan’s lips curved into a slight grin, he took in a deep breath. Before he exhaled, the underground sewage storeroom metal door was kicked wide open. “BAM!” amidst the filth and dirt, the metal door smashed against the back wall, finally clattering to the ground.

The T-750 Terminator emerged from the door entrance, under the dim lighting, it looked extremely menacing. A great deal of its artificial skin had been blown off, while the remaining skin hung loosely from its body, exposing a cold shimmering metallic skeleton. Its left eyeball was also damaged, what was in its place was now just a deep dark hole. Inside, it was emitting a red ghastly laser. It looked viciously cold.

Sheyan stared intently at the T-750’s metallic appearance. He could see a layer of greyish membrane that was normally easily ignored, that should be the point to point “support” artificial skin. At least in this world, this equipment was a gunman’s nightmare. The T-750 was swaying clumsily as it walked forward, as it was clearly seen that the artificial skin covering its left knee joint had been completely burned off. This was a distinct injury, which should be the injury sustained from the space-time convergence. The main reason why it appeared in this world with only 70% of its power!

The T-750 similarly stared over, however, his eyes were on the backpack beside Sheyan. Its chilling red eyes flickered, raising its metallic wrist the firearm on his hand started spraying out bullets. 3 bullets lodged into Sheyan’s forehead, throat and chest, as the piercing sound of gunshots finally dissipated into the dirty and dead environment.

Raising its leg, stepping forward, and bending its waist, the steel hands actively reached for the backpack strapping it onto its shoulder. Afterwards he reached out his hand to Sheyan’s waist where the M500 hi-power pistol was residing. According to the T-750’s initial calculation and judgement, once the bullet successfully entered this living creature it would be rendered dead. Furthermore, the bullets landed fatally into the head, throat and heart area, this creature would definitely lose any hint of resistance. The probability of surviving even with three lives is less than 1%.

Therefore, it was completely unprepared.

At this moment, Sheyan exploded forth, roaring out mightily as he launched a fist in assault!

Sheyan’s fist was now surrounded by a cobalt steel exoskeleton, making his fist appear massive and exhibit an oppressive pressure! Sparks flew everywhere! After the clattering sound of a metallic collision, this one fist landed precisely on the T-750’s existing kneecap wound. Its massive force caused the Terminator to stagger a few steps back, knocking against the filthy greyish wall. “BAM!” a loud sound emerged along with a great puff of dust!

The T-750 Terminator’s left knee cap gave off several sparks, however, there was no pain. There was neither fear, panic or any form of emotion. Raising its gun It fired immediately!

“Boom Boom Boom!” the sounds of gunfire filled this space once again. Blazing hot bullets surged across the dusty atmosphere, aiming towards Sheyan’s eyes. Suddenly a hand intercepted it and proceeded to pinch the gun firmly!

Sheyan of course had no way to protect his naked eyes from such an assault, to be able to grab the rounds in midair, that basically required ones agility to be at least 30 points or even 50 points! However, he could predict what this metallic beast in front of him would do and prepare his next course of action! Before the Terminator managed to trigger his weapon, Sheyan had already completely covered his eyes with his right hand!

Fresh blood flowed out from the covering hand. The T-750 terminator was currently using a Belgium based Browning 9mm hi-power pistol. Its power was higher than the normal Los Angeles police revolver, hence it was able to penetrate into Sheyan’s flesh. However, when the rounds encountered the rock solid bones, they were unable to penetrate, not even one inch. The steel projectile head distorted from the overwhelming surging power, stopping inside the flesh and then was squeezed out by the sturdy muscles.

“The magazine rounds had been fully expended.”

Sheyan let out an evil grin, loosening his hands, the bullets fell gently into the thick mud. His leg muscles had already tensed up with strength as he stomped down! While pouncing forth, Sheyan’s left hand fist had sweeped forward, as a gigantic metal exoskeleton surfaced onto his fist, heavily aiming for the Terminator’s left arm!

“BAM!” Cracks surfaced on the walls of the mini storeroom, as the entire sewer shook. Sheyan did not attack the T-750 Terminator’s hand but instead the pistol it was holding on to. Under the heavy pressure of the cobalt steel exoskeleton armour, the Browning pistol’s metal body distorted inward and broke, turning into a piece of scrap metal.

The pistol had lost its firing capability, apart from using it as tool to strike others. Until now, Sheyan’s battle plans had all been met, the wounded knee had lost its mobility, the weapon had lost its functionality. Yet the distance between the two was within hand reach.

Even though it was under such a disadvantage, the T-750 Terminator managed to follow its own battle programming and accurately counter attacked. It used the right hand that was just attacked to cover its chest, then using its left hand, it ripped open Sheyan’s backpack. Reaching out for the police revolver inside. However, Sheyan remained ignorant as he repeatedly pounded on the T-750 Terminator’s left knee cap.

The dim lights flickered in the sewage. Sheyan executed a flying kick with both legs, as the T-750 Terminator was thrown off the ground smashing heavily against the wall. The old wall couldnt withstand the pressure anymore, as it collapsed to the ground. The T-750 Terminator then crashed into the drain beside it.After the heavily wounded left knee plunged into the water, it produced a static “chi chi chi” piercing sound. Light blue electric currents frenziedly jolted about and finally extinguished into just a smelly vapour as it filled the air.

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