The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 19: The secret behind the title

Chapter 19: The secret behind the title

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

The first image that entered Sheyan’s view was the corpse of a Los Angeles policeman. The corpse had a horrifying expression, pale white hands still clutching his chest tightly. Fresh blood was dripping out of a small hole from his neck. Five similar looking corpses spread out over the living room. The air gave off a stench of death and blood.

At the corner of the living room, there was a dying Los Angeles policeman struggling as he held onto the fresh wound on his neck. Blood was everywhere as his throat could only squeeze out a choking sound. That was the sound of the windpipe having been slit. His eyes were reddening white and the eyeball had rolled up, as his hair was currently tugged by a hand in a white glove. That familiar bearded man whom Sheyan had came across twice raised his head, with an astounded look, he looked over at Sheyan.

Both eyes interlocked, the intensity of their gaze felt like it could spark a fire, as both remained motionless.

An awkward pause.

Sheyan leaned his head, glancing at the bodies lying on the ground. He then coldly said:

Looks like you are trying to complete the ‘Treacherous ally’ milestone?”

Treacherous ally’s requirement was to slaughter 50 policemen in this world. Beardy specifically acted against Los Angeles policemen, which was why Sheyan could immediately accuse him. Beardy gently released the policeman, replying softly:

“That’s right.”

Sheyan could feel this person’s indifferent and contemptuous spirit, as he slipped out an unknown grin. According to the norm, the close combat specialist Sheyan should be trying to shorten the distance between his opponent. Yet Sheyan was actually retreating with an imposing look in his face, lifting his shirt, he pressed his hand on the holster of the M500 pistol lodged to his waist. It was as though he was going to pull the pistol out and start firing the next second.

Obviously, Sheyan was trying to give an impression of a gunman, with that threatening look and retreating stance, his goal was to invite his opponent to charge to him. At that moment when his opponent burst forth against him….

Beardy was rather experienced and knowledgeable. With one glance he could tell that the pistol on Sheyan’s waist was the terrifying weapon known as the ‘hand cannon’. His expression changed saying:

“What do you want?”

Sheyan answered irrelevantly:

“You are pretty bold, killing policemen will greatly increase your crime index, in the end the Delta anti-terror task force would target you. Aren’t you not one bit afraid?”

Beardy stared intently at Sheyan before replying:

“Do you know the attributes rewarded from attaining the title for completing ‘Treacherous ally’?”

After listening Sheyan remained emotionless and replied:

“I have detailed information of the T-750 Terminator on hand.”

Both parties possessed something beneficial to the other, although there was no movement, the real battle was in the conversation itself. Sheyan’s information stirred Beardy’s heart, as he curiously pursued:

“Why not we exchange through our nightmare imprint? I’ll exchange information on the title ‘Treacherous ally’ in addition to the method of killing policemen without repercussions of being wanted for your information.”

Sheyan had pondered earlier about this method. The nightmare imprint during a trade has an acknowledgement criteria, which ensures that both parties trade information with ease. However, its flaw was that utility points had to be used as trading fees. Cutting off a segment of the T-750 Terminator information, and an additional 50 points of utility points given to the Nightmare imprint, he very quickly received a relevant report:

Title: Treacherous ally

Sole equipment

Equipment effects: If the opponent you attack has no crime index, his damage received increases by 100%, item/equipment loot rate increases by 100%.

Title next level promotion criteria: If you managed to kill 150 policemen in this terminator world, (Your total damage dealt to each policeman must exceed 50 points)

Method of killing policemen without repercussions: After you kill a policeman, the crime index will rise at a shocking speed. However, if when killing him there are no eyewitnesses or you similarly get rid of the eyewitnesses, then your criminal activities will be listed as unsolved and your criminal index will immediately drop back after 10 minutes. However, there will still be a small bit of crime index left.

Obviously, this title’s greatest point was being able to increase the probability of loot drops. Also the method of killing policemen from Beardy was seemingly feasible. Only… to the current Beardy, wouldn’t Sheyan be considered one of those eyewitness? If he were to silence Sheyan, he did not know that Sheyan was like a hungry wolf hiding its teeth beneath the snow (Chinese idiom meaning a hungry beast hiding its true abilities), waiting in anticipation since long ago!

At this tiny critical moment, a police siren pierced the air, it must be several Los Angeles policemen rushing to reinforce this area. Under these circumstances, if both sides were to cross hands, the fighting and gun sounds may attract a large deal of policemen. Even worse, there were several dead policemen on the floor! Both parties would definitely want to avoid that scenario as they both slowly retreated and finally left after achieving a safety gap.

After leaving the building, Sheyan realized that the sirens were from a passing police car and there wasn’t any danger. Sheyan surveyed his surroundings, as he headed off in the direction of gun fire sounds. After passing by several blocks of building, a huge black police car appeared in front of Sheyan. That was the legendary Delta anti-terror task force’s vehicle. Currently, the driver seat was left wide open, as Sheyan glanced inside there was no one in sight, even blood stains splashed all around the interior.

Sheyan’s heart trembled, but still proceeded to enter the driver seat after making sure there were no one and casually flipped open the walkie talkie inside. Present year 1984, the fast communication technology advances was not as far as the 21st century. Its main form of communication was the walkie talkie. After a moment of static, an anxious voice transmitted over:

“Suspect has entered the third main street, cluster seven, requesting for aid. I repeat, requesting for aid. There is an additional 5 casualties, requesting for the medics.”

“Third main street, cluster seven…” Sheyan gently nodded his head as his lips curled up. Suddenly, he suddenly felt a faint warmth against his back, as a soft voice could be heard from within the car’s trunk:

“Raise your… hands. Raise both yours hands behind your neck…. kneel.”

There was actually someone in the car’s trunk!

Sheyan followed the intructions, raising both hands slowly but his eyes was currently focused on the rear view mirror. His heart skipped a beat. The person aiming his gun at Sheyan was someone dressed in full black, therefore camouflaging himself. Wearing a black face mask, even both his hands were wearing black gloves. This must be one of the Delta anti-terror task force member.

However he looked extremely weak now, leaning against the car’s side as he sat. His left hand was holding onto a cloth that was dyed red against his neck, his right hand holding onto an ordinary police revolver. A huge amount of clothes were scattered to his side. When Sheyan entered the vehicle, he only noticed that the car’s interior were messy with a bunch of clothes mix together. He did not notice anyone’s figure.

Looking back, it shouldn’t be because of this guy’s camouflage but because he had lost too much blood and felt cold. Therefore, he had covered himself up with the clothings, which caused Sheyan to miss him.

“Hais.” Sheyan sighed in a remorseful tone as he spoke softly:

“You shouldn’t have appeared here.”

He wildly swung around, looking at this Delta anti-terror task force member who had a strong murderous look in his eyes! This heavily injured combatant was still an experienced veteran as he fired off without hesitation! The burning hot projectiles shot into Sheyan’s face, throat, heart as blood spurted everywhere. However, Sheyan ferociously charged forward, as the bullets were spraying in midair, Sheyan had already raised his clenched right fist. A shimmering metallic radiated, as his futuristic hand armour had already surfaced!

With one strike, Sheyan smashed against the task force member’s throat!

The task force member’s eyes puffed out exaggeratedly, he looked as though he was a dead fish. His body immediately convulsed forward, while collapsing he had already lost his life. Sheyan could smell a strong sickening odour, as he looked down at the devastatingly mutilated clump of neck remains!

At this moment, the squeezed out bullet projectiles lodged inside Sheyan’s skin started scattering on the floor producing several metal clinking sounds.

This Anti-terror task force member possessed an ordinary police revolver which was completely useless against Sheyan. However, already heavily injured, he could not resist one blow from Sheyan. If in his hands were the threatening anti-terror grade weapon, then Sheyan would have complied obediently. Sheyan’s bold behavior, was because task force member had initially been heavily injured; that Terminator was even able to shed blood inside the vehicle from 100 metres out. This shows that the Delta anti-terror task force was a glass cannon with high damage but low defence. They could kill an enemy easily in a moment, but at the same time could easily be wiped out by the enemy in a moment……

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