The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 16: You’ve been Terminated

Chapter 16: You’ve been Terminated

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:Elkassar

Sheyan had already planned his escape route before knocking the pillar down. It took roughly 3 seconds for the building to entirely collapse which was enough time for him to leap out of the window. The mobility impaired T-750 Terminator limped after Sheyan for a few steps, then got buried beneath the rumbling and rolling concrete and dust.

The interior battle did not cause much of a ruckus to the surrounding neighbors, yet such a big scale event like the building collapsing could not elude their attention. After escaping out of the window, Sheyan did not pause as he ran to a distant off-road vehicle with a face full of blood and dirt and violently coughing. After opening the vehicle’s door, he immediately hopped into the driver’s seat! The fuming driver wanted to refute him however upon seeing the threatening M500 at Sheyan’s waist, he lowered his head, turned around and started running away clumsily.

Sheyan hastily pressed down onto the gas pedal, as the off-road vehicle roared into life. Thick black fumes escaped the exhaust as the back wheels frenzily spun into action, and the friction against the road caused road dirt and sand to fog up. In the distant building ruins, a shimmering mechanical hand with lumps of bloodied flesh, reached out from within the debris. Summoning its strength, the hand started pushing against the debris around it. Finally the T-750 Terminator’s upper body surfaced in Sheyan’s view.

The T-750 terminator exhibited numerous flesh wounds, its mechanical body also had numerous damaged areas which had blue sparks jolting out. The only unchanged part was its red glaring eyes, cold and emotionless with an everlasting maliciousness!

Within the vehicle Sheyan coldly observed, after a short while, the off-road vehicle began speeding forward.

“BAM!” The off-road vehicle jolted forward on the ruins , as the front bumper collided straight into the upper body of the T-750 Terminator. This alien machine assassin could not resist such great collision force, as it flew upon impact along with the surrounding debris and dirt. It flew a great 20 plus metres before landing on the ground and slid against the road.

At this moment, the T-750 Terminator actually still tried to stabilize its body, using its left hand of steel to forcefully grab the concrete pavement, forming a trail of sparks due to the friction. The T-750 Terminator’s left leg had been ripped apart, as it’s leg was previously caught by something within the ruins and had torn apart upon collision. Beneath its thigh were several electrical wires as though they were arteries and veins, shooting sparks.

The present Sheyan wasn’t going to stop just yet, he reversed back to face the Terminator. With a murderous look, he pressed the gas pedal as the vehicle roared forward. In a matter of seconds, the off-road vehicle climbed to a speed of 100 km/h, as the wheels produced a trail of thick smoke, once again heavily colliding onto the T-750 Terminator! However this time, Sheyan dived out of the vehicle before its collision. Making a landing roll, he witnessed the off-road vehicle charging forward like a raging bull, smashing into the T-750 Terminator as it dragged it all they way, finally colliding into a nearby multi-storey building!

In that moment, during the collision, Sheyan could clearly see the bumper of the vehicle had a huge dent, as it further distorted, and folded up. Following it was a ferocious explosion, as the raging flames and thick fumes gobbled the vehicle up.

“Phew…” Sheyan heaved a sigh of relief.

In such an intense battle, he had clenched his teeth and strenuously persisted. Yet once the adrenaline wore off, he felt a wave of pain and fatigue coming over his body. He could feel several broken bones within him, and all he wanted to do was lie down and do nothing. However there were still 2 minutes before the Delta anti-terror task force would arrive. Sheyan didn’t dare to be complacent, he walked to a nearby car intending to leave immediately.

At this moment, there was a sudden movement within the burning ruins, as something climbed out of the raging flames. It was actually the remaining half of the T-750 Terminator! Except for his chest and up, the rest of his mechanical body was smashed and scattered. Yet he still used his cyborg hand, which was still in working condition, to crawl one inch at a time, as he lifted this sinister head up with still an unwavering look. Its glaring red eyes were still focused on Sheyan as if he had never once forgotten his main mission!

Sheyan’s face twitched, as his face formed a crazy and ruthless expression. With big steps he charged forward, pouncing onto the T-750 Terminator’s back. He then extended his muscular arms to restrain the Terminator’s neck. The T-750 Terminator had just crawled out from a raging fire, therefore its mechanical body was burning hot. A foul smell of burnt flesh filled the air, yet Sheyan was oblivious or he simply could not feel it. Clenching his teeth, he pressed down with strength! The steel arms of the T-750 Terminator futily brandished against the empty sky.

“Chi chi chi chi..” the miserable yet emotionless sound of the T-750 Terminator could be heard from its neck, followed by a piercing crackling sound! The dim electrical currents within its mechanical body flickered. Sheyan roared out loud, grabbing a nearby steel rod on the floor, he ruthlessly pierced it directly into the eye socket of the T-750 Terminator!

Living with great joy, dying without regrets!

Light radiated out of the pierced area, as the head of the T-750 Terminator violently shuddered. It rolled and shook violently for about 5-6 metres, as the glaring red light flickered in its other eye and finally extinguished.

“You have done a total damage of 40 points to the T-750 Terminator.”

“T-750 Terminators remaining life point value – 13.”

“You have killed the T-750 Terminator.”

“Milestone: Machine predator. You have killed ⅓ Terminators. You are left with 2 more terminators before achieving this milestone.”

“You solo killed a T-750 Terminator, you have gained an additional 200 utility points. Utility points are your currency, and can be used in various ways.”

“You have acquired 1 summoning key (Blue).” (Key was dropped by the T-750 Terminator, you can use this key to call upon and open the treasure chest from the T-750 Terminator to obtain your battle loot.”

Receiving this notification from the nightmare imprint, Sheyan didn’t have the time to look. He urgently hurried over to where the T-750 Terminator first appeared through the space-time convergence. Although it was just a pile of ruins, clearly and distinctly seen was a weird foreign like crystal, a metre long transparent empty diamond floating in midair. There was a glimmer of electric light radiating in the center.

Although currently there were several frantic people running and shouting about, they seemed to be completely oblivious to his levitating crystal. Sheyan knew in his heart that his object was the critical Space-time convergence of his personal main mission. He walked forward, casually positioning a crooked chair as he used strength to step up.

The space-time convergence seemed to contain ripples of brilliance. Sheyan took several deep breaths, raising the chair and repeatedly pounding onto the crystal 10 times. The space-time convergence was covered in spider web like cracks, before it stopped radiating. With a loud bang, it exploded brightly, as its fragments gently drifted off.

Instantaneously, the nightmare imprint notified:

“You have destroyed the space-time convergence.”

“Main mission: Dispose of the Space-time convergence.”

“Mission summary: Skynet had begun preparations to send a Terminator from the future to carry out an assassination plan. However to activate time travel, there must first be a strong space-time convergence in order to transport the terminator safely to the past.”

“Mission focus: Dispose of the time-space convergence that Skynet had set in this world.”(Completed)

“You can choose to receive a mission reward before returning to the nightmare realm in 5 minutes.”

“You can choose to delay receiving your mission reward and continue exploring this world.”

“WARNING: You can choose anytime except in a state of battle to receive your mission reward. However the time of receiving the reward cannot exceed the stipulated deadline (48 hours), or the mission will be deemed as incomplete.”

Explanation: State of battle means you are attacking someone or someone is attacking you. No matter if you are the attacker or the target, you will escape the battle state once you do not receive an attack or dish out an attack within 100 seconds.

Sheyan was currently too occupied to look at this notification because from far away he could hear the piercing sound of the police siren – the police were here. That terrifying Delta anti-terror task force wouldn’t be that far. Therefore, he instantly searched for a motorbike to escape. Previously he assaulted several policemen, forcibly taking over vehicles and intruding civilian’s houses, his crimes were not few. It would be best if he could elude the police, also a motorbike was a nimble and speedy mobile vehicle which was his primary choice.

He passed two blocks riding on his motorbike, however a chilling to the bone sensation came over him as his heart was screaming with discomfort. Suddenly from the front appeared a deep black huge police vehicle, moving across about 10 metres in front of Sheyan. The window retracted as five huge black barrels emerged from within, aiming at the same time! Sheyan felt a cold sweat enveloping his entire body. Faced with these 5 barrels, if they were to commence fire, even at his peak condition he would melt in a matter of seconds. What more his body was covered in injuries!

Black gloves, black firearm!

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