The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 15: Death match

Chapter 15: Death match

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

“Kaboom!” Dust filled the air following the Terminator’s aggressive stomp, the entire 1 metre of wooden flooring had been smashed inwards and the water pipes beneath broke as well. Water spurted out in all directions, enveloping the entire room in a mist. At the crucial moment, Sheyan managed to roll to the left, dodging the stomp, however the broken wood fragments pierced his skin forming many bloodied scars.

The Terminator retracted his feet from the chaotic mess he just created, swinging around to face Sheyan once again. However he swung around with a rather sluggish mechanical movement – Sheyan immediately noticed that atop his neck there was a wound with flashes of electricity jolting out of it. His heart was stirred, but he continued rolling away, he picked himself up and started sprinting off. Yet he noticed, that the Terminator’s reaction speed was slower by about 50%!

If this was the case…. Sheyan took in a deep breath and stopped retreating. Picking up a stool he rushed against the Terminator! The angle at which he rushed forward was ingeniously abnormal, charging straight up to the T-750 Terminator’s left shoulder injury. Roaring, he swung the stool down onto the T-750 Terminator’s left shoulder, and the stool splintered into three. However he could clearly see, the wound on the Terminator’s shoulder was emitting more jolts of electricity.

Simultaneously, Sheyan had once again been struck by the T-750 Terminator’s left fist on his chest, and thrown for a full 2-3 metres! He curled up his body in mid air, as he smashed to the ground face twitching in agony. Yet his gaze maintained a crazy excitement.


Sheyan rolled over as he high kneeled on the ground, clutching his chest. Gritting his bloodied teeth and heavily panting, his gaze flashed an intense viciousness. According to his calculations, the T-750 terminator’s left punch strength had similarly been affected. Although this blow was still largely threatening, after his innate ability, Endurance, it only deducted a total of about 20-30 Life Points. This sort of damage to the exceedingly high HP of 180 points Sheyan, was definitely tolerable.

Sheyan then picked up a sharp iron pincer from the nearby fireplace, and started circling around the Terminator, always maintaining his position on the left of the T-750 Terminator. Suddenly, he frenziedly charged forward, but instantaneously retreated again! The T-750 Terminator’s actions maintained a certain cunningness, flashing a red light from his eyes as if confused from Sheyan’s back and forth movements. Wildly swinging his fist to attack, it landed a heavy blow onto the nearby pillar.

The flesh on his fist split open, spilling much blood and exposing a shiny metallic bone beneath. The entire room shook, as dust floated down slowly as though the room was going to collapse any second.

Grasping this golden opportunity, Sheyan’s gaze shifted as he immediately pounced forward with great ferocity. Summoning his remaining strength in his body, he heavily struck down furiously on the wounded hole of the T-750 terminator with the pincer.

“Chi Chi Chi..” An electrifying sound filled the air. Sheyan could feel a strong resistive force against his hands, as he started trembling uncontrollably from head to toe. His eyes had currently been blinded by the glaring burst of electricity, screaming out loud, his body was suddenly hurled across the sky smashing back first onto a wall 3 metres away. The impact smashed the wall clocking as decorations, metal parts and gears fell to the ground.

Looking at the metal pincer, it had already been distorted into a donut shaped object, piercing into the shoulder of the T-750 Terminator’s shoulder blade. Electrifying blue currents were flashing from within and out of the shoulder. As the T-750 Terminator collapsed to the ground, its entire body was shaking violently and the wound had already expanded to the size of a bowl. The surrounding flesh had been wildly ripped apart, and was burnt black as if it had just been barbequed. There was strange pungent odour coming out of it.

Sheyan noticed that the layer of flesh covering the Terminator’s body was more useful than what he originally thought it would be. In his impression, the Terminator’s flesh primary function was to protect and prevent them from being consumed by the space-time convergence. Its other functions was to be used as a disguise, to blend into a crowd of humans.

However, it seemed that the flesh covering the Terminator had a direct impact on its speed, attacking capabilities and even its defensive capabilities. If this T-750 terminator’s skin had been perfect, then its attacks would possess a more terrifying focus.

Sheyan forced himself up from the ground, restraining that numbing and fainting feeling he felt in his body. The T-750 Terminator slowly picked itself up as well, as a clear and crisp “chi chi chi chi” sound could be heard from within his body. Although it had sustained heavy injuries, the T-750 Terminator showed no hint of anger, pain or fear. In contrast, he started taking one step at a time towards Sheyan.

“You have been shocked by the T-750 terminator’s internal electric currents, sustaining numbing abnormalities. Movement speed has been reduced by 50%. Effects will wear off by 15% every 2 seconds, amounting to a total of 8 seconds.”

“Damn!” Sheyan could sense that his limbs were uncooperative. He struggled as hard as he could to distance himself from the T-750 Terminator, but the harsh reality was that the gap was getting smaller and smaller! There’s a phrase which says a cornered beast is the most dangerous, but yet Sheyan felt as though an injured Terminator was the scariest. This was because if it wasn’t thoroughly destroyed, then he would carrying on hunting like a God of war. Cold, emotionless, cruel and persistent.

Sheyan’s state was so miserable he could only attempt to roll away, hiding in a nearby room and locking the door behind him. However in one second, the wooden door was easily blasted open by the Terminator. The T-750 Terminator charged forward, the loose wires hanging out from his wound seemed to add to his overwhelming threatening demeanor. Locating Sheyan’s position, he raised his feet again and heavily stomped downwards.

Sheyan wasn’t able to dodge it this time, receiving the stomp straight to his chest. Sheyan’s vision started blackening, as he could hear a crackling sound believing that his bones were breaking. Blood rushed up his throat as it spurt out explosively from his mouth. The wooden flooring underneath had also broken and sunk in. Sheyan was literally being stomped into the ground alive.

“I… How can I die here?” Within the agony and gasping for air, Sheyan let out a crying roar, both his eyes were burning with a ferocity to survive! Both his hands were wrapped around the T-750 Terminator’s left leg, trying to force the Terminator to fall. However, the T-750 Terminator’s strength far exceeded his, and once again kicked against Sheyan. Sheyan flew and smashed head first into a nearby pillar as the bricks were flung about and the dust engulfed the air. Sheyan’s forehead had a distinct and horrifying wound, covering his entire face with blood.

Sheyan lay on the floor, desperately gasping for air. Although he had sustained extremely heavy injuries, his lifepoints greatly exceeded an average human by four times, coupled with his endurance ability, he still managed to force himself up to do battle. However his body had started swaying, and he looked like an arrow that was at the end of its flight. The only good news was that the numbing effect on his body and completely vanished, he would not be easily pressured like before.

“Now my HP is barely at 50 points, before the Delta anti-terror task force arrives, there’s still a huge gap of 4 minutes 31 seconds. Give up… or should I continue battling?”

Sheyan raised his brows, spitting out a mixture of sand and blood. At the moment, he suddenly recalled the battle that took place in the living room just now. His eyes sparkled, immediately fleeing in that direction.

This was because of the underground water pipe that broke open. With the room bursting with water, Sheyan had witnessed the T-750 Terminator’s wound jolting with light blue electrical current. Grinning coldly, he stood beside the nearby sofa, picked up a glass filled with water , and immediately threw it forward.

The T-750 Terminator was unfazed by the incoming glass, his cold, murderous gaze only had one target and that was Sheyan! This glass of water shattered upon impact on the Terminator’s shoulder. A big amount of water seeped into the Terminator’s wound. Instantaneously, light blue electric currents jolted out as Sheyan gently blinked his eyes.A thick smoke emerged from the wound, as the T-750 Terminator’s body started violent jerking. After a few seconds, both its left leg and left shoulder appeared to become lifeless which should be the internal machinery circuit sustaining damage. After Sheyan once again threw another glass of water, there were no additional effects and even the electric sparks were gone. Obviously the circuit inside had been completely shut down.

Yet, the T-750 Terminator was still able to move, as it continued to close the gap! However, his movement now had been greatly reduced to a slow limping. At this moment, Sheyan bent his waist, roaring loudly, he was like an angry bull chasing the red flag as it knocked against the nearby pillar!

This building had been constructed about 20-30 years ago already, its foundation materials were already old and fragile. The pillars were the only things holding the second floor up. Initially the T-750 Terminator had struck a blow already, as cracks had begun surfacing. After Sheyan’s full might charge, the strength was equivalent to about 3 young men working together; the pillar which was already supporting the upper level’s weight, couldn’t withstand the pressure anymore as it swayed and eventually collapsed.

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